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The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With the Note 云顶天宫 Episode 2 Recap

As they continued to deepen, Wu Xie and Wang Fatzi finally found the right tomb path, and saw more and more broken eaves and broken walls. Obviously, the ancient buildings here have long since disappeared, only a few foundations are left. Just when Fatty Wang guessed Wang Zanghai’s original intention to build the palace, he suddenly heard the sound of water flowing at the entrance of the cave, and even the previously engraved marks were touched.

Wu Xie blew up the exit, unexpectedly stepping on the organs to attract poisonous bees. Due to the violent and ferocious nature of the ground wasps, seeing a layer of black mist coming from all directions, Wu Xie threw flash bombs at him decisively to save the King Fatty, and the two escaped from the underground palace in the chaos. Fatty Wang was stung on his face and buttocks by a poisonous bee, but Wu Xie was unscathed. In the end, he had to collect herbs to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Nowadays, Xie Yuchen holds the snake eyebrow bronze fish in his hands, which is exactly what many people covet. Even Jude Kao is eyeing it. Although Pan Zi worked under Jude Kao, he still disclosed some unknown news to Xie Yuchen. Among them, Jude Kao has an agency in China that specializes in helping foreign merchants and cultural relics dealers. “The mixed-race children often come and go, and this person has close ties with Wu Sanxing.

Considering that Wu Xie and others have arrived at Jinger Palace, Xie Yuchen decided to help secretly and ordered his men to spread the news. However, Wu Xie was still kept in the dark at this time. After a short rest, he and Fatty Wang stepped into the underground palace again, but he was still attacked by the poisonous bee.

Watching a layer of black mist rising from far to near, Fatty Wang saw his fart peeing and ran out of the cave. Wu Xie Ji Zhongshengzhi, turned out the folding shovel he carried from his bag, stirred the muddy water and patted it towards the fracture, directly blocking the hive and preventing other poisonous bees from gushing out.

After solving the immediate trouble, the two continued to follow the trail, but when they walked into a palace, they noticed that there seemed to be a dark shadow flashing by their side, scared Wu Xie and Fatty Wang rushing everywhere, not caring about it. The revolving stone gate ended up hitting the main hall by mistake. The stone pillar in the center is open to the sky, with beautiful reliefs.

However, the corpses and skulls that can be seen everywhere have made Fatty Wang feel horrified. Wu Xie has not noticed the abnormalities nearby. When he reacted, he discovered that hundreds of mutant iron nematodes were climbing up the calf and quickly drove him up. Entangled all over. The iron worm was about to get into Wu Xie’s eyes, but fortunately, Zhang Qiling came in time and cut off the worms attached to him in three or two strokes.

Zhang Qiling explained the origin of the iron worm to Wu Xie and Wang Fatty. Unexpectedly, a shaggy old man in ragged clothes suddenly rushed out, armed with a long knife and attacked the three of them. Zhang Qiling flew to block, and Wu Xie led Fatty Wang to look for an exit. As soon as he walked out of the underground palace, he saw dozens of poisonous arrows shooting from the opposite side.

According to the pendant worn by the old man, it is not difficult to see that he is a priest of the tribe. Therefore, after Wang Fatzi was poisoned and unconscious, he was sent to the tribal village for healing. The patriarch Dang Mang expressed his gratitude to them and thanked them for retrieving the boast of missing years. Elder Xiong. Seeing that Zhang Qiling and Dang Mang communicated smoothly, Wu Xie was even more curious about the identity of this stuffy oil bottle while speaking words he didn’t understand.

Dang Mang decided to hold a long table dinner that night as a thank you, but praised that Elder Xiong was too weak, and his eyesight was severely damaged, and he needed a good rest, so he couldn’t immediately ask about the snakebrow copper fish. Fatty Wang learned that he was taken care of by a beautiful girl during the coma, especially when the other party gave medicine to his butt, and he felt embarrassed, but Wu Xie kept laughing about it.

The long table banquet was held as scheduled, and everyone sang and danced. Fatty Wang and Wu Xie merged into the happy atmosphere. Only when their faces were full of sorrow, did they take the initiative to express their concerns after the banquet was over. Because the Jinger Palace has undergone a lot of artificial transformation, there are too many unknown institutions in it, and Zhang Qiling does not want Wu Xie to take risks. If he insists on going, he must be by his side.

In the underground boxing gym, Pan Zi reported the current situation to Wu Sanshen, worried that the connection between Jie Yuchen and Wu Xie would be detrimental to Wu Sanshen. However, Wu Sansheng believed that he had always been licking the blood with the tip of a knife, and it was a life. If something happened someday, his biggest last wish was to let Pan Zi protect Wu Xie and protect the roots of the old Wu family.

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