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The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With the Note 云顶天宫 Episode 1 Recap

After exploring the secrets of the tombs under the sea and the hinterland of the Qinling Mountains, Wu Xiewei was able to stop Jude Kao’s conspiracy and almost died in the tomb of Zhang Warlord in Guizhou. Although Wu Xie was sent to the hospital and managed to escape his life from danger, he lasted for more than two months like a living dead, almost losing basic human perception until he received a note from a mysterious person, so he left without saying goodbye, alone. Hop on a bus heading towards your destination.

The flowing street scene outside the car window looked like a kaleidoscope in his eyes. The whole world seemed to be spinning around, and he couldn’t stop being nauseous and dizzy. When I got out of the car, the sky was completely dark, the alleys were uninhabited, and there was still an antique shop that hadn’t closed yet. The clerk took out an old yellowed newspaper. There was a piece of news about the snake-brow copper fish. Wu Xie was very excited when he saw it, and kept questioning the identity of the shop owner. Unexpectedly, the other party was silent all the time, and pointed to the sign next to him. , Written in eight characters “inquiry and exchange, discretion”.

Several people in black forcibly dragged Wu Xie into the car, and at the same time injected medicine into him, and finally threw him on the street. When Fatty Wang retrieved Wu Xie, he only found an old newspaper in his pocket that had been splattered by rain. Originally, Fatty Wang and Xie Yuchen wanted to persuade Wu Xie to let go as soon as possible, forgetting that Wu Sansheng, who was completely bad and unsuccessful, but Wu Xie firmly believed in the character of the third uncle and felt that he was suffering, so he asked to be discharged regardless of the consequences. Come back home.

In the next few days, Wu Xie spent nights and nights looking through the information, and even if he was sleeping for a while, he could dream of many horror pictures, most of which came from his obsession with Wu Sansheng. After repeated consideration, Wu Xie decided to take the Qilin blood to find the store for a deal, and to inquire about the situation of Guangxi Jinger Palace with the other party, but did not expect that the owner of the store was actually an old friend Haishu he hadn’t seen for a long time.

Uncle Hai is an out-and-out profiteer, but the information he provided is absolutely true. According to the Northern School, the alias of Jing’er Palace is called Yin Yang Shuo, which means that the two floors of houses are arranged equally. A shuttle is stuck in the ground, one side is the underworld and the other side is the sun. Since the Jinger Palace was located under the stone tower, Wu Xie thought that if he could find the snake eyebrow bronze fish in the Jinger Palace, he might be able to attract Sanshu.

The experimental team conducted research on the corpses of the ancient tomb and accidentally extracted special substances that can resist the mutation of corpse poison and delay aging. Jude Kao was particularly pleasantly surprised by this important discovery. He simply bypassed his superiors to conceal the research progress and wanted to swallow the results of the experiment. Unexpectedly, the white mouse that had been injected with the drug suddenly turned into thick water. It was completely inconsistent with the medicine in Wu Xie’s body, and he was angry on the spot. Smashed laboratory equipment.

At the same time, Wu Sansheng fell into a nightmare and was so painful that he was tortured in his heart. He repeatedly appeared innocent anger or sadness before his eyes, and each question struck his tense nerves. As the phone rang, Wu Sansheng was completely awakened, and another question appeared on the phone, and even asked Wu Sansheng to ensure that Wu Xie appeared in the Genting Temple.

Wang Tianming was instructed to sneak into the warehouse to steal the snakebrow copper fish, but was caught by Jie Yuchen’s men and had to confess the truth. Wu Xie embarked on a journey to find the snake eyebrow copper fish by herself. During the period, she accidentally slipped and fell off the cliff. She sat next to the tree and rested for the time being. Thinking of Sanshu’s love for him and what Haishu had said, she finally got up and drove on the road. .

However, Wu Xie patronized and walked forward, without noticing the vines behind, like long green snakes all over, gathered from all directions, directly entangled him and hung him high. Fortunately, at a critical moment, Fatty Wang appeared to help Wu Xie escape. The two cooperated with each other and finally escaped.

Fatty Wang was worried about Wu Xie’s safety, and would not let him risk his life, so he simply gave up his life to accompany the gentleman, no matter how bored he was, he kept talking with him throughout the whole process, even with dinner. That night, Wu Xie took the initiative to mention the snakebrow copper fish, even if he knew that Jude Kao deliberately dug the hole, he jumped down willingly in order to find his third uncle.

As Wu Xie expected, everything they encountered in the woods was monitored by Jude Kao. Fatty Wang found that Wu Xie had left without saying goodbye again, and he immediately chased him along the road, and finally found him in Jinger Palace. The two stood on top of the stone tower. The surrounding mountains fell off severely and could only enter from other cave openings. As a result, many corpses shot to death by sharp arrows were found inside.

On the front of the cave entrance is a stone elephant named “Red Carp Scales”. Based on observations, Wu Xie inferred that the sharp arrow was shot from the mouth of the elephant. Fatty Wang observed the neighbourhood and found that the eyes of the snake’s human face seemed to be damaged, even out of curiosity, he reached out to touch the button of the pagoda, and saw the palace suddenly collapsed and the boulder fell from a height. The two immediately rushed into the stone on the edge of the palace. Hiding in the hole.

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