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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 30 Recap

Zou Siqi found that Du Xiaosu had changed since he returned from the island. He often laughed with his mobile phone and couldn’t help but make fun of her. Lei Yuzheng bought Du Xiaosu a sexy red skirt and asked the courier brother to send it to her. Du Xiaosu couldn’t wear it, so he still wore his own clothes to see Lei Yuzheng. Shangguan Boyao wanted to pick up the dust for Lei Yuzheng, and Lei Yuzheng took Du Xiaosu. To participate.

Liu Siyang, Ye Shenkuan and others also came to meet Lei Yuzheng. Ye Shenkuan publicly said that Lei Yuzheng had asked him to help Du Xiaosu, and also pulled Du Xiaosu to drink. Du Xiaosu can’t drink, Lei Yuzheng stopped her. Xu You hurried to see Lei Yuzheng, Lei Yuzheng grandly introduced Du Xiaosu as his girlfriend, and Xu You took Lei Yuzheng out for a single chat.

Liu Siyang saw that Du Xiaosu was unhappy, so he took the initiative to chat with her. Du Xiaosu kept looking at Lei Yuzheng and Xu You outside the window. Seeing that they were chatting in full swing, Du Xiaosu quietly left. After Lei Yuzheng sent Xu You away, he found that Du Xiaosu had left without saying goodbye. He hurriedly called her. Du Xiaosu lied that he was tired and went home first.

Shangguan Boyao advised Lei Yuzheng not to worry, and went back to coax Du Xiaosu. Lei Yuzheng asked him about Jiang Fanlu’s divorce with Lin Xiangyuan. Lin Xiangyuan dreamed that Lei Yuzheng came to him to settle the account, and finally pushed him off the cliff. Lin Xiangyuan was awakened by the nightmare and found that Jiang Fanlu was not by his side.

Lei Yuzheng sent a message about Du Xiaosu to meet a friend who was in the building materials business, but Du Xiaosu politely declined. Lei Yuzheng came to the bar and saw someone pestering Jiang Fanlu. He hurried over to relieve Jiang Fanlu. Lei Yuzheng didn’t want to see Jiang Fanlu sinking so much, and persuaded her to live a good life. Instead, Jiang Fanlu cursed Lei Yuzheng as a coward Yutian handed people over. Lin Xiangyuan came to find Jiang Fanlu. He heard Jiang Fanlu’s words when he walked in. He hurried over to interrupt their conversation. Lei Yuzheng asked Lin Xiangyuan to take Jiang Fanlu home.

Lin Xiangyuan made the millet porridge and fed Jiang Fanlu to drink it personally. He also explained that this was the millet sent by his mother from his hometown. Jiang Fanlu looked at him in surprise. Lin Xiangyuan talked about the fact that after he bought a house through hard work in the past. When he took his mother to Shanghai, Lin Xiangyuan vowed to be a good son-in-law and husband. Jiang Fanlu discovered that his temperament changed drastically overnight, and guessed that he was afraid of Lei Yuzheng. Jiang Fanlu bitterly asked Lin Xiangyuan what he had done wrong, otherwise he would not be so afraid of Lei Yuzheng, Lin Xiangyuan was speechless.

Lei Yuzheng was unwilling to give Yutian his hand to Lin Xiangyuan. He wanted to wait for Lin Xiangyuan to mess around first, and then take the opportunity to take Yutian back. Liu Siyang saw Lei Yuzheng regaining his fighting spirit and promised to support him fully. Du Xiaosu felt more and more that she and Lei Yuzheng were not the same people. Zou Siqi advised her not to think about it. He Qunfei learned that Du Xiaosu had gone to see Lei Yuzheng and couldn’t wait to ask her about Lei Yuzheng’s current situation.

Lin Xiangyuan desperately to please Jiang Jin and Jiang Fanlu, Jiang Jin wants to take him to Lei Yuzheng to apologize, and also wants to ask Lei Yuzheng as an assistant, Lin Xiangyuan bit the bullet and agrees. Because Lin Xiangyuan had signed a prenuptial agreement before, if he unilaterally filed for a divorce, he would give up everything now. Lin Xiangyuan called Lei Yuzheng to meet.

Jiang Jin led Lin Xiangyuan to see Lei Yuzheng, and Lin Xiangyuan apologized to Lei Yuzheng. Jiang Jin went home and came up with an inheritance distribution plan to leave the property to Jiang Fanlu. Lin Xiangyuan promised to have a child as soon as possible, but he found that Jiang Fanlu was secretly contraceptive. Lin Xiangyuan was not happy, so he asked Xie Li to drink and vent. Xie Li could only comfort him desperately.

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