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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 29 Recap

Lei Yuzheng went out for a long tour, and finally returned to the small island. Teacher Sun and the children warmly welcomed him. Lei Yuzheng learned that Shanwa’s father was cured, and he went to the city with his parents. Lei Yuzheng Feeling relieved, he decided to live on the island for a long time. Teacher Sun asked about Du Xiaosu’s situation, and Lei Yuzheng quickly found an excuse to cover up.

Liu Siyang told Du Xiaosu in detail about his experience with Lei Yuzheng in the detention center, and advised Du Xiaosu not to worry, Lei Yuzheng would come back after he passed the hurdle. When Jiang Jin learned that Lin Xiangyuan had fired Lao Xia, the veteran of the company, he directly came to Lin Xiangyuan to inquire about his guilt. Lin Xiangyuan repeatedly claimed that Lao Xia had resigned voluntarily. Jiang Jin reminded him not to act as an example, and that he could not expel the company’s elderly arbitrarily in the future.

Du Xiaosu led the team members to complete Mr. Liu’s renovation project as scheduled. Mr. Liu learned that she had paid her twice and gave her a compensation. Du Xiaosu politely declined. She felt that money was not the most important thing. Immediately afterwards, Du Xiaosu resolutely closed the studio. Despite Zou Siqi’s obstruction, she packed up and went to the island to find Lei Yuzheng.

Teacher Sun saw that Lei Yuzheng had something on his mind, so he invited him to drink and talk. Teacher Sun talked about the experience of his girlfriend breaking up with him, and persuaded Lei Yuzheng to cherish Du Xiaosu, and don’t wait for the loss to regret. Zou Siqi was bored so he was fishing for a beetle-in-law online. Unexpectedly, the first time he met a homosexual, Zou Siqi was unwilling to continue searching on the Internet, and the results one by one were unreliable.

Zou Siqi and netizens went to the bar to drink, and when they met He Qunfei who was drinking alone, they took the initiative to say hello, and learned that He Qunfei was alone and persuaded him to find someone to be ambiguous. He Qunfei was not interested. Zou Siqi drank a lot of wine in one breath, He Qunfei took the initiative to send her home, Zou Siqi admitted to seeing many men through Jiu Jin, but could not enter her heart, Zou Siqi asked He Qunfei to meet again when he had time.

Jiang Jin summoned the company’s veterans to a meeting at home and apologized to them one by one. Du Xiaosu Fengchen came to the island and brought a lot of food to Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng never said a word. Du Xiaosu threatened to stare at him tightly in the future. Lei Yuzheng didn’t need her help, and he said a lot of anger, just thinking Let Du Xiaosu go away, Du Xiaosu will never leave him.

Du Xiaosu saw Lei Yuzheng standing alone on a large reef, staring at the sea in a daze. Du Xiaosu mistakenly thought he wanted to commit suicide by jumping into the sea, and desperately ran over to hug him tightly. Lei Yuzheng repeatedly explained that he just wanted to see the sea. Ken let go. Lei Yuzheng and Du Xiaosu were chatting on the reef. Suddenly they found that the sea was high tide and flooded their way when they came. They were trapped on the reef and couldn’t go back, and there was no signal on their mobile phones. They had to wait. She had a high fever and quickly took off the cover and put it on her.

Teacher Sun came to find Du Xiaosu and Lei Yuzheng, and found that they were not there. Seeing that it was getting late, they had not come back. Teacher Sun realized that the situation was not good, so he brought people to the beach to search for them. Lei Yuzheng hugged Du Xiaosu tightly and opened up his heart to her. Lei Yuzheng hated her mother for more than 20 years. He did not expect that she would have died long ago. Lei Yuzheng’s heart was like a knife, and Du Xiaosu was kind to him.

Du Xiaosu was cold and sleepy, begging Lei Yuzheng never to leave her, Lei Yuzheng promised. Teacher Sun took people to the beach and rescued Lei Yuzheng and Du Xiaosu. Du Xiaosu woke up in a daze, and was moved to see Lei Yuzheng rubbing her hands vigorously to warm her.

Lin Xiangyuan took Jiang Fanlu to see Jiang Jin during the weekend. As soon as he entered the door, he knelt down to Jiang Jin, repeatedly confessed to Jiang Jin, and vowed to work hard from now on, take good care of Jiang Fanlu, and never let Jiang Jin again. worry. Two days later, Lei Yuzheng drove Du Xiaosu back to the city, and the two said goodbye.

Lei Yuzheng came to the hospital to visit Liu Siyang, who had a relapse of heart disease. He heard the patient come to Liu Siyang before entering the door. He thanked Liu Siyang for the stock information provided for him to make money. After Lei Yuzheng and the others left, he took Liu Siyang. Si Yang took home to recuperate. Du Xiaosu sent a message to greet Lei Yuzheng, and Lei Yuzheng invited her to have dinner with him in the evening, and Liu Siyang couldn’t help but tease Lei Yuzheng.

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