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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 28 Recap

Lin Xiangyuan took a day off specially, made nourishing soup early in the morning to please Jiang Fanlu, and repeatedly apologized to her, promising to love her well, but Jiang Fanlu did not buy it. Lin Xiangyuan had to kneel on the ground, begging Jiang Fanlu to give him the last With one chance, Jiang Fanlu immediately relented.

Since Lei Ting’s death, Lei Yuzheng has been depressed and unhappy all day long. He couldn’t help but come to Shao Kaixuan and ask her about his mother’s news. Shao Kaixuan tried his best to cover up. Lei Yuzheng knew that his mother was dead, so Shao Kaixuan took out Wanhua before he died. Leave the dress embroidered with Yu Zheng’s name. Lei Yuzheng remembered that rainy night. After his parents had a big fight, his mother left home with a suitcase. Lei Yuzheng held a grudge against his mother. He didn’t expect his mother to be hit by a galloping car as soon as he left the house.

Lei Yuzheng drove to the cemetery to visit his mother Wanhua, tears bursting into his eyes. Lei Yuzheng was so sad that he went to the bar to pour his sorrows with alcohol. He drank a lot of alcohol in one breath. Du Xiaosu rushed to drink with him. Lei Yuzheng yelled at Du Xiaosu. Du Xiaosu encouraged him to cheer up and persuade him to do something. The dead father thought about it. Lei Yuzheng didn’t want to listen to her verbose, so he left with a cruel word.

Du Xiaosu took a lot of effort to send Lei Yuzheng home. Lei Yuzheng woke up in a daze, tightly holding Du Xiaosu’s hand and shouting “Mom don’t go”, Du Xiaosu agreed not to leave. Lei Yuzheng woke up and found Du Xiaosu asleep on the side of the bed, so he carried her to the bed.

When Du Xiaosu woke up, he found that Lei Yuzheng had left without saying goodbye. He only left a letter to persuade Du Xiaosu to forget him and stop looking for him. Du Xiaosu searched aimlessly on the street, but found nothing. Du Xiaosu sat down on the ground. . Zou Siqi and He Qunfei came afterwards, and they both tried to persuade Du Xiaosu and promised to stay with her until Lei Yuzheng came back.

Du Xiaosu rushed to the studio early in the morning, deliberately looking for a lot of work, and wanted to use his busy schedule to forget Lei Yuzheng, but he would still think of him often. Since the supply chain of imported environmentally friendly materials was broken, no substitutes could be found for a while, and the construction schedule was about to be delayed. Du Xiaosu had to ask for help and finally solved the trouble.

A colleague met a boyfriend who was about to get married on the Internet. She tried her best to show off the big diamond ring in front of Zou Siqi. Zou Siqi was envious. Shangguan Boyao took the initiative to call Zou Siqi to meet, gave her a big diamond ring, and said that he would not get married for the time being. Zou Siqi thoroughly saw the gap between the two of them and proposed to break up with Shangguan Boyao in person.

Zou Siqi was in a bad mood and came to the bar alone to be anesthetized. She drank a lot of alcohol. He Qunfei wanted to take her home. Zou Siqi regretted giving up He Qunfei for petty profit. He wanted to restore the relationship with He Qunfei. He Qunfei didn’t want to listen to her long-winded. Wanting to send her home, Zou Siqi took the opportunity to express his heart to him and wanted to reconnect with him.

Du Xiaosu always paid attention to Lei Yuzheng’s circle of friends. She called Lei Yuzheng, but no one answered the phone. Du Xiaosu turned off all the entertainment and came to Lei’s house and asked Duan Guanjia about Lei Yuzheng’s whereabouts. He didn’t even know. At this moment, Liu Siyang came to find Lei Yuzheng, and he heard that Lei Yuzheng was missing.

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