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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 27 Recap

He Qunfei worked hard to persuade Zou Siqi to leave Shangguan Boyao, but Zou Siqi did not buy it. Instead, he reminded He Qunfei to find a job and not to interfere with her. Shangguan Boyao knew that He Qunfei used to be Lei Yuzheng’s assistant, and he was heartbroken towards Lei Yuzheng. , Decided not to pursue this matter anymore.

Du Xiaosu came to see Lei Ting, but he dared not enter the door for a long time, worrying that Lei Yuzheng would drive her out. Lei Yuzheng saw Du Xiaosu through the window. He ignored Lei Ting’s objection and asked Duan Steward to drive Du Xiaosu away. Du Xiaosu was unwilling and stood. Loudly accused Lei Yuzheng at the door, and then gave Lei Ting’s favorite marshmallow to Duan Steward.

Lin Xiangyuan and Xie Li drew up a list to expel all of these people. The employees were panicked. Lin Xiangyuan overheard Lao Xia’s grumble, and asked Lei Yuzheng to take over Yutian after he was released from prison. Lin Xiangyuan asked Xie Li to expel him. . Du Xiaosu and the team members worked together and finally won the decoration project of Mr. Liu, and everyone celebrated together.

Du Xiaosu couldn’t contact Lei Yuzheng, so he called He Qunfei to inquire about the news. He Qunfei called Lei Yuzheng and learned that he was getting drunk in the bar. Du Xiaosu and He Qunfei came to the bar to find someone. Lei Yuzheng was surrounded by a group of people for drinking. Seeing Du Xiaosu from a distance, he deliberately hugged the accompaniment girl who was dedicated to him.

Du Xiaosu was entangled by a drunk man, Lei Yuzheng rushed over and beat the man away, and then continued to drink with two accompany women, and deliberately talked to anger Du Xiaosu, Du Xiaosu ran away in anger, He Qunfei forcibly took Lei Yu Zheng pulls away, persuading Lei Yuzheng not to embarrass Du Xiaosu, and also tells Du Xiaosu about taking care of Lei Ting.

Lei Ting could not fall asleep tossing and turning, and kept calling Du Xiaosu in his mouth. He wanted to pick up the water glass beside the bed, and he fell off the bed. Butler Duan rushed to help him up in time. This fall made Lei Ting completely awake. The housekeeper called Lei Yuzheng and Du Xiaosu immediately.

Lei Yuzheng hurried home. Lei Ting took his hand, regretting betraying his wife Wanhua and not giving Lei Yuzheng a complete home. Du Xiaosu saw this and she quietly left. Lei Yuzheng had been guarding Lei Ting’s bed. He fell asleep in a daze. When he woke up, he found that his father’s hands were cold. Lei Yuzheng was heartbroken.

Du Xiaosu rushed to hear the news and saw Lei Yuzheng shaving Lei Ting, and he couldn’t help but think of the past scenes, which made Du Xiaosu feel uncomfortable. Lei Yuzheng endured the sadness in his heart to mourn his father Lei Ting’s funeral. Relatives and friends came to express their condolences. Lin Xiangyuan accompanied Jiang Jin and Jiang Fanlu to Lei’s house. He did not let the pregnant Jiang Fanlu in. Jiang Jin asked him to be at the door with Jiang Fanlu. Wait.

Lin Xiangyuan waited for a long time, and finally wanted to go in to express his condolences. He Qunfei stopped him at the door. The two of them fought out if they didn’t agree with each other. Thanks to Du Xiaosu’s timely arrival to persuade him, Lin Xiangyuan had to leave angrily. Lei Yuzheng took Leiting away with everyone’s help. Burial. Lin Xiangyuan dropped his head and went home in frustration. Jiang Fanlu couldn’t wait to ask him about Lei Yuzheng’s situation. Lin Xiangyuan didn’t say a word. Jiang Fanlu pressed hard to ask. Lin Xiangyuan was so angry that he pushed her hard, and Jiang Fanlu fell unsteadily. Because of her sudden abdominal pain, Lin Xiangyuan hurriedly took her to the hospital.

Although the medical staff tried their best to rescue the child in Jiang Fanlu’s belly, Jiang Jin rushed to the hospital after hearing the news and warned Lin Xiangyuan to do it for himself, otherwise he would never be merciless. Lei Yuzheng turned out Lei Ting’s diary, only to realize that his mother had passed away, and Lei Yuzheng was so sad that he couldn’t make a sound.

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