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Lover or Stranger (2021) 陌生的恋人

Lover or Stranger (2021)
Other Title: 陌生的恋人, Lover Who is a Stranger , Strange Lover , Unfamiliar Lover , Mo Sheng De Lian Ren

Genres:  Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, Romance, Drama, Love, suspense
Tien Jen Huang
Huang Tianren
IQiyi, Tencent Video
Release Date: 
July 12, 2021
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  • Victoria Song as Luo Qian Yi / Song Xiao Dong
  • Oho Ou as Huo You Ze
  • Ryan Zhang as Yu Hang
  • He Du Juan as Sun Lei
  • Dai Jing Yao as Qi Fan
  • Wang Yi Zhe as Mei Zi

After an avalanche, a young violinist loses her memory. Facing her mysterious entrepreneur fiancee and their upcoming wedding, she must find herself again amidst the confusion and secrets.

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