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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 9 Recap

Through these two days of observation, Cai Likun speculated that Zhang Baoshan was definitely not an ordinary driver. From his night visits to Zhu Tiande’s ward reading poems, to later advertisements in newspapers, various signs proved that Zhang Baoshan might be the comrade in charge of responding in Shanghai. In order to be able to verify his identity, Ma Tianming took the initiative to find Zhang Baoshan, and told him the secret code that he should have matched when he first met.

Zhang Baoshan was very excited when he saw this, because he was going to send Dean Su to a meeting, so he asked Ma Tianming to meet at Wangyue Teahouse. The next morning, Ma Tianming went to the appointment as scheduled, and unexpectedly learned that Zhu Tiande did not wake up at all. Obviously, it was a smoke bomb released by the enemy and the other party was also staring at the money.

Lixing agency secret agents rushed to surround the teahouse after hearing the news. Zhang Baoshan broke up to cover Ma Tianming and claimed that he was unfortunately sacrificed before parting. Then Ma Tianming must listen to Zhu Tiande’s arrangements for the next actions. If Zhu Tiande never wakes up, he must contact him. The superior transferred him out.

Originally, Ma Tianming wanted to ask what happened, but Zhang Baoshan pushed him out. As the gunfire sounded, Zhang Baoshan was injured and arrested. Ma Tianming ran away in panic and finally ran back to the hospital. Thinking of the thrilling scene just now, Ma Tianming angrily asked Cai Likun if he was the Communist Party. He did not expect Cai Likun to avoid answering. He even said that he belonged to an underground anti-Japanese organization. It was through Ma Tianming that he helped Gu Xiaoman. Hate the Japanese.

On the way Lixingshe was transporting Zhang Baoshan, it was intercepted by Tao Chengkai’s men. Qu Rusen learned that Zhang Baoshan had been taken away, and he was furious, but Tao Chengkai tried his best to persuade Zhang Baoshan to cooperate with him, but was rejected. Qu Rusen went to Tao Chengkai personally, and made representations with the people who injured Lixingshe, hoping to co-manage Zhu Tiande’s case. Even though Tao Chengkai didn’t want to agree, Nanjing suddenly called and ordered him to accept Qu Rusen’s conditions, and he had no choice but to obey.

Ma Tianming relayed Zhang Baoshan’s words to Cai Likun, which made Cai Likun very sad. In fact, Zhang Baoshan also died heroically due to excessive use of torture. The shopkeeper Zhou went to the newspaper to publish an advertisement. On the way back, he noticed that he was followed by a special agent. Fortunately, he escaped from the back door with his buddies in time and reported to the organization.

In order to continue the Beidou project, the organization sent Tian Chujun, codenamed Laolang, as the person in charge, and set up a second team to continue to identify the identities of Cai Likun and Han Cheng. Lin Jingshan has always been looking for opportunities to approach Ma Tianming, but every time she ends up without disease. Dean Su heard about Zhang Baoshan’s disappearance and took the initiative to understand the situation with Ma Tianming. Even Xue Ning took over the case and at the same time became suspicious of Ma Tianming’s identity. Ma Tianming saw the photo of Zhang Baoshan’s tragic death, and was deeply saddened in his heart, but he could only force his composure in front of outsiders.

At the same time, when the newspaper published the news of Hainachuan’s death, Bai Julie not only believed that it was true, she even fell into self-blame, and began to defend Hainachuan, feeling that Ma Tianming was too unkind and never put human life in his eyes. Originally, Ma Tianming was sad about Zhang Baoshan’s affairs. Now that he heard Bai Julie’s words, he was even more angry, and angrily rebuked her for both good and bad.

It is precisely because of this incident that Ma Tianming saw Zhang Baoshan’s heroism and greatness. At the beginning, he was worried that the other party would betray him, but now it looks like a villain’s heart. On the other side, Bai Julie followed Da Mao to the home of the stray child, and she saw Zhang Nana, who was seriously ill. At this time, she had symptoms of blindness. Bai Zhuli was planning to go back to the hospital for treatment with Zhang Nana on her back, but she was spotted by the gangster A Cai and wanted to do something wrong with her.

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