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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 8 Recap

Ma Tianming received a third-degree burn patient, so he was the son of the Shanghai satin king, so he had to endure the nausea and agreed to help with the treatment, and went to Cai Likun for help in private. Cai Likun thinks this is a good opportunity for them, but considering the need for a sterile ward for burn surgery, Ma Tianming used the ward as an excuse to get the building structure drawing justifiably.

Dean Su carried out the transformation in accordance with Ma Tianming’s requirements, and no outsiders were allowed to be present. However, on the day of the operation, Ma Tianming took Cai Likun to the operating room and pushed him back to the ward in a wheelchair after it was over. Chen Zhengyuan went to visit Cai Likun, and Oda told him about the successful operation of Ma Tianming, which made Chen Zhengyuan even more angry. Lin Jingshan is well aware of Ma Tianming’s tricks, but Ma Tianming always pretends to be calm and refuses to admit it.

Bai Julie accompanies Gu Xiaoman to relax and learns that she was forced by the Japanese to make pro-Japanese movies. It is precisely because Gu Xiaoman knows that as a Chinese, he must not surrender to the enemy and betray the country, so he committed suicide by taking poison. Originally, Bai Julie wanted to persuade Gu Xiaoman to resist. Unexpectedly, Gu Xiaoman was taken nude by Hainachuan. After hearing the conversation, Ma Tianming, who was standing not far away, took the initiative to find Bai Julie and said that she could destroy the photo film.

Ma Tianming decided to use Niu Er to falsely claim that Hainachuan had a limited edition bond. Niu Er believed in this, followed Hainachuan to the place where the film was collected, and then told Ma Tianming the address. That night, several people sneaked into the room to look for bonds. Niu noticed that he seemed to have been fooled and couldn’t help reprimanding Ma Tianming for his behavior. Unexpectedly, Ma Tianming pretended to be angry and took the opportunity to set fire to the house.

Now that the film issue is completely resolved, Ma Tianming and Bai Julie designed a suspended animation for Gu Xiaoman to get rid of the control of the Japanese. Gu Xiaoman took the fake death pill, and then the body was stiff. After receiving the news, Nakamura rushed to the hospital. Considering that Gu Xiaoman had no family members to take care of the funeral, Ma Tianming suggested that the hospital should be responsible. However, Nakamura objected and even suspected the cause of Gu Xiaoman’s death.

Fortunately, Dean Su appeared in time, and Ma Tianming explained that Hainachuan had taken opium, which caused Gu Xiaoman to learn from him to overdose and die. Nakamura insisted on taking Gu Xiaoman’s body away, and Dean Su asked the people in the patrol room to perform an autopsy first. Upon seeing this, Ma Tianming also proposed to invite the media to supervise and report on the matter. Nakamura finally agreed to let the hospital dispose of the remains, considering the adverse effects brought by Gu Xiaoman.

Bai Julie took Gu Xiaoman into the morgue and immediately rescued her. After Gu Xiaoman woke up, she didn’t want to involve Bai Julie and the others, so she asked Bai Julie to inject her with poison, but Bai Julie decisively refused. It happened that at this time, Nakamura directly broke in regardless of Ma Tianming’s obstruction. Fortunately, Bai Julie hid Gu Xiaoman in the freezer first, and lied that she had arranged her makeup, which deceived Nakamura.

When Nakamura left the morgue, Ma Tianming was about to explain to Dean Su. Unexpectedly, Dean Su said that he didn’t know anything and let Ma Tianming use the funeral home car to transfer Gu Xiaoman away. Since then, Lin Jingshan took the initiative to invite Hainachuan to the restaurant on the grounds of returning to Manchuria to prepare for a new movie according to Nakamura’s instructions. On the surface, he was seen off, but in fact, he was murdered.

Hainachuan’s body was thrown into the river, and the Japanese claimed that he died for martyrdom. When Lin Jingshan learned that her next target was Cai Likun, she was a little bit intolerable. Nakamura reminded her that she must never be merciful to the Chinese, and that anyone who might hinder their careers should not let it go.

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