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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 11 Recap

Ma Tianliang was locked up in the patrol room. Not only was Ding Siye staring at him outside, but Lixingshe also made up his mind and wanted to take people away directly. Fortunately, Xue Ning stopped in time and refused on the spot the conditions and requirements of the other party. Because of this, Ma Tianliang confessed everything, including the fact that he had seen the ghost face.

When Xue Ning learned the truth, he was shocked and repeatedly confirmed that Ma Tianliang’s confession was correct. Niu Er took the initiative to call Ma Tianming to ask him to raise money to redeem people as soon as possible, otherwise no one can guarantee what the society will do. Tao Chengkai came to Hengshan Hospital, Ma Tianming went to him with a treatment plan, and claimed that he agreed to be Zhu Tiande’s attending doctor. Unexpectedly, Tao Chengkai chose to let Chen Zhengyuan continue the treatment, and temporarily decided not to change the attending doctor.

Originally, Ma Tianming wanted to continue to persuade Tao Chengkai, but the other party didn’t give him the slightest chance, but followed Qu Rusen to visit Zhu Tiande who was unconscious. They both hope that Zhu Tiande’s case can make new progress, so Qu Rusen thinks that Cai Likun can be the attending doctor. However, the reason why Tao Chengkai spread the news of Zhu Tiande’s waking up is nothing more than to lure the Communist Party into the bait. At least he can’t confirm the Communist Party. Whether the party is lurking inside the hospital.

Considering that Ma Tianliang’s life is at stake, Ma Tianliang plans to steal the money in Dean Su’s safe, but Cai Likun thinks that his plan is unreliable. If he is caught by the patrol house, then the money will be empty. Ma Tianliang was very dissatisfied with Cai Likun looking forward and looking forward, and did not want to continue to wade in the muddy water, and proposed to end the cooperation on the spot.

Cai Likun dragged Ma Tianming to prevent him from leaving. The two scrambled in the ward. It happened that Xiao Tian heard a sound when he passed by. He pushed the door and saw two entangled shadows behind the curtain, mistakenly thinking that he was haunted. Chen Zhengyuan came with Bai Julie, Oda and others, and broke into the door with a broom in his hand. As a result, Oda actually saw Cai Likun who had woken up and Ma Tianming sitting next to him. They were dumbfounded by the sudden change.

Bai Zhuli asked Oda to help Cai Likun up. Ma Tianming revealed that Cai Likun was biting someone in a hurry. Chen Zhengyuan told Xiaotian to notify Dean Su quickly, and she took Bai Zhuli and hid. Ma Tianming lied that Cai Likun had amnesia and told everyone about the symptoms of amnesia. Dean Su convened a meeting to discuss the next treatment plan, and asked Bai Julie to be in charge of Cai Likun’s psychological treatment.

After the meeting, Ma Tianming caught up with Bai Julie and mentioned that he was going to leave the hospital, but now that Cai Likun has woken up, he still wants to stay in the hospital for observation for a while. Bai Julie couldn’t figure out why Ma Tianming wanted to leave. At least Cai Likun’s awakening proved that he was a good doctor. However, Ma Tianming pretended to be affectionate and said that he would not interfere with Bai Julie’s decision from now on. At the same time, he handed the money to her. Leave without returning.

Because Bai Julie understands psychology, Cai Likun is worried that her joining will bring about changes, and then in the face of treatment, he actually interprets a patient with amnesia into a three-pointer. Qu Rusen stood at the door and eavesdropped on the conversation between the two. Basically, he could judge that “Hancheng” was not of much value. Tao Chengkai gave Qu Rusen the certificate of student status from the University of Rio, confirming that Ma Tianming is Dr. Cai Likun, and he can be hired with confidence. Acting as the attending doctor.

Tao Chengkai asked his staff to find Chen Zhengyuan, first to inform him about the replacement of the doctor in charge, and second to ask him to hand in the construction drawings of the hospital. After Ma Tianming got the construction plan, he was very excited and quickly gave it to Cai Likun. Tao Chengkai approached Dean Su, hoping that she could facilitate the replacement of Zhu Tiande’s attending doctor. It happened that Ma Tianming heard the two talk about terms at the door.

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