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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 10 Recap

When Bai Julie fought back, she stabbed A Cai to death, causing her to panic all night. After Ma Tianming learned of this, he immediately handled Acai’s body for her. He happened to see Niu Er bringing his men back, so he hurriedly hid without being noticed by the other party. After this incident, Bai Julie could not accept the fact that she had killed herself and did not stop using alcohol to wipe her fingers to disinfect. Ma Tianming deliberately asked about Zhang Nana’s condition and treatment plan to divert her attention.

Ma Tianming wants to ask Cai Likun for help, but Cai Likun thinks that he should send Zhang Nana to the United States for treatment. After all, this disease is very difficult to cure for a while. President Wang donated a donation to Hengshan Hospital, and President Su convened everyone to discuss how to make good use of the money. Chen Zhengyuan hopes to purchase an imported X-ray machine. Ma Tianming once again mentioned the construction of a sterile operating room. As a result, the two confronted each other at the meeting and were finally stopped by Dean Su.

Chen Zhengyuan was very unconvinced about this. Ma Tianming urged Dean Su to give the drawing to himself first. Unexpectedly, Dean Su had already given the drawing to Chen Zhengyuan. As for Chen Zhengyuan, he said that he had forgotten where to put it. Seeing that Chen Zhengyuan and Ma Tianming were about to quarrel again, Dean Su felt helpless and planned to ask Bai Julie for her opinion. However, Bai Julie was absent-minded, so she asked them to solve the problem privately.

Xue Ning asked Ma Tianming to go to the patrol room to see the director, but because Ma Tianming could not give up, he reluctantly agreed. Bai Zhuli suddenly became nervous and wanted Xue Ning to take her away. Ma Tianming scolded her when she saw it, claiming that she was trying to snatch patients from herself, and by the way, talked about Zhang Nana and Da Mao’s illnesses.

Because of Ma Tianming’s words, Bai Julie woke up like a dream, and immediately hissed. Qu Rusen witnessed the whole process upstairs and saw Ma Tianming and Xue Ning leave, and then went to chat with Bai Zhuli. On the way to the patrol room, Xue Ning deliberately or unintentionally, Ma Tianming could only deal with it carefully, but when he arrived at the patrol room, he discovered that Xue Ning’s younger brother Ma Tianliang was the one who asked him to see a doctor.

Now that Xue Ning knows the identity of Ma Tianming, the two brothers always pretend not to know each other. In order to make Ma Tianming blew himself up, Xue Ning was going to pick up a brick and smash it at Ma Tianliang, and he saw Ma Tianming hurriedly stepped forward to stop it. Facing Xue Ning’s interrogation, Ma Tianming insisted that he had nothing to do with the Zhang family’s killing of the door. It happened that Li Xingshe called the patrol room and asked Xue Ning to release “Cai Likun” as soon as possible.

Xue Ning really couldn’t figure out what the background of this “Cai Likun” really was, so that Dai Li could protect him personally. Ma Tianming returned to the hospital and cursed the manpower in the patrol room. Cai Likun checked that he had no internal injuries. Both wanted to get the drawings and leave the hospital as soon as possible, otherwise they might be taken away in the present situation.

Cai Likun climbed up the ventilation duct to find a way out, leaving Ma Tianming to deal with the nurse. Lin Jingshan was going to measure Cai Likun’s blood pressure. Ma Tianming lied that Cai Likun was not wearing any clothes after the massage, and that he wanted to accompany Lin Jingshan on a run. Although Lin Jingshan knew Ma Tianming was lying, she didn’t break it, and simply turned and left.

Ma Tianming saw that Bai Julie couldn’t get past the hurdle in her heart, so he took her to a place where no one was there, and reminded her not to involve innocent people because of her guilt. Bai Julie believes that Ma Tianming and her own thoughts cannot be united and do not understand each other at all. However, Ma Tianming hates iron and steel, making her clearly understand that those kind people are struggling to survive, but the real evil people are at ease.

Lixingshe asked for the release of Ma Tianliang, and Xue Ning was very dissatisfied with this. After all, the Zhang family was killed because he was investigating the case for himself. He would rather bet on his future and investigate the case clearly. After the incident, Xue Ning went to see Ma Tianliang again, and told Lixingshe’s intention to detain him in solitary custody. Ma Tianliang knew that Xue Ning was an inspector with a sense of justice, so he admitted that he had met Zhang Nana that night, and that Ma Tianming and others went to Zhang’s house to steal paintings.

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