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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 23 Recap

The strategic plan proposed by Lin Luoliu was passed to the Central Military Commission, and Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, and Zhu De all thought this strategy was very good. The following arrangements were deployed for the purpose of annihilating the Liao Yaoxiang Corps. Mao Zedong instructed that we should not miss the opportunity to resolutely carry forward the prestige of our army in continuous combat and strive for great victory. Chiang Kai-shek resolutely asked Liao Yaoxiang to attack Jinzhou in the west, but Liao Yaoxiang could only agree. Lin Zhiwen received a letter from Zhang Wanxin and was arrested by the Kuomintang to torture him while reading the letter. The Kuomintang thought that he had been developed into a Communist Party by Zhang Wanxin, and tried to pry out some useful information from him.

In fact, Lin Zhiwen didn’t know anything. He was tortured so that he had no personal appearance. Later, his mother sold his ancestral house and used money to buy out the Kuomintang. This saved Lin Zhiwen. Wei Youming secretly told people next to Zhang Wanxin that Zhang Wanxin had taken refuge in the Communist Party and was arrested in Peking. People from the Secrecy Bureau saw that Zhang Wanxin was in contact with Lin Zhiwen and naturally wanted him to be arrested and tortured. Now he also sees clearly that the Kuomintang is killing people, while the Communist Party is saving people. The mother used the last bit of money from the family to send Lin Zhiwen to the United States. She told her son not to touch politics anymore, and then only asked about the future.

They saw many people wearing student costumes brutally murdered by the Kuomintang on the road. Lin Zhiwen resolutely got out of the car and said goodbye to his mother. He was going to take the road Zhang Wanxin had walked. It was a right way to save the people. On the Black Mountain position in western Liaoning, the Kuomintang army launched a fierce attack on the front line of Big Tiger Mountain in Montenegro, but Lin Biao had been prepared long ago, and the Kuomintang army could not go through with all its strength. Liao Yaoxiang reported this to Chiang Kai-shek, and Chiang Kai-shek still asked him to cross Montenegro at all costs and head towards Jinzhou. Liao Yaoxiang immediately agreed, but what he conveyed to his subordinates was an order to stop the offensive and fully withdraw to Yingkou.

Lin Biao ordered the 7th Army to rush to Yingkou, and Liao Yaoxiang’s soldiers must not be let go. Wang Cuiyun led the logistic unit, wading across the mountains and rivers, and it was bound to deliver food and supplies to the battlefield in western Liaoning. During a break on the way, Wang Cuiyun and Qiao Sanben chatted and asked if he was a Communist or Kuomintang soldier before he came here. Qiao Sanben didn’t say anything, and Wang Cuiyun didn’t ask any more questions. The food transport team was about to leave. Qiao Sanben noticed that there were two malicious gangsters. He walked around behind them, held them with a knife, and told them to hand over the guns in their hands, turning around not to look back.

Later, it was discovered that these were Lao Li and Lao Liu. They were assigned to the Liao Yaoxiang Corps and then dispersed and simply became deserters. After looting and smashing all the way, after seeing the Communist Party’s food transport team, I wanted to rob. Qiao Sanben warned them not to worry about the food delivery team. The two falsely agreed, but when they got their guns back, they beat Qiao Sanben and forced him to grab food with them. Qiao Sanben also pretended to agree, and then killed one of them while he was not prepared to fight back, but was also stabbed in the leg by the other. Fortunately, Wang Cuiyun arrived in time and saved Qiao Sanben’s life. Du Yuming arrived at Huludao, but he was unable to support Liao Yaoxiang, who now can only fend for himself.

Du Yuming’s advice to Liao Yaoxiang was to suddenly turn to the east and head for Shenyang, so as to preserve some vitality for the party and state. Chiang Kai-shek learned that the deployment in the Northeast was sparsely fought, so he had to let Fu Zuoyi act in advance. Zheng Tingfeng, who was in charge of the operation, assured Chiang Kai-shek that the operation can now begin. Soon, the Kuomintang army in Peking began to perform top-secret missions, and Communist undercover agents who wanted to go out to convey news were also wiped out one by one.

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