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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 22 Recap

Lin Biao asked Luo Ronghuan to tell Changchun Qianzhi that the New Seventh Army must break through. At this time in Peking, Chiang Kai-shek convened Du Yuming, Fu Zuoyi, Wei Lihuang and others for a meeting. Wei Lihuang had different opinions with Chiang Kai-shek and Du Yuming. He believed that Liao Yaoxiang should withdraw to Shenyang instead of going west to fight Jinzhou. But he did not dare to disobey Chiang Kai-shek, and in the end he could only say that he would let Liao Yaoxiang go west to regain Jinzhou. Fu Zuoyi did not express his position, and completely stated that Jiang Jieshi seemed helpless to him when he listened to Chiang Kai-shek’s arrangements. Zheng Dongguo sent a telegram with only four words-See you in the next life.

Both Du Yuming and Chiang Kai-shek thought he was determined to become a benevolent, and their faces showed sadness. At that time in Changchun, Zeng Zesheng had already controlled several divisions in Changchun, and only the New Seventh Army and Zheng Dongguo headquarters remained silent. Just as they were about to leave, there was a movement from the New Seventh Army. Zheng Dongguo received a call from Long Guojun, Chief of Staff of the New Seventh Army. The New Seventh Army has decided to lay down its weapons and surrender and accept the reorganization of the Communist army. Zheng Dongguo was sad, but he said he would not stop him. Long Guojun persuaded him to surrender together, but Zheng Dong has the backbone and he is unwilling to surrender.

Soon, Zheng Dongguo heard that the Communist army had surrounded the bank building heavily, and the guards were fighting bloody battles with the Communist army, vowing to their deaths. Hearing that, Zheng Dongguo said nothing and locked himself in the office. The news of Zheng Dongguo’s sacrifice came, and Chiang Kai-shek was preparing to send a telegram of condolences to him with Du Yuming, but this was a misinformation. Zheng Dongguo not only did not sacrifice, but also surrendered to the Communist Party under the coercion of his subordinates. Chiang Kai-shek informed the whole army that Zheng Dongguo was a heroic sacrifice. The situation for the decisive battle in the Northeast is complete, and Fu Zuoyi will not run, and sooner or later he will complete a strategic encirclement.

As for the East China battlefield, Mao Zedong’s next strategic plan is to consume the entire Huang Baitao Army. On the East China battlefield, Zhu De, Ren Bishi and others thought that they should not fight this big for the time being. Mao Zedong pointed out that Chiang Kai-shek also wanted to fight and retreat, so they must expand the battle and break Chiang Kai-shek’s illusion. Chen Yi and Deng Xiaoping were about to part with Liu Bocheng to attack Zhengzhou. Chen Yi gave a parting banquet. Liu Bocheng suggested that they bring the most elite troops from the middle field to attack Zhengzhou. He only needs to deal with Bai Chongxi in the west of Henan. If it doesn’t work, he will lead the team. Go to Dabie Mountain to fight guerrilla.

Fu Dongju saw that the Kuomintang and the Communist Party had different opinions on Zheng Dongguo’s life and death, and had a few words with his father Fu Zuoyi on this matter. Chiang Kai-shek came to Peiping and asked to see Fu Zuoyi today. Du Yuming arrived at the Chiang Kai-shek residence in Shenyang. Wei Lihuang was late. He felt that Du Yuming was uneasy and kind. Du Yuming simply treated him frankly, hoping that he could send troops to the Liaoxi battlefield, and Wei Lihuang no longer hid them. The reason why he did not send troops was because he did not want his soldiers to make unnecessary sacrifices. The conversation broke up unhappy.

Chiang Kai-shek asked Fu Zuoyi to sign the dispatch document, and he wanted to dispatch two soldiers to support Hou Jingru. Fu Zuoyi was unwilling to sign. His reason was that he was deploying a top-secret plan. Once this plan is successful, not to mention the war situation in the Northeast, and even the situation in China as a whole will be reversed. Soon after seeing the plan, Chiang Kai-shek called Du Yuming, claiming that Fu Zuoyi’s troops had other tasks. Liao Yaoxiang’s troops continued to advance towards Montenegro, while Du Yuming wanted to persuade Wei Lihuang to mobilize troops from Shenyang to support the Liaoxi battlefield and actively participate in the encirclement and suppression of Lin Biao’s troops. battle.

Du Yuming had to call in student troops, let them conduct live ammunition training, and prepare to go on the battlefield with regular troops, including Lin Zhiwen and Wei Youming. Du Yuming believed that this group of students must not be able to defeat the Communist Army. In that case, his subordinates wondered why he would send these people to the field. In doing this, Du Yuming resolutely practiced Chiang Kai-shek’s words and mobilized all the forces that could be mobilized. Moreover, behind these students, there is a family in Shenyang. Only by doing this can he prevent these families from escaping and make Shenyang unite.

After thinking about it, Lin Biao decided not to let the main force of the East and Wild go to play Jin and Meng, and the main force must insist on fighting the war of annihilation on the Liaoxi Plain. Luo Ronghuan and Liu Yalou firmly supported Lin Biao’s plan this time.

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