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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 2 Recap

Bao Xue brought Dai Xiaoyu to see his investors. Chai always appeared to be very active next to Dai Xiaoyu. You Shanshan and Du Shijun walked in afterwards. You Shanshan, who was quite general, punished the liquor by himself, which formally led him The dinner process was also this opportunity. Dai Xiaoyu and Bao Xue met You Shanshan. You Shanshan paid great attention to Dai Xiaoyu next to her. After drinking several glasses of strong wine, Dai Xiaoyu’s face did not change, which made Dai Xiaoyu sigh.

The dinner was about to end, and Mr. Chai pulled Dai Xiaoyu into chattering. Mr. Chai obviously liked Dai Xiaoyu’s beauty and tried to pull Dai Xiaoyu into his company as a public relations company. Bao Xue turned to chat with Feng Xi next to her, and talked about her girlfriend. The other party showed an expression looking forward to getting married, but Dai Xiaoyu was infinitely lonely after hearing it. You Shanshan walked into the room and casually invited everyone to go horse riding, only Bao Xue and Feng Xi were free.

The next day, Feng Xi and Bao Xue got on You Shanshan’s car and drove into a high-end racecourse. You Shanshan greeted her acquaintances, while Bao Xue looked around with excitement. After everyone got on their horses, a strange man stopped the three of them and mentioned that they were troublesome to be extras.

Bao Xue recognized her acquaintance Liu Liangzhou at a glance, but You Shanshan had important things to discuss, so she drove away first. Leave Baoxue and Feng Xi to do the pre-show together. You Shanshan found Brother Bin who had just said hello. Brother Bin hesitated a little and explained that the money she owed You Shanshan could not be paid off. At the moment, she can only collect interest. You Shanshan said that it was okay, but the people around him Brother Bin felt a little invisible pressure…

When Bao Xue came home, she was exhausted. Bai Jinghui cooked noodles for her granddaughter thoughtfully. When she talked about love with his wife Dai Wangxi, Bai Jinghui’s face showed a smile. At that time, her daughter sent her granddaughter. They also brought it here. Although they grew up together in Beijing, the two of them have different personalities. Bao Xue begged her grandmother to talk about the relationship between her and her uncle. Bai Jinghui sighed and said solemnly.

Feng Xi also felt exhausted when he returned home. Her boyfriend Li Xiang persuaded Feng Xi not to mess with You Shanshan. She went home once a week, and she wanted to be in the world with her girlfriend. Li Xiang called You Shanshan to reason, but was scolded by the powerful You Shanshan in turn. Feng Xi, who was watching the play next to him, snickered and gently calmed down her angry boyfriend.

Bai Jinghui said that ten years ago, when the old house was demolished, his son came back immediately after hearing the news, brought tea and water, Bai Jinghui felt strange, and when she asked, her son Houjiang came for the money for the demolition. Buying a house is actually planning for yourself. The strong Bai Jinghui refused, and Hou Jiang’s expression changed.

The weak Dai Wangxi lowered his head while holding a teacup. Bai Jinghui said, warning her son not to worry about the demolition money, but as soon as she returned to the house, Bai Jinghui cried silently in the bed. When she got up, Dai Wangxi, confused, wanted to get along with the mud. But the facts show that Bai Jinghui’s persistence is justified. After waiting for a few years, Dai Xiaoyu was going to study abroad.

Hou Jiang secretly called his father and used Dai Wangxi’s words to tell the truth about the loan. Bai Jinghui refused again, and the relationship between the mother and child deteriorated. Even on the day of Dai Wangxi’s cremation, his son Dai Houjiang and his daughter Dai Chengcheng said that they would take the old lady to the house for the elderly. Bai Jinghui believed that the honest daughter was sincere.

After repeated questions, Dai Houjiang really liked Bai Jinghui’s house in Beijing and wanted to bring it. Bai Jinghui’s tough attitude made Dai Houjiang feel unreasonable as a mortgage in exchange for funds. The two broke off their relationship in the mourning hall on this matter, leaving only Dai Chengcheng to comfort Bai Jinghui. After Bao Xue heard about this, she hoped that the old lady would be able to persuade and ease the relationship first, but Bai Jinghui still insisted on the same attitude to avoid anyone deceiving herself.

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