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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 1 Recap

Dai Xiaoyu looked at herself wearing a wedding dress in the mirror with surprise, and Dai Xiaoyu, who was about to marry her boyfriend, was a little excited. A friend beside him asked if Dai Xiaoyu’s parents knew about it. Dai Xiaoyu’s smile suddenly fell. His parents did not accept the relationship at all, and even said nothing.

Now Dai Xiaoyu is expecting only his sister to come to participate in his happy event. Unexpectedly, for a few days, Dai Xiaoyu waited anxiously at the door of the ward. The doctors who rushed holding the defibrillator finally rescued the surging on the bed. The intracranial tumor ruptured and Peng Pai fell into a coma. Dai Xiaoyu burst into tears and sobbed under the doctor’s comfort. Going back to the empty home alone…

In the alley, Bao Xue got through the phone of his sister Dai Xiaoyu, and finally got her visa. Bao Xue’s tone aroused Dai Xiaoyu’s memory. Dai Xiaoyu pretended to calmly relay the surging news to Bao Xue, and asked his sister , Don’t tell anyone the news. When dawn came, Dai Xiaoyu went to see Surging, and the doctor informed Surging that he could go home and recuperate in a few days. Both of them were relieved by the good news.

Dai Xiaoyu received a call from the wedding consultant at home to check the design of the invitation. When he turned on the computer, he saw the surging property division agreement sent by Lawyer He. Dai Xiaoyu immediately felt deceit and betrayal, and the marriage partner Surging had never been divorced. Dai Xiaoyu somehow became a junior. Surging is eager to explain her intentions to Dai Xiaoyu, but after seeing the surging will and the division of property, Dai Xiaoyu thinks Surging is very insidious, and even the most gracious pillow person does not know all this.

Surging felt that Dai Xiaoyu was only short-tempered, and looked forward to the relationship between the two of them after returning from a business trip. Unexpectedly, when I came back a few days later, I found that all the luggage belonging to Dai Xiaoyu had disappeared…On the other hand, Bao Xue received a call from Dai Xiaoyu, and Dai Xiaoyu returned to Beijing from abroad.

Lu was listening to the rehearsal of the singing class in the park, holding a bucket in his hand in a daze, Bai Jinghui in the team looked extra serious. Lu Zheng looked at him with a smile. At the end of the rehearsal, Bai Jinghui came to the door of her house and unexpectedly saw her granddaughter Dai Xiaoyu, whom she had not seen for many years. She welcomed her into the house. Dai Xiaoyu proposed to stay at home for a longer period of time and adjust the pace of life.

Bai Jinghui nodded and agreed. Dai Xiaoyu, who has not yet found a serious job, will inevitably be ridiculed by her sister. The two are full of fun in narration. Bao Xue, who embraces the dream of an actor, is still acting in a group. Dai Xiaoyu, who once opened a coffee shop, has also experienced the obstacles of closing the shop. Bai Jinghui is watching. Feeling joyful, she also started to join the part of memories of the past, so ashamed that Bao Xue hurriedly stopped Bai Jinghui.

Si Meng accidentally ran into You Shanshan in the supermarket. In an accident, You Shanshan enlightened Si Meng out of trouble, and now sees each other with a smile. You Shanshan left her purse at the checkout. Si Meng kindly paid it back. You Shanshan, who was following the call, got in the car, and Si Meng had to drive to chase. When Si Meng stopped the car, Yu Shanshan was no longer in the black vehicle. It turned out that You Shanshan had already walked into the house. After putting down the sundries in his hands, Si Meng finally saw You Shanshan coming out and returning her purse. You Shanshan felt sorry, and the two ate together.

Compared to Si Meng, who was running around with two children, You Shanshan appeared lighter. Thinking back to the experience of the two people meeting in Lhasa, Si Meng couldn’t help but admire You Shanshan’s horrible experience on the plane. The calm You Shanshan just waved his hand, saying that he had a lot of experience and had no worries. You Shanshan is about to take Si Meng to eat. Who knows Si Meng is thinking about the washing machine at home that has not been repaired. You Shanshan automatically recommends others to resolve Si Meng’s worries.

Bao Xue came home and was surprised to find that Bai Jinghui was making her favorite delicacy, and she was very happy. Bai Jinghui couldn’t help complaining about Dai Xiaoyu, who had a very abnormal daily life. Bao Xue went straight upstairs and forced Dai Xiaoyu up, persuading Dai Xiaoyu to go out to rent a house. At present, Dai Xiaoyu and his father have severed their relationship, and his father and Bai Jinghui have also severed their relationship.

Dai Xiaoyu should not be able to seek refuge in the elderly again. Watching Dai Xiaoyu still lay in bed, Bao Xue said that after she was admitted to the Chinese opera, her mother I hope that Bao Xue will come to Beijing to live and accompany the old lady. Dai Xiaoyu’s father, which is Bao Xue’s uncle, accused the family of being greedy for the old lady’s house. After hearing this, Dai Xiaoyu frowned. Fortunately, her selfish father had no influence. To the friendly relationship between Dai Xiaoyu and Bao Xue.

At the dinner table, Bai Jinghui urged Dai Xiaoyu to face the facts and find a house and work. Under Bao Xue’s arch fire, Dai Xiaoyu was forced to speed up the pace of life…

You Shanshan came to Si Meng’s home. The two were visiting. The doorbell rang. Si Meng didn’t expect that the repair you Shanshan said was actually buying a newest washing machine. Si Meng felt flattered, but You Shanshan thought , A washing machine is very worthwhile to buy a friend in front of you.

After the fire at the dining table, in order to avoid Bao Xue who didn’t keep the door talking about foreign affairs, Dai Xiaoyu took the initiative to tell the experience between herself and Peng Pai. Only then did Bao Xue know that Dai Xiaoyu was healing her wounds, and she was silent a few times. After that, Bao Xue opened her arms to Dai Xiaoyu and promised that she would always support Dai Xiaoyu.

In return, Si Meng made a meal for You Shanshan. The two chatted about their work. As the boss of the investment company, You Shanshan thought that Si Meng in front of him was an unusual housewife. The two chatted for a while, and Si Mengcai It was discovered that You Shanshan was pregnant in her junior year, but she did not continue with her subject, Shi Daming.

Shi Daming’s strong mother made You Shanshan itch with anger, and then separated from Shi Daming. But when You Shanshan mentioned that when she was giving birth, her strong mother-in-law was determined to keep the adult, which made You Shanshan feel relieved. You Shanshan’s experience made Si Meng dumbfounded, and even suggested that she wanted to write these experiences in her own web posts. You Shanshan was very generous, so the two officially became friends.

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