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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 40 Recap

Meng Xixi and the others were about to leave after eating. Yang Chenguang suddenly came to the door and begged Meng Xixi to give himself another chance. Mengxixi was very determined. Yang Chenguang had been entangled with Mengxixi. Mo Xiaobao couldn’t stand it. Pushed away, Yang Chenguang punched Mo Xiaobao in a rage, and the two of them fought. Cheng Xin couldn’t see it and kicked Yang Chenguang, and then motioned to Mo Xiaobao to go up and beat someone, Zheng Ganhe Kong Hao also stepped forward and pulled aside. The few people worked together to teach Yang Chenguang a good meal. Yang Chenguang fled, Kong Hao also sighed. Cheng Xin asked how many people were upset recently. Kong Hao talked about the current situation of the studio. .

After Liang Shu coaxed Yao Jiaren’s parents, Yao Jiaren’s parents finally agreed to see Cheng Jianye. Yao’s father asked Cheng Jianye if he was serious about Yao Jiaren. Cheng Jianye told the truth and said that his enthusiasm for his career is far greater than his passion for feelings, so after the divorce So far, single, but he has seen a strong vitality in Yao Jiaren. This is where he appreciates Yao Jiaren, so he promises that he will always respect Yao Jiaren. Yao’s mother only wants Cheng Jianye to make a guarantee that he can treat Yao Jiaren well for the rest of his life.

Cheng Jianye said that Yao Jiaren is a very important person to him, and she will use her resources to help Yao Jiaren realize her dream of acting as an actress. Yao Jiaren’s parents listen to her. After this, they knew that they had misunderstood the relationship between Yao Jiaren and Cheng Jianye. Yao Jiaren heard Cheng Jianye’s words but was in a mixed mood. After dinner, the two walked and chatted on the side of the road. Cheng Jianye felt that Yao Jiaren was still young and there were many possibilities in the future. The group is just fine.

When Cheng Xin was doing the hotel evaluation, she thought that Daydream Studio was worrying about seafood sales, and saw that Manager Zhang was worrying about not finding a suitable seafood supplier, so she recommended Daydream Studio to Manager Zhang, but She urged Manager Zhang not to tell them that they recommended it, and not to be influenced by her and choose Daydream Studio. Manager Zhang and Zheng Qian accidentally revealed Cheng Xin’s relationship when they were negotiating. After learning that Cheng Xin was helping, Zheng Qian refused the transaction.

He hoped to impress Manager Zhang by the quality. Manager Zhang gave Zheng Qian a chance. After tasting the seafood sent by Zheng Qian, Manager Zhang decided to order a week’s worth first, and told Zheng Qian some of his own experience, telling Zheng Qian that the local seafood supplier’s goods are good and cheap, but the quality is good. Control is not stable, so they would rather buy from more expensive seafood suppliers to ensure quality.

After listening to Cheng Xin’s words, Lao Feng reanalyzed Zheng Gan’s affairs. He felt that Cheng Xin was right. Maybe Tenda had a ghost. Cheng Xin told Chu Yunfei about it, but Chu Yunfei was dissatisfied with Cheng Xin. Still thinking about helping Zheng Qian and Daydream Studio, the two broke up in a quarrel.

After Mengxixi’s divorce, Kong Hao encouraged Mo Xiaobao to make an appointment with Mengxi to go out to play and find an excuse to stay outside. Mengxixi heard the conversation between the two and left with a little embarrassment. Before going to the date, Kong Hao taught Mo Xiaobao a lot of tricks, but Mo Xiaobao was very timid and didn’t dare to get too close to Mengxixi, but Mengxixi saw Mo Xiaobao’s entanglement in his eyes. On the way back for the two of them, Meng Xixi said that he wanted to let go, and took the initiative to hold Mo Xiaobao’s hand.

After Zheng Qian went back, he talked to Kong Hao about quality control. They could not sell seafood. The biggest problem was that the quality control could not be guaranteed. Kong Hao contacted a quality control expert to meet with Zheng Qian. The quality control expert and Zheng Qian Talking about some professional knowledge, Zheng Qian benefited a lot. He suddenly had an idea. He decided to start an e-commerce platform selling seafood and agricultural and sideline products. When Zheng Qian was about to go back, Kong Hao stopped him, and Zheng Qian knew Kong Hao also called Lin Man. The quality control expert was also introduced by Lin Man. Lin Man wanted to help Zheng Qian, but Zheng Gan deliberately alienated Lin Man and refused to accept her help. However, Kong Hao and Lin Man Yue As he got closer, he also made an appointment with Lin Man for a morning jog.

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