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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 29 Recap

Xiao Maruko was worried about putting on a gang, Mei Shiqing ordered Si Heng to stop Xiaobao and the others quickly, and Mei Shiqing was left to find a way. Xiao Wanzi put a hat around his face, trying to pretend to be sick, but the prince will come tomorrow, time is urgent, Mei Changyun really believed it. But Qiuhua said that Steward Liu next to the Nine Kings is the most difficult one.

Sure enough, as soon as Qiuhua said that the princess was ill, Steward Liu rushed over. Mei Shiqing found from her words that Steward Liu was extremely suspicious, and this person must be difficult to deal with. So Mei Shiqing agreed to set off tomorrow. Xiaowanzi can only hope that Qiaoyun and Qiuhua will quickly bring Lu Yingyao and Xiaobao back.

Xiaobao and Lu Yingyao came to Xizhou. Lu Yingyao found the local customs and customs to be very attractive, so Xiaobao offered to bring Lu Yingyao to eat some food. Nanxiang, who was desolate by the roadside, saw the two and took the opportunity to meet Xiaobao and Lu Yingyao. Poisoned inside, by coincidence, Qiaoyun and Qiuhua just arrived and called the two away, so that they were free from accusations.

Xiaowanzi was still worried about the progress of Qiaoyun and others. Mei Shiqing patiently comforted him, but the departure time was approaching. Mei Shiqing had to write to Si Heng first, so that it would be convenient to change people on the road. When the time came, Steward Liu came to remind him, and Mei Shiqing took the small balls and got on the carriage together.

On the way, Mei Shiqing proposed to take a rest at the outskirts inn, but Steward Liu couldn’t dissuade him, so he had to agree. Si Heng received the letter left by Mei Shiqing and learned that they were waiting at the station in front of Jiangzhou. Lu Yingyao decided to rush to meet up, but Xiaobao looked at the letter and thought about it.

When Lu Yingyao arrived, the gate of the station was full of carriages. Qiaoyun went in first to check the situation. Xiao Wanzi quickly opened the door. Mei Shiqing suggested that the substitutions in the jungle were more concealed, but Xiao Wanzi’s heart was extremely anxious and couldn’t wait for a moment. . As the journey continued, Mei Shiqing suddenly stopped the carriage. Butler Liu wanted to stop it, and Mei Shiqing used the princess as an excuse for being uncomfortable.

After getting out of the carriage, Xiao Bao proposed to go around the woods and exchange, but turned around but met Nan Xiang. Nan Xiang angrily accused Xiao Bao of ruining her life, and drew a knife to Lu Yingyao… Butler Liu couldn’t wait, and insisted on finding Mei. Shi Qing and the others directly ordered the carriage team to continue, but Mei Shiqing had no choice but to deal with it first.

The group came to the Nine Kings Mansion, and the two had to act by chance. The nine princes ordered the small balls in front of them to quickly take off the veil. Mei Shiqing again claimed that he was seriously ill, but the nine princes refused to listen and took off the veils of the small balls with his own hands. He was about to reprimand Mei Shiqing for deceiving the emperor. Lu Yingyao quickly walked into the palace. , Stopped everything.

Lu Yingyao told her father all the ins and outs. His father was shocked, but he also wanted to see Xiaobao. Lu Yingyao turned and went out of the house. Who knows that the Nine Kings still ordered to find Mei Changyun… Lu Yingyao told Xiaowanzi that his father still hopes The two changed their identities so that they could keep their marriage and avoid deceiving the king. All this was due to the unsuccessful exchange of identities between the forests.

That day, Nanxiang drew his sword to Lu Yingyao, and Xiaobao stepped forward to stop him. Nanxiang stumbled and fell down the cliff. Xiaobao tried his best to bury Nanxiang, hoping that Nanxiang could rest in peace. Looking ahead, for her own happiness, Lu Yingyao can only take Xiaobao to see her father first.

Standing in front of the palace, Xiao Bao felt a little palpitating. He was afraid that his status as a bandit would not be worthy of Lu Yingyao. Fortunately, Lu Yingyao gently encouraged him, and Xiao Bao walked up to the Nine Lords. The Nine Princes asked about Xiaobao’s real name, but Xiaobao was an orphan since he was a child. The two talked about asking the Nine Princes to give their surnames. The Nine Princes who wrote silently in front of him suddenly raised their heads and scolded Xiaobao for his humble status. Detained in jail.

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