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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 28 Recap

Nan Batian threw the small balls down the cliff, turned and stepped on Mei Shiqing. Mei Shiqing looked at the bottom of the mountain with great grief. At this time, Mei Changyun rushed to fight Nan Batian, and after a few rounds, he was equal. Mei Changyun helped Mei Shiqing to stop Nanbatian. At this time, Qinglongzhai was destroyed, and Nanbatian was in a critical situation.

It was said that ten years ago, Mei Changyun destroyed the salt gang, and Nanbatian was afraid that Qinglongzhai would be affected. So he hurt Mei Shiqing and others. Mei Changyun flew to capture Nan Batian, Mei Shiqing grabbed Nan Batian’s walking stick and stabbed at the figure. Nan Batian vomited blood and died. Mei Shiqing ran towards the cliff, but couldn’t see the familiar face of Xiaowanzi…

Mei Shiqing awakened after fainting and ran down to the mountain to look for Xiaowanzi’s figure. Everyone couldn’t help but Qiuhua got a secret letter. It turned out Xiaowanzi was not dead, but in Situ Lin’s hands. Mei Shiqing’s eyes became determined, and she went in another direction.

Situ Lin gently stroked Xiaowanzi, but he didn’t expect Xiaowanzi to start struggling as soon as he woke up. At this moment, the crazy Situ Lin knew that Xiao Wanzi was not the princess, and he began to woo Xiao Wanzi. Xiao Wanzi got rid of Kai Situ Lin. At this time, his subordinates informed Mei Shiqing that he had arrived.

Just to let Xiaowanzi see Mei Shiqing die under his own hands. The men rushed towards Mei Shiqing, Situ Lin took out the crossbow in his hand and shot at Mei Shiqing, Mei Shiqing’s arrow fell, and Situ Lin vowed to avenge his father Li Tianlong. Seeing that the arrow crossbow was about to be shot, Xiao Wanzi hurried to Mei Shiqing.

Unexpectedly, Situ Lin said that at this time, Xiao Wanzi was entangled with explosives. After hearing this, Xiao Maruko confessed the last words to Mei Shiqing, then turned around and hugged Situ Lin, preparing to die together. Mei Shiqing quickly split the shackles with a sharp sword, tied him to Situ Lin, the explosives ignited, Mei Shiqing held the small balls and left…

Mei Shiqing brought Xiaowanzi to visit He Yizhi who was injured. He Yizhi still begged Xiaowanzi even though he was seriously injured, hoping that Mei Shiqing would not blame Xiaowanzi. Mei Shiqing did not speak, but asked about the situation again. He Yizhi owed a large sum of money to the gambling house. For his livelihood, He Yizhi had to find out the addresses of the mother and daughter of Mei Shiqing, and even personally Let the wind out. After listening to Mei Shiqing, he discovered that the mysterious person who finally covered his mouth and hid him was He Yizhi. After all, He Yizhi still saved himself, plus this time, it was twice. There were tears in the eyes of Mei Shiqing and He Yizhi…

Mei Shiqing walked down the street with Xiaowanzi. Mei Shiqing offered to suggest that compared to the painful past, Mei Shiqing was more afraid of losing Xiaowanzi, and Xiaowanzi was not like that. So the two hugged each other. My stomach rang suddenly, Xiao Wanzi brought Mei Shiqing to eat wontons. When he was puzzled, it turned out that Xiao Wanzi wanted to give food to the wandering orphans. Looking at these little faces, Xiao Wanzi thought of her own. Childhood, and Mei Shiqing also sighed with emotion.

Mei Changyun returned from Yongzhou and Mei Shiqing greeted him with joy. Although he was demoted, the relationship between Mei Changyun and Mei Shiqing was eased because of this revenge. In order to celebrate, Mei Changyun invited everyone at a family dinner. Xiaobao and Mei Changyun met, thinking that they had gone side by side to destroy the Qinglong Village. Mei Changyun gave Xiaobao his armor, which made Xiaobao very excited. So everyone went to the table and toasted and drank.

Xiao Wanzi took the initiative to bring Lu Yingyao, Xiaobao and others to the city gate. Xiaobao said that he wanted to leave Qingzhou with Lu Yingyao and enjoy the happy days. Although Xiaowanzi felt a little bit reluctant, she still sent her blessings. Qiaoyun, Qiuhua and others peeked from the side. Qiaoyun felt a little bit dissatisfied with the princess, but seeing the princess’s happy face, Qiaoyun had to send away her master in tears.

After a few days, Qiaoyun hurriedly came to report. The court believed that Mei Shiqing had done a good job in destroying the bandits, so Mei Shiqing quickly entered the palace and brought the princess…

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