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The Summer Temple Fair (2021) 神之鄉

The Summer Temple Fair (2021)
Other Title: 神之鄉, Shen Zhi Xiang, The Summer Temple Fair

Genres: Life, Drama, Family
Wang Liwen
Release Date: 
July 11, 2021 – Aug 8, 2021
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  • Jason Wang as Xia Tian Long
  • Li Ren Li as Huang Shi Jie
  • Dino Lee as Xia Zhi Xun
  • Xiang Jie Ru as Chen Nuan Nuan
  • Tracy Chou as Xia Tian Qing
  • Janet Hsieh as Ye Yun

In the summer vacation of junior year, Xia Zhixun (played by Li Yuxi), who was studying in Taipei , brought his art classmate Chen Nuannuan (played by Xiang Jieru), who had a crush on him , and returned to Daxi, Taoyuan, his hometown after seven years of absence. His forgotten childhood. Memories bit by bit, maybe it is the way home guided by the gods.

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