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The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With the Note (2021) 云顶天宫

The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With the Note (2021)
Other Title: 云顶天宫, 盗墓笔记之云顶天宫 , Yun Ding Tian Gong , 盗墓笔记II:云顶天宫 , 盗墓笔记2之云顶天宫 , The Lost Tomb 2: Heavenly Palace on the Clouds , 盗墓笔记 第二季

Genres: Action, Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy, Supernatural
Release Date: 
July 11, 2021 – Jul 25, 2021
Related Show:
Adapted from book 4 of “The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles” (盗墓笔记) by Kennedy Xu (南派三叔)., The Lost Tomb 2 (Chinese prequel), Ultimate Note (Chinese sequel)


  • Bai Shu as Wu Xie
  • Zhao Dong Ze as Zhang Qi Ling
  • Zhang Bo Yu as Wang Pang Zi
  • Zhao Rui Han as Ah Ning
  • Liu Xue Yi as Xie Yu Chen
  • Huang Yi as Huo Xiu Xiu

The iron triangle: Wu Xie, Zhang Qi Ling and Wang Pang Zi find themselves on a train headed for the mountainous Korean border in search of a mysterious, mythical palace in a world of glaciers, avalanches, and blizzards. They have no idea why Wu San Sheng has sent the message that brought them all together again, but they soon discovers that they are not alone in their search for the peak that holds the palace, Ning is on the same trail with a team of foreigners. Not only that, Chen Pi A Si has his own interests to look out for and so brings along Monk Hua, Lang Feng and Ye Cheng. They are joined by a guide as well, Shun Zi. As they move deeper within the maze of mountain tunnels, all of them begin to wonder if this adventure will be their final quest.

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