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Tharntawan See Plerng (2021) ทานตะวันสีเพลิง

Tharntawan See Plerng (2021)
Other Title: ทานตะวันสีเพลิง, flaming sunflower

Genres: drama, romance
Jaruk Sanguanpong
Channel 7
Release Date:
July 15, 2021
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Tharntawan is the owner of a vineyard and famous resort. She is just as vicious and sharp to her enemies as she is beautiful. However, in the resort industry, there are many people ready to knock you down and so every day is a new challenge for Tharntawan. Along the way, she meets a boy who finally warms her heart. For Tharntawan is just like a fiery sunflower. Fiery like the sun to her enemies, and devoted like the sunflower to the person she loves.

Sunflower (Krittha Sangsaopas), a young woman born But was abandoned to live with Pud Jeep (Manthana Snow Thongkham) who is a farmer’s mother. causing Sunflower to hate his father who left him Two mothers and sons run vineyards and resorts in tourist towns. The sunflower ranch is a competitor of the rai Thoetthai (Phutharit Phrombandan), who attempts to seize the sunflower vineyard, causing Pongthep (Dilok Thongwattana), the father of the sunflower. which is a big businessman Which used to have a secret relationship with the Sunflower’s mother Pud Yue, but was caught by Rachaya Rakkasikorn, his wife, who was a benefactor. Radius was chasing both mother and daughter as well. Pongthep decided to send Wiruth (Akarapat Bunnag) to protect sunflowers and vineyards.

Wiruth goes undercover to apply as a farm worker. Virut’s behavior causes Arthit (Phatthaphong Wesakami), an assistant of Sunflower. who secretly loves sunflowers became suspicious and followed his behavior. When the sunflower farm faced the problem of lack of funds Wiruth volunteers to invest in Thoetthai and Thapthai (Krisada Supaprom), two powerful father and son plots to kill sunflowers. But Virut was able to save her.

Saikwan (Sky Maria), Wiruth’s fiancee, comes to ask about her marriage to Wiruth. Sunflowers who started to have a heart with Wiruth knew about it. So she had to give up. Ready to be the strength of the wedding of Wiruth and Saikwan Up at the Sunflower Resort as well

Duangkaew (Ingfah Ketkham), the daughter of the chef, who has always been envious of sunflowers. Escaped to Rai Thoetthai and became the wife of a Thai army. Being deceived by the Thai army to use them to kill Phut Krong (Metta Rungrat), the grandmother of the sunflower. She also tricked the sunflower into the Thoetthai farm. hoping to venerate Tai to hurt But Viruth and Athit came to save the sunflower in time. Day by day, the bond made the sunflower feel better about Virut. But she had to make up her mind. because he has a fiancé who is getting married soon Athit saw the sunflower’s expression strange. Therefore, he planned to use Sai Kwan as a tool. to separate sunflower and virut from each other

When Wiruth and Saikwan’s wedding day arrives, Saikwan’s mother, Sopha (Verso), is dissatisfied with the dowry money. And many rants make Sai Kwan sad. She decided to run away from work immediately. Fortunately, she met Athit. Athit encouraged her in what happened. Saikwan who understands everything decide to cancel the engagement and began to turn to understand Athit more

Everything seems to have calmed down. But then the sunflower misses. was finally captured by the Thai army What will happen after this? Sunflowers are safe or not? How will the love of sunflowers be? when she learned the truth that the man she had a heart for Was it someone that her father she had always hated sent to take care of her?

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