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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 7 Recap

The movie star Gu Xiaoman committed suicide by poisoning and was sent to Hengshan Hospital. Bai Julie and others rescued her. She was finally out of danger. On the contrary, she was quite disgusted by the accompanying people, including the director Hainagawa and the Japanese Nakamura. . Hainachuan is Gu Xiaoman’s fiancé. He was backed by the Japanese Embassy and had an arrogant and unreasonable attitude in the hospital. He almost had a dispute with Ma Tianming.

Now that the poster community learned of Gu Xiaoman’s suicide, the Japanese embassy was very dissatisfied with it and asked the hospital to give an explanation. Due to the influence of the other party, Chen Zhengyuan was stopped by Dean Su when he wanted to apologize. He said that the doctor had tried his best to rescue him and there was no need to be responsible for confidential matters.

Moreover, Gu Xiaoman was a public figure, so she proposed to transfer her to hospital as soon as possible. Upon seeing this, Nakamura immediately changed his tone, hoping that the hospital would give Gu Xiaoman a relatively quiet and independent space. Dean Su claimed that the high-level ward of the hospital was full. Ma Tianming mentioned the Xiaoyang Building, but Dean Su refused.

After Gu Xiaoman woke up, Hainachuan personally went to visit her, threatening her not to die in vain, and sooner or later she would embark on that road. Because of Heinachuan’s words, Gu Xiaoman’s mood fluctuated greatly, and his anger made him roll. Bai Julie heard the conversation between the two outside the door and immediately drove Hainachuan away.

Since Gu Xiaoman’s condition is still unstable, Hainachuan wanted Bai Julie to help herself persuade Gu Xiaoman, but Bai Julie resolutely found a reason to refuse. When Ma Tianming saw Bai Julie and Hainachuan together, she reminded her to be careful of the Japanese, these are not kind, and it is easy to get into trouble.

Through Niu Er’s investigation, it was confirmed that Zhu Tiande was indeed the manager of Foreign Bank, and his worth was high. Tao Chengkai handed Zhu Tiande over to Ma Tianming for treatment, which made Chen Zhengyuan quite unhappy, but he didn’t expect Tao Chengkai to let him release the news, falsely claiming that Zhu Tiande had woken up.

Ma Tianming got part of Zhu Tiande’s medical records, and by the way mentioned known news to Cai Likun, indicating that he had the opportunity to enter the Xiaoyang Mansion. However, the plan was not as smooth as expected. Chen Zhengyuan took the nurse into the Xiaoyang Mansion, but Ma Tianming was stopped outside by the guard because he was eager to spend money, so he gave Cai Likun 20 days and asked for a five to five split.

Under Cai Likun’s instruction, Ma Tianming opened the suitcase she had previously placed in the corner of the room and found a sachet containing a baby tooth and a bunch of hair, obviously belonging to his wife and children. Cai Likun regarded it as a treasure and confessed that Ma Tianming handed the scalpel to Dean Su.

Because Hainachuan often went to Bai Julie, Ma Tianming was not angry, so he entrusted Oda to send him a letter to Hainachuan, signed by Bai Julie. When Hainachuan saw a person surnamed Bai ask him to meet at Xiaoyanglou, he immediately became lustful, so he sneaked into Xiaoyanglou that night and successfully entered Zhu Tiande’s ward. As a result, he mistaken Lin Jingshan for Bai Julie and saw her on her right shoulder. Tattoo.

Although Lin Jingshan didn’t care about it and let Hainachuan go for the time being, she still went to see Nakamura in person, hoping that Nakamura would tell Hainachuan not to go to the hospital as much as possible. Nakamura believes that men like Hainachuan who rely on women to make money are not justified, nor are they qualified to cooperate with their Japanese. Instead, he reminds Lin Jingshan to hide her identity and remember the efforts she made before.

After repeated consideration, Ma Tianming decided to sneak into the Xiaoyang Mansion. Cai Likun thought it was too risky, so he asked him to find the structural drawings of the building and try to sneak in through the vent. Taking advantage of no one around, Ma Tianming hurriedly sneaked into Dean Su’s office, stared at the other person to open the safe, and memorized the password in his heart.

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