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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 6 Recap

The reason why Cai Likun cooperated with Ma Tianming so much that he did not expose his identity in front of everyone was entirely because he reached a cooperation with Ma Tianming in advance. As long as Ma Tianming continues to pretend to be a doctor and help rescue Zhu Tiande, he can get a huge sum of five million. Considering that he now needs to raise money to save his brother, Ma Tianming reluctantly agreed, and if he refuses rashly, he is bound to be convicted of murder, and I am afraid he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

At the same time, the masked man found Zhang Nana’s residence, but Zhang Nana escaped from the window and then met the little beggars. Although Xue Ning arrived later, it was a pity that it was too late, and the old mother had already fainted, and there were no other people in the room, except for suspicious footprints on the windowsill.

Ma Tianming expressed doubts about the five million funds. After his repeated questioning, Cai Likun truthfully informed the cause and effect. By the way, he helped Ma Tianming organize the medical records to investigate the whereabouts of Zhu Tiande. However, Cai Likun rummaged through the files of all the recorders, and there was no name of Zhu Tiande at all, which made him really puzzled.

In the next few days, Ma Tianming found some clues from other places. At this time, Bai Julie asked a nurse to ask for the patient’s medical records. She learned that Ma Tianming had changed a lot recently. The newly prescribed prescriptions and diagnosis reports suddenly became professional, which could not help. She was suspicious, so she took Lin Jingshan and Xiaotian to the ward to find out, only to find that the door was locked.

In the ward, Ma Tianming was arguing with Cai Likun. Seeing Bai Julie broke in, she immediately lied that she was giving Cai Likun a naked massage, which was not convenient for the lady to check. In order to let Bai Julie take care of Cai Likun’s affairs afterwards, Ma Tianming made a big noise and froze Bai Julie away.

Lin Jingshan felt helpless about this and reminded Ma Tianming that she should not sprinkle salt on the girl’s wound. After the others left, Cai Likun asked whether Ma Tianming had an affection with Bai Julie in his name, or he would terminate the cooperation. As a result, Ma Tianming directly revealed that if he had a choice, he would have chosen someone else.

That night, Zhang Baoshan sneaked into Cai Likun’s ward alone and took a few photos of him. According to Cai Likun’s description, Ma Tianming guessed that the person was Xiao Zhang, the driver. As Cai Likun guessed that the patient No. 13 in Xiaoyanglou might be Zhu Tiande, Ma Tianming proposed that he could apply to be Zhu Tiande’s attending physician and take the opportunity to enter Xiaoyanglou for investigation. Cai Likun was afraid of causing Tao Chengkai’s suspicion, and told him to stand still.

The security guard Wu saw the newspaper report on the shooting of the “Anhui Ship” and took the badge on the blood jacket to blackmail Ma Tianming, and successfully obtained a ring in exchange for gambling. Ma Tianming was angry, and simply contacted Niu Er, claiming that Old Wu had swallowed the ring he deserved. Niu Er believed that it was true, and immediately led someone to follow Lao Wu, and severely taught him a lesson in the casino.

Bai Zhuli found that Cai Likun had done a few hands during the rounds, so she believed that Ma Tianming’s treatment was effective, so her attitude instantly changed 180 degrees, and she took the initiative to apologize. Anyone with a discerning eye can see her feelings for Ma Tianming. . Dean Su learned that Ma Tianming’s massage had improved Cai Likun’s condition, and immediately discussed with Chen Zhengyuan for Ma Tianming to assist him in treating Zhu Tiande. At first Chen Zhengyuan resolutely opposed it, but when it was heard that Tao Chengkai’s request for a surname, he had to agree to it.

Zhang Baoshan gave Cai Likun’s photo to Lao Zhou, but he still couldn’t confirm his true identity. Qu Rusen always wanted to find opportunities to find Zhu Tiande, but he didn’t want to be intercepted by Tao Chengkai. Soon, Tao Chengkai investigated the origin of Qu Rusen, and now that Lixingshe had stepped in, there was not much time left for them. Just as Ma Tianming was suffering from no way to get close to Zhu Tiande, she did not expect that Bai Julie brought the nurses over. On the surface, she seemed to bring flowers to Cai Likun, but everyone knew that she wanted to give Ma Tianming. They all made jokes and made Bai Julie’s face shy.

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