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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 5 Recap

Because of the appearance of Cai Likun, Ma Tianming was in panic all day long. He always wanted to kill him, but he was interrupted by Chen Zhengyuan, who had returned, and had to hide under the bed. Finally, he was able to get out under the cover of nurse Xiaolin. Dean Su asked about Ma Tianming’s work and comforted him not to care too much about Chen Zhengyuan’s targeting. After all, the other party is an expert in this field and has a strong self-esteem, so he should be appropriate.

At this time, the patients in other rooms of the hospital yelled and Ma Tianming remembered a word from the nurse. So that night, he sneaked into the pharmacy to find the tranquilizer, but Zhang Baoshan did not expect Zhang Baoshan to follow him. Fortunately, Oda appeared in time to drag Zhang Baoshan away, and Ma Tianming escaped, and the next morning he injected a tranquilizer into the infusion bottle.

But Cai Likun is the real medical talent. He is very familiar with these drugs and will not let Ma Tianming succeed. On the contrary, Lin Jingshan found that Ma Tianming often prescribed the same medicine to different patients, and he was puzzled. As Cai Likun’s body temperature dropped and his pulse weakened, Chen Zhengyuan was puzzled. He suspected that the nurse had a problem with the drip, so Lin Jingshan was personally responsible for taking care of Cai Likun.

Niu Er called Ma Tianming to meet, claiming that he had grasped the news of Ma Tianliang and asked him to take the money to the dance hall. Bai Julie thought it was a child’s business, so she simply took out a savings and gave it to Ma Tianming, including the diamond ring she married before, all of which were used as a ransom.

That night, Niu Ernian simply told him about Ma Tianliang’s whereabouts because of the acquaintance. Today, Ma Tianliang is detained in the central patrol house in the French Concession. As for Ali, he has nowhere to go. If he wants to get people out of it, besides having money, I am afraid he will have to trust him everywhere. Because Ding Siye was the mastermind of the Zhang family’s massacre, he would never let Ma Tianliang off easily. Niu Er would like to help Ma Tianming get his younger brother out of prison, provided that three yellow croakers were required for revenge.

Cai Likun suffered from poisoning reactions one after another. Chen Zhengyuan concluded that it was caused by over-drugs and asked the nurse to stay guarded 24 hours a day. Zhang Baoshan took the initiative to find Bai Julie and said that he had seen Ma Tianming appear in the pharmacy. The reason why he didn’t say it clearly was mainly because he misunderstood that he and Bai Julie were in a relationship.

Because of Zhang Baoshan’s words, Bai Julie was suspicious of Ma Tianming, and she found the iron box containing the tranquilizer in his office, so she immediately ran to question, and angrily accused him of wanting to use despicable means to overthrow Chen Zhengyuan. Bai Julie was very disappointed with Ma Tianming and asked him to leave the hospital immediately. However, Ma Tianming tried his best to explain that she just wanted Cai Likun to wake up a few days later. He had to stay in the hospital. He would leave once the matter was resolved, so she begged Bai Julie not to ask The hospital revealed. Considering that Ma Tianming promised to help rescue the child, Bai Julie reluctantly agreed and asked him to leave the hospital within a month.

At the same time, Xue Ning came to a house in a remote alley alone to visit Zhang Nana, the only orphan of the Zhang family, but was followed by his subordinates, and then told Ding Siye the news, hoping to benefit from it. Since Zhang Nana was a survivor of this tragedy, she hid behind the curtains and witnessed the whole process that night, and she was bound to see the murderer. Ding Siye was alert to this matter and planned the next countermeasures.

Ma Tianming still did not forget to find Cai Likun to inject tranquilizers, and even deliberately created a fire to drew everyone away, and sneaked into the ward while taking advantage of the chaos. As a result, Cai Likun, who was pretending to sleep, was overpowered and the two wrestled. When Dean Su and Chen Zhengyuan rushed to the ward, they found Cai Likun lying on the bed and Ma Tianming was standing by looking at the medicine. There were no signs of fighting at the scene.

Faced with Chen Zhengyuan’s doubts, Ma Tianming explained that he was worried about sick people coming to the room and protested Chen Zhengyuan’s targeted behavior to Dean Su. Seeing that Ma Tianming and Chen Zhengyuan were arguing, Dean Su decided to let them jointly take charge of Cai Likun’s treatment. The others walked out of the ward one after another. Ma Tianming couldn’t help but look back and saw Cai Likun closed his eyes and gave him a quiet thumbs up. .

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