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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 4 Recap

Zhang Baoshan stared at Ma Tianming’s every move, but he did not know that he was also under the supervision of Tao Chengkai and others. Originally, Li Quan was leading people to follow Cai Likun, but he did not expect to kill a driver Xiao Zhang halfway. Because of the suspicious behavior of the people, he attracted the attention of Kuomintang agents and found that he often went to Zhouji Tailor Shop.

Considering that Zhang Baoshan and Cai Likun had close contact, Tao Chengkai told Li Quan to pay more attention to him, and perhaps he could find a breakthrough from the opponent. Ma Tianming took the money to buy Niu Er and asked him to find out about Ma Tianliang’s whereabouts. After returning to the hospital, he perfunctorily talked to Bai Julie, claiming that Niu Er’s purpose was to ask for money. Only if there is money to save the child, she asked her first. Stop getting involved in this matter.

The real Cai Likun decided to continue to pretend to be in a coma, act by chance, and transfer to Hengshan Hospital to recuperate as his Hancheng. Seeing Cai Likun’s resurrection, Ma Tianming was so frightened that he quickly asked Bai Julie about the situation and learned that the other party might wake up at any time. Because the special ward is in charge of Chen Zhengyuan, he is very resistant to Ma Tianming’s approach to his patients. Just as the two were in a stalemate, the nurse Oda promptly called Chen Zhengyuan away and gave Ma Tianming a chance to slip into the ward, only to see Zhang Baoshan who jumped out of the window and escaped.

In order to conceal his true identity, Ma Tianming wanted to start with Cai Likun, but Cai Likun suddenly opened his eyes and was so scared that he hurriedly stopped. Bai Julie wants to negotiate with Niu Er and rescue the street children, but Ma Tianming asks her to wait for the opportunity first, as long as she knows that the children are in good condition.

At the same time, Professor Qu Rusen of the Nanjing Lixing News Agency is comparing the photos of Cai Likun and Ma Tianming. Regardless of the truth of the matter, the one that should come will come. Tao Chengkai received the news from Nanjing and knew that Zhu Tiande’s news was completely concealed. Now all parties are eyeing the red funds and they must get the password as soon as possible.

Lixingshe knew that Cai Likun had been transferred to the hospital. They were both unwilling to give up this clue and were a little afraid of Tao Chengkai’s forces. They simply let Qu Rusen enter the Hengshan Hospital to recuperate and investigate secretly. As soon as Qu Rusen arrived at the hospital, he inquired about Cai Likun and Han Cheng. Although he and Tao Chengkai met in the hospital, they only passed by and were not seen by the other party on the spot.

The little boy voluntarily came to the hospital to find Bai Julie, saying that Doudou, who had undergone surgery before, had not completely improved, but his life was not guaranteed. Bai Julie asked him about the situation, only to realize that Ma Tianming hadn’t visited them at all, so she went to find Doudou by herself that night, and met two big smokers following.

Fortunately, Ma Tianming appeared in time to rescue Bai Julie, and took her to change clothes, pretending to be a husband and wife. Seeing Doudou was seriously injured and nearly dying of her life, Bai Julie resisted her grief and injected him with painkillers, and couldn’t help but blame herself for not looking for them in the first place. Ma Tianming was a little unbearable, and comforted Bai Julie so that she didn’t have to feel too guilty.

When Ma Tianliang and Ali were going home, they noticed someone was following them, so they separated temporarily. Ma Tianliang took Alizhi away and saw other people shooting from all directions. He jumped into the car in the patrol room in a hurry, which aroused the suspicion of the police. Xue Ning found Guanghua University’s admission notice on Ma Tianliang, and then determined that he was the Ma brothers who participated in the Zhang family’s massacre.

In order for Ma Tianliang to cooperate with him in investigating the case, Xue Ning gave him time to confess the truth. As a result, that night, Ding Siye sent a criminal into the police cell. He wanted to kill Ma Tianliang in the dead of night. Fortunately, Xue Ning arrived in time to rescue him. Faced with this situation, Xue Ning repeatedly reminded Ma Tianliang that he should tell everything he knew, otherwise, even if he left the police station, he would not survive tomorrow. There were still many people outside who wanted his life.

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