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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 3 Recap

Because Brian’s condition suddenly worsened, he had to prepare for the operation immediately. Considering that Ma Tianming was injured and unable to perform the operation, Bai Julie nominated herself and offered to be his assistant. Originally, Ma Tianming wanted to take the opportunity to escape, but when he was packing his things, he accidentally saw Brian’s operation plan recorded in the notebook, and simply copied a copy to Bai Julie, instructing her to smoothly remove the gallbladder for Brian, and he was in the operating room. Fainted.

According to common sense, as a surgeon, Ma Tianming suddenly fainted. Anyone would be suspicious when he changed. However, everyone didn’t think much about it, just guessing that he was caused by overwork. When Ma Tianming woke up, he burned the blood-stained crew member’s clothes in time, but he didn’t know that when the cleaning lady cleaned the room, she took away the badges from the clothes.

Niu Er threatened the children to confess Bai Julie’s true identity, and at the same time found the medicine bag she had left behind, so he guessed that Ma Tianming deliberately hid in Hengshan Hospital. At the same time, Ma Tianming discovered that Nurse Lin Jingshan had rejected a man’s pursuit, and thus learned that she wanted to find a decent job and a righteous man, similar to the love between Bai Julie and her husband, even if the man died later, at least Leave an indelible memory for Julie White.

The ghost man followed Ali and found him and Ma Tianliang’s residence, Xue Ning and his subordinate Wu Tanmu also came to the door through clues provided by the doctor, and found that someone was chasing the Ma family brothers. Bai Zhuli asked Xue Ning to help rescue the orphans, but when the police arrived, they were already empty. Bai Zhuli recalled Niu Er’s reaction when he saw Ma Tianming and suspected that the two knew each other. Ma Tianming found an excuse and stalled again.

Tao Chengkai gave Chen Zhengyuan the benefit and asked him to do his best to heal Zhu Tiande. Then he found Dean Su and used the orphanage as a threat to ask her what she thought of Chen Zhengyuan and Cai Likun. Dean Su thinks that Cai Likun is more courageous than Chen Zhengyuan. Under the pressure of Tao Chengkai, he simply finds Ma Tianming and asks him to treat Zhu Tiande himself.

At this time, Cai Likun had woken up in Tongji Hospital and found his own file with Han Cheng’s name written on it, which made him suddenly realize. Now the liaison station has been discovered by the Kuomintang, and the leaders responsible for Cai Likun’s return to the country have also gone to avoid the limelight temporarily, so Cai Likun’s identity cannot be confirmed for the time being. Shopkeeper Zhou suggested to his superiors to take the opportunity to transfer Hancheng to Hengshan Hospital, so as not to attract the attention of KMT agents, and to cooperate with Cai Likun and Zhang Baoshan when he wakes up.

Bai Wencheng, the president of the Chinese Medical Association, is coming to Hengshan Hospital. President Su asked Bai Julie and his father to meet. Even if the father and daughter have any grievances, at least so many years should be cleared up. In fact, Dean Su’s real intention was actually to get Bai Wencheng’s support when preparing for the construction of the orphanage. However, Bai Julie could not forget what happened before and decisively rejected Dean Su’s proposal.

Before long, Bai Wencheng arrived in Shanghai and came to Hengshan Hospital. Chen Zhengyuan was extremely flattering to Bai Wencheng, but Bai Wencheng admired Ma Tianming’s ability, admired him for giving up the superior life abroad, and resolutely chose to return to China. Ma Tianming said that he was unwilling to return to China. The main reason is that the Chinese people do not have a good life. It is his bounden duty as a doctor to save the dead and heal the wounded. He is also a Chinese, and he is willing to contribute his own strength to the health of the nation.

Bai Wencheng was full of praise for Ma Tianming, thinking that he was open-minded, and at the same time it made Chen Zhengyuan uneasy. Bai Wencheng proposed to transfer Hancheng to Hengshan Hospital, and Dean Su readily agreed upon hearing this. Afterwards, Bai Wencheng took the initiative to see her daughter, hoping that she could go home with him, but was rejected. Ma Tianming passed by the office and happened to hear the whole conversation.

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