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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 2 Recap

Hengshan Hospital is a missionary hospital, which mainly treats senior officials and dignitaries, and its status does not allow outside interference. The self-defeating Ma Tianming is now a wanted criminal with a murder case. After he failed to escape for the first time, he simply made a mistake and openly admitted that he was a foreign doctor who was specially hired by France to improve the level of medical treatment.

Although Ma Tianming’s generous speech at the welcoming ceremony was too shocking, he at least won the praise of Dean Su and relieved Xiao Zhao, who was observing in the dark. After this incident, Xiao Zhao specifically reported to the organization about Ma Tianming. Because he could not determine his true identity, and because Han Cheng and Zhu Tiande were still in a coma, the connector suggested that the soldiers should not move and wait for the situation to become clear before making a decision.

The daughter of the rich family, Bai Julie, loves medicine and is dedicated to treating illnesses and saving people. At the same time, she admires Cai Likun, who is highly academic, and has written to him many times. However, Bai Julie, as an intern doctor, performed operations on street children without the permission of the hospital, not to mention whether she could bear the consequences of the failure of the operation. This irresponsible behavior alone was enough to make Dean Su irritated.

Ma Tianming took the initiative to find Dean Su, and happened to see Bai Julie. Although the two had communicated before they met, he was not Cai Likun after all, so he could only haha ​​in front of everyone. Bai Julie couldn’t stand Ma Tianming’s anger in the market, and at the same time she had a slight suspicion about him. On the contrary, Dean Su hadn’t realized what was wrong, but pleaded with Ma Tianming to help save the life of the hospital founder Brian.

Xue Ning went to the hospital to find Ma Tianming personally on the grounds of assisting in the investigation of the cruise ship “Anhui”, and returned his suitcase left in the cabin, taking the opportunity to test the routine. Ma Tianming pretended to be stupid, and briefly described the incident that day. Xue Ning did not get the clues he wanted.

Tao Chengkai found out that the Lixing Club was fighting to arrest the Communist Party. He immediately sent his deputy Li Quan infiltrated Ma Tianming’s dormitory to search. Unfortunately, he found nothing, but he did not know that Zhang Baoshan had hidden his blood clothes in advance. Chen Zhengyuan is Zhu Tiande’s attending doctor, and even he doubts Ma Tianming’s identity. Even if Dean Su and the French side confirm it is correct, Tao Chengkai still feels that Ma Tianming is really not like an overseas gilded medical talent.

That night, Ma Tianming found records and judgments about Bryan’s condition in Cai Likun’s luggage, so he memorized them by rote overnight. Until the next morning, Dean Su convened everyone to discuss the condition. Ma Tianming publicly overturned Chen Zhengyuan’s previous judgment, told the diagnosis and treatment of the condition based on his memory, and suggested that Brian should be operated on. It was at this meeting that Bai Julie had another change in Ma Tianming’s view. Even though he sometimes didn’t look down on his market gas, she still had to admire it from the medical point of view.

There was no news of Ma Tianliang and Ali for many days. Ma Tianming seemed calm on the surface, but he was anxious in his heart. He went to the bar frequented by the three of them and left phone number information on the wine bottles for easy contact. After everything was done, Ma Tianming walked out of the bar alone. Suddenly she saw Bai Julie hurriedly passing by. She couldn’t help but followed her curiosity and found that she was visiting a street child.

The children were worried about bringing danger to Bai Julie, and told her to minimize the number of visits in the future. At first Bai Julie was disapproving, but she didn’t expect Niu Er to come in from outside. Seeing that Bai Julie was being bullied, Ma Tianming appeared in time to knock down a few ruffians, and took Bai Julie to escape by car.

Bai Julie was still taking the comfort of the children and insisted on turning back. Compared with her innocence, Ma Tianming had already seen the dark side of society, and the two quarreled endlessly, forcing Zhang Baoshan to park her car on the road first. side. Bai Julie accused Ma Tianming of thinking problems, almost forgetting what he was injured just now to save himself. Ma Tianming calmed down Bai Julie’s emotions, hoping that she would calm down first. If you want to deal with these villains, you must have a special method.

Ma Tianliang, who had escaped from the dead, recuperated and his health gradually improved. Unfortunately, Shanghai can no longer tolerate him and Ali. The overwhelming reports of the killing of the door caused panic. Ma Tianliang recalled seeing the masked man coming out from the back door of Zhang’s house that night. Perhaps he could start investigating the truth of the incident from this person. Ali followed the clues to find the masked man. Obviously, he was instigated.

It’s just that the masked man is very vigilant, and Ali could not act rashly, so he had to leave the teahouse first. On the contrary, Ma Tianming planned to burn his blood coat, but Oda, the nurse who was in charge of guarding Blaine, suddenly ran over, claiming that Blaine was getting worse and told him to go to the hospital immediately.

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