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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 24 Recap

Because of the turmoil of the old K, the people of ZGDX sat around and began to discuss their own parents’ views on their own e-sports.

Manager Xiao Rui sat down to chat with K’s family. After some conversation, Xiao Rui realized that K’s family was just asking for money. Faced with the aggressive attitude of K’s parents, Xiao Rui also tried his best to deal with K. At this moment, old k appeared, and after a few simple words, old k left in a big stride. Xiao Rui’s face also darkened after hearing what Old K said.

Old K, who walked outside by himself, lost his phone card. When he saw Old K like this, nursery rhymes stepped forward to comfort him. Old K said everything he wanted to say in his heart. At the same time, Old K also apologized for his previous attitude towards nursery rhymes. . The relationship between the two is also one step closer.

After comforting the old K, the nursery rhyme went to his friend Chen Jinyang and watched the friend really bought the YQCB team. The nursery rhyme could only show that the rich world is really different. Chen Jinyang then informed him that he was going back to school to hold the carnival. Things. The two settled after a brief discussion.

The nursery rhyme returning to the base raised this matter with Xiao Rui. Xiao Rui, who was about to refuse, saw that Lu Sicheng had made it clear that he wanted to go, and had no choice but to give up. Back at school, Ai Jia and Tong Yao began to accept interviews with their younger brothers. Unexpectedly, the questions asked by current students are tricky enough.

The first question is about the heart of nursery rhymes, but nursery rhymes are also people who see big waves, and the answers are not leaking. The school girl’s question came again to the relationship problem of friends Chen Jinyang and Ai Jia. Faced with this question, the nursery rhyme has not yet given an answer. My friend Chen Jinyang took the microphone and began to answer.

A sincere and emotional speech was caused. There was a fierce applause from the students in the audience. This also motivated the students to continue to ask questions. Nursery Rhymes and Ai Jia also answered the questions of the students one after another. Ai Jia also gradually recalled her past, and she also wanted her classmates to tell about the trouble with her parents, and at the same time, she also talked about the difficulty of being an e-sports player.

After the interview, Ai Jia, who wanted to evacuate as soon as possible, still encountered her mother head-on. The gap between the mother and son gradually reconciled. Ai Jia’s mother, who was persuaded by Chen Jinyang, also let go of her prejudice against Ai Jia. After a few brief explanations, Ai’s mother was about to leave. At this time, Ai Jia stopped her mother and tried to ease the relationship. Therefore, Ai Jia, Chen Jinyang and Ai Mu decided to go around the school immediately. Seeing the three people leaving arm in arm, the nursery rhyme couldn’t help but feel happy.

Everyone in the ZGDX team went to the forum with nothing to do, and found that the nursery rhymes and Lu Sicheng were blown up by the netizens who actually hammered their love affair. Began to play nursery rhymes. Then Lu Sicheng was also attracted. Facing the boring jokes of his teammates, Lu Sicheng did not stop or even joined. Subsequently, the angry nursery rhyme left directly.

On this day, the people of ZGDX went to the scene to watch the match between Yangshen and found that the audience and commentators who were present at the scene also started to engage in things. The director directly adjusted the picture to the position of the two, and the fans also began to enthusiasm. Finally, Lu Sicheng and the nursery rhyme kissed in public. At the same time, the ex-boyfriend was so angry that he smashed the mouse, and everyone in CK hurriedly stepped forward to appease.

The nursery rhymes and Chen Jinyang who returned to the Little Sisters Hotel watched their own news on the TV, turned off the TV angrily, and began to complain with friends, but Chen Jinyang continued to joke without comfort. The nursery rhyme returned to his base began to play games. At this moment, Lu Mu suddenly called Lu Sicheng, and Lu Sicheng who answered the phone got up and kissed the nursery rhyme to prove something to his mother. Knowing that Mother Lu is coming to Shenzhen, the nursery rhymes are very nervous. At night, when the nursery rhyme about to go to bed looked at the phone, the fans were very uncomfortable with their criticism.

Mother Lu quickly arrived at the base. Faced with his mother, Lu Sicheng also took the pot directly on her head. Faced with her son, Mother Lu had no good way, but asked everyone to leave first.

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