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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 20 Recap

Liao Yaoxiang cut off the rear supply lines to Fuxin and Yixian via Zhangwu, while Comrade Kecheng urgently mobilized a large number of migrant workers to transport food and ammunition from Tongliao through the desert area to the front with camels, mules and horses. The supply can be quickly restored. . Qiao Sanben has been carrying food with Wang Cuiyun’s logistics team. He has never left from Tashan to Tongliao. Someone asked him if he was interested in Wang Cuiyun. Qiao Sanben said that he didn’t care about anyone, just to pay the debt in his heart. During the break on the way, Wang Cuiyun and Qiao Sanben chatted. She talked about the letter Liang Shiying wrote to herself. Presumably Liang Shiying should be on the battlefield in Jinzhou at this time.

On the Jinzhou battlefield, after entering the city’s street battles, the soldiers of the Eastern Wild Army chased the enemy, and the Jiang bandit army was beaten like a bereaved dog. Liang Shiying rushed forward like death, and rushed straight into a room. There were several Jiang bandit soldiers standing in the room. They were afraid of Liang Shiying’s strength of not being afraid of death, and they had never thought of winning with more than less. Put down the gun obediently. The soldiers behind followed, and the platoon leader saw that Liang Shiying was fine, and finally relieved. Later, he asked him why he rushed forward so desperately. Liang Shiying claimed to be a leader. The battle of Jinzhou was to close the door and beat the dog, and there must be a fierce rush to move forward.

When the textile factory found the hidden castle, the leader put the second row on top. Before leaving, the platoon leader repeatedly told Liang Shiying not to insist on it. He was young and wanted to save his life and go back to honor his parents. The textile factory has two bunkers taking care of each other, and there are machine guns on it. Eight companies can’t get close. The second platoon comes to support. Liang Shiying is not afraid of death. He carries the bomb and rushes forward, blocking the hole with his body to prevent the enemy from throwing the bomb out. Liang Shiying died heroically here. Subsequently, another dark fort was also destroyed, and the Eastern Army took the textile factory. The general of the Jinzhou Command of the Kuomintang Army said that no matter how hard the fortifications were, the Communists couldn’t hold back one by one.

Jinzhou is in a hurry, Fan Hanjie reassures everyone, as long as he persists for another week, he will win. But in fact, he didn’t think so in his heart. Perhaps a week later, the Kuomintang army would bow to his portrait. Thinking of this, the angry Fan Hanjie threw the wine bottle in his hand onto the picture of Chiang Kai-shek and left after leaving. On October 14, 1948, the Northeast Field Army, in accordance with the telegrams of Mao Zedong and the Central Military Commission, concentrated its main force and launched a general offensive against Jinzhou City with the support of artillery fire. After 31 hours of fierce fighting, the Northeast Field Army conquered Jinzhou on the evening of the 15th and wiped out the Kuomintang. The army is about 100,000 people.

In the battle of Jinzhou, the Northeast “General Suppression” Lieutenant General Fan Hanjie and others were captured, and the Northeast Kuomintang army was completely closed from the land to the gate. Mao Zedong and others convened a meeting to draft a commendation order and paid high tribute to the battle of Jinzhou and the soldiers who guarded Tashan. To guard Tashan, they sacrificed martyrs such as Ma Qing and Li Dajiang. After the war, they set a grave for the martyrs. The people and comrades in arms will not forget their sacrifices. The company that captured the distribution pool was also commended. In the battle of Jinzhou and the guard of Tashan, the soldiers paid the price of blood and finally won the final victory.

Chiang Kai-shek held Que Hanqian accountable at the meeting, and Que Hanqian refuted his words. Chiang Kai-shek was furious and ordered that he be taken out and killed. Gu Zhutong hurriedly stopped, and let people take Que Hanqian away first. Lin Biao, Liu Yalou and Luo Ronghuan let people bring Fan Hanjie. Fan Hanjie admired the soldiers who guarded Tashan. Decision-making requires great wisdom and bravery. The mission accomplished by Tashan guards is simply an impossible mission. And now Fan Hanjie also understands that the Kuomintang does not talk about unity and fights on its own. There is no common belief and goal. Individual bravery is useless in the Kuomintang system.

As a student of the Whampoa Phase I, Fan Hanjie paid tribute to the Eastern Army and the Central Committee of the Communist Party. The situation in the Northeast changed drastically, and Chiang Kai-shek decided to send someone over, who he thought could turn the tide. Both Liu Zhi and Du Yuming of Xuzhou didn’t understand why Jinzhou was defeated. Liu Zhi believed that the next goal of the Communist Party was not Fu Zuoyi in North China, or the fattened meat in East China. He gave Du Yuming a way out and pointed him out, but Du Yuming believed that the more it was. When the situation is tense, the less you can think of retreat.

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