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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 39 Recap

Under Cheng Xin’s persuasion, Father Zheng went to the Daydream Studio to talk to Zheng Gan and said that he had been suppressing Zheng Gan for the sake of face, and that it was not his. My father said that Zheng Qian’s mother had been undertaking a business, but Zheng Qian’s mother never gave up. This is very similar to Zheng Qian’s mother. Zheng’s father hopes Zheng Qian can cheer up. After Zheng’s father went to Zheng Qian, Cheng Xin went to Lao Feng and hired him at double the price to investigate the daydream leak.

Lao Feng felt that his investigation was not wrong and refused to accept it. Cheng Xin went to the Daydream Studio again to find Zheng Qian. Seeing that Zheng Qianzhen was really addicted to games as Kong Hao and Mo Xiaobao said, Cheng Xin was very disappointed. Don’t let those who love him down, don’t lie on the ground and dare not stand up again when you encounter setbacks. Cheng Xin took out another bank card with 600,000 yuan in it, which was the pension money of Jiang Jie and Zheng’s father. I hope Zheng Qian can start from the beginning, and Zheng Gan finally wakes up and decides to cheer up.

After Meng Xixi found out about Yang Chenguang and President Liu, he packed up his luggage decisively and left. Yang Chenguang knelt on the ground and pleaded, but Meng Xixi no longer believed in Yang Chenguang’s nonsense, and resolutely left Yang Chenguang. , Yang Chenguang regrets it. Zheng Gan announced to Mo Xiaobao and Kong Hao that he had officially returned to the studio. The two were very happy. At this time, Mo Xiaobao received a call from home and learned that seafood could not be sold. Kong Hao joked that he would just sell seafood in the future. However, Zheng Qian had a flash of inspiration and really considered selling seafood.

After leaving home, Meng Xixi had nowhere to go, so he could only go to the Daydream Studio again. Mo Xiaobao was a little surprised. Meng Xixi didn’t talk about himself and Yang Chenguang, but only said to come back and see them. Meng Xi saw that the others hadn’t gotten up yet, so he took the initiative to make breakfast. During the meal, Meng Xi saw everyone there, so he asked if he could move back to live, and said that he planned to divorce Yang Chenguang. Several people were very surprised. Kong Hao was very surprised. Excited, asked if Yang Chenguang had derailed again. Seeing Meng Xixi acquiesced, Zheng Gan quickly grabbed Kong Hao and asked him not to ask more. Meng Xixi said that he planned to find a job and be self-reliant, so Zheng Gan asked her to stay and sell aquatic products.

The boys ran out, selling aquatic products from house to house, while Meng Xixi stayed in the studio and called various hotels to sell them. The result was very little in the end of the day. In the evening, Kong Hao found Mo Xiaobao, and persuaded him to take advantage of the frustration and take advantage of the frustration, and take the loss, but Mo Xiaobao did not want to take advantage of the danger.

Yao Jiaren’s parents came to Huahai to visit her daughter from hometown. Cheng Jianye hosted a banquet for Yao Jiaren’s family and gave Yao Jiaren’s parents a presidential suite in his hotel. Yao Jiaren’s parents were flattered. Unexpectedly, Cheng Xin came to Cheng Jianye’s presidential suite. Seeing someone in the room thought it was a thief, he quickly called the security guard and called Father Yao. After a farce, Cheng Xin realized that she had misunderstood. Cheng Xin happened to ran into Yao Jiaren when she left. She spoke harshly to Yao Jiaren. She felt that Yao Jiaren was climbing up through Cheng Jianye. Yao Jiaren was very angry. Cheng Jianye was also dissatisfied with Cheng Xin after learning about it. She wanted to call Cheng Xin to teach her. Yao Jiaren hurriedly stopped. He said that he didn’t want him and Cheng Xin to get worse because of their own affairs.

Yao Jiaren’s parents left the presidential suite on impulse and found a hotel to stay in. The condition of the hotel was poor. When the two were complaining, Uncle Liang suddenly came to the door and said that Cheng Jianye had booked a new hotel for them. The two hurriedly agreed Go to the new hotel. Uncle Liang not only arranged the hotel, but also accompanied the two of them to play mahjong to go shopping, entertained them comfortably, and bought a lot of things.

Meng Xixi called Cheng Xin and officially announced in front of everyone that she was going to divorce Yang Chenguang. Cheng Xin expressed his support for Meng Xixi after hearing this. Everyone also wished Mengxixi a new start. Mengxixi also analyzed himself. Why did I choose to believe in Yang Chenguang again and again, and said that I would be independent in the future and no longer rely on men.

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