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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 25 Recap

Lin Xiangyuan and his fellow Li Mengnan met by chance. The two of them ate together to reminisce about the old days. Li Mengnan introduced her happy family of three, and also showed Lin Xiangyuan the photos of her husband and children. Lin Xiangyuan was very envious. Li Mengnan learned that Lin Xiangyuan married Bai Fumei and treated him to him. Full of beautiful words, Lin Xiangyuan felt miserable in his heart and couldn’t tell.

This time Li Mengnan came to Shanghai to discuss business with Shangguan Boyao. Lin Xiangyuan accompanied her. Shangguan Boyao and Lei Yuzheng were young. He hated Lin Xiangyuan with deep hatred and disrespect Lin Xiangyuan in his words. Li Mengnan was very dissatisfied, but still patiently introduced his creativity in detail. Shangguan Boyao was absent-minded, and Lin Xiangyuan was strong enough to bear it. Shangguan Boyao exposed Lin Xiangyuan’s actions to Lei Yuzheng and reminded Li Mengnan to stay away. Lin Xiangyuan and Li Mengnan couldn’t understand Shangguan Boyao’s arrogance, and decided to give up cooperating with him.

Lin Xiangyuan thought that he had caused Li Mengnan to run in vain, and felt very sorry. He explained in detail everything between him and Lei Yuzheng. Li Mengnan didn’t blame him, and asked him to accompany him on a tour of Shanghai. Zou Siqi waited for Shangguan Boyao’s call, but he never called. Zou Siqi had to call Shangguan Boyao, and he hung up on the excuse of something.

Shangguan Boyao came to the detention center to see Lei Yuzheng and reported to Lei Yuzheng how he had humiliated Lin Xiangyuan. He wanted to retaliate against Lin Xiangyuan after Lei Yuzheng came out. Instead, Lei Yuzheng persuaded him not to cause trouble again. The nanny found a hotel accommodation ticket in Lin Xiangyuan’s pocket.

She hurriedly handed it to Jiang Fanlu. Jiang Fanlu knew that Lin Xiangyuan did not go home at all during the Spring Festival. He just stayed in the hotel for a few days. Lin Xiangyuan played with Li Mengnan in Shanghai for several days. Both of them were very happy. Li Mengnan saw that Lin Xiangyuan was not doing well, so Lin Xiangyuan spit out bitterness to her, and Li Mengnan kindly persuaded him.

After the meal, Lin Xiangyuan sent Li Mengnan back to the hotel. Li Mengnan was suddenly blinded by the sand, and Lin Xiangyuan helped her blow it out. After Jiang Fanlu and his girlfriends were shopping for tea, they accidentally saw Lin Xiangyuan helping Li Mengnan blow their eyes. Jiang Fanlu mistakenly thought that they were in Qingqing and I.

Lin Xiangyuan came home very late. Jiang Fanlu took out the hotel accommodation invoice and attacked him. Lin Xiangyuan admitted that he did not go home and stayed in the hotel during the Spring Festival. Jiang Fanlu told the scene that he saw this afternoon and believed that Lin Xiangyuan was outside. For other women, Lin Xiangyuan’s explanations were of no avail, and Jiang Jin came out to stop them after hearing the news.

Lin Xiangyuan repeatedly explained that Li Mengnan was a fellow villager, and he was just walking around with Li Mengnan. Jiang Fanlu didn’t believe it at all, and was angry about divorcing Lin Xiangyuan. Lin Xiangyuan suddenly became angry and determined that Jiang Fanlu deliberately made troubles unreasonably and wanted to divorce early. Lin Xiangyuan fell after saying these words. Walking away, Jiang Jin felt that Jiang Fanlu had misunderstood Lin Xiangyuan. Afterwards, Lin Xiangyuan explained to Jiang Jin the reason why he could not go home to face his mother during the New Year, and also explained his relationship with Li Mengnan. Jiang Jin advised him not to care about Jiang Fanlu.

Eight months passed quickly. Lei Yuzheng’s sentence had expired. He was finally free. Liu Siyang was happy for him. Lei Yuzheng realized the value of freedom for the first time. He shook hands with Liu Siyang and said goodbye. Lei Yuzheng walked out of the gate of the detention center and saw the traffic on the street, his heart was mixed.

Lei Yuzheng took a heavy step back to his long-lost home. Duan Housekeeper rushed out and hugged him and wept bitterly. Lei Yuzheng entered the door and saw his aging father, and he was very uncomfortable. After the meal, Lei Yuzheng washed Lei Ting’s feet and promised to stay at home with him. Lei Ting suddenly didn’t know Lei Yuzheng and regarded him as a liar. Although Lei Yuzheng tried his best to explain, Lei Ting didn’t believe it at all and asked Duan Housekeeper to chase Lei Yuzhen away. go.

Du Xiaosu came to see Lei Ting and found that Lei Yuzheng was sitting in front of the door and felt sad. Du Xiaosu was very happy to see him released from prison. He rushed to hug him, but Lei Yuzheng was full of sadness. Du Xiaosu guessed that he was driven out by Lei Ting. Desperately to comfort him, Lei Yuzheng did not want to go in to stimulate Lei Ting, nor did Du Xiaosu continue to take care of Lei Ting. Before Du Xiaosu could answer, Lei Yuzheng left.

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