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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 33 Recap

At the annual fan meeting for most popular video contributors, the anchor Zhuang Xiaodong lost the opportunity to meet his fans, and the company gave this opportunity to Doubao. Doubao is a popular cat on the Internet. This move made Zhuang Xiaodong very dissatisfied, but he was helpless. In Yunchuan Village, a few villagers in the village do not sell goods live, and are unwilling to go to the field to collect oranges. Instead, the four gather together to play cards. Huang Siqi, a college student village official, returned from collecting oranges. Although he didn’t see them lazily playing mahjong, he tried some methods.

In the face of these few villagers who have never changed, Huang Siqi has no other way except to persuade them. Zhuang Xiaodong was unwilling to go to Sun Haitian. Gu Peifeng reminded his agent that his contract would expire next month. This was his last chance. As a last resort, Zhuang Xiaodong had to go to Sun Haitian to borrow a cat. Sun Haitian saw him at a glance.

Embarrassed and helpless, he lent the cat to him very readily, without even signing the contract. The oranges and pomelo in the village were mature, but there were not enough people in the village. For this reason, Huang Siqi went to Wei Mingzhe, the director of the Qinggang Township Office, to help. Wei Mingzhe said that he had difficulties, and Huang Siqi didn’t care about it, so he directly entrusted this difficult task to him.

Zhuang Xiaodong called his grandmother in his hometown. He was quite confident in his next career. He also threatened to make money to buy a house in the city and bring his grandmother to live with him. The grandmother said that the oranges and grapefruits have been harvested recently. Zhuang Xiaodong didn’t want to go back. He also told grandma with inconvenient legs not to pick oranges. It is enough to have him at home.

Suddenly, the mobile phone popped out of Sun Haitian’s live broadcast prompt. Sun Haitian even said in the live broadcast that Zhuang Xiaodong stole the bean bags. Although he did not name his name, Zhuang Xiaodong knew he was talking about himself. Now Zhuang Xiaodong understands why Sun Haitian didn’t sign the contract because he was uneasy and kind.

Due to the lower prices of the consignees, the orange pomelo in Yunchuan Village has not been able to sell at very good prices. Huang Siqi decided not to sell tangerines to consignees this year, but to select high-quality tangerines and put them on the e-commerce platform for a unified unit price. As for those oranges that are of poor quality, they can be sold to processing plants. Her father reminded her that doing so would offend the villagers, but Huang Siqi had decided to fight. Not long after Sun Haitian’s live broadcast, Zhuang Xiaodong took the beanbag back to him, but Sun Haitian didn’t think there was anything wrong with his approach. Zhuang Xiaodong wanted to swallow his anger. Thinking of his childhood experience, he changed his mind.

The angry Zhuang Xiaodong punched Sun Haitian and took the beanbag away with Sun Haitian’s stunned expression. Huang Siqi drove away the consignee at the price of eight yuan a jin of orange grapefruit, but when he came back, he saw that Yunchuan Village had the bottom of the total sales on the e-commerce platform of the villages in the town last month.

Everyone congratulated her for winning the first place in villagers’ satisfaction. At the same time, she was worried about the bottom of the total sales of Yunchuan Village. She convened a meeting and decided to complete the designated sales tasks according to the situation of each family. If the target is not met, she will have to receive education separately. When the grandmother Zhuang Xiaodong was injured in the fall, Huang Siqi hurriedly sent her grandmother to the hospital.

Zhuang Xiaodong contacted agent Gu Peifeng, but she said that the company had terminated the contract with Zhuang Xiaodong and she would never interfere with Zhuang Xiaodong’s behavior in the future. The landlord urged the rent to collect the rent. Zhuang Xiaodong had a difficult life. He had to sell his beloved car. After receiving a call from Huang Siqi that his grandmother had broken her leg, Zhuang Xiaodong hurried back to his hometown by bus. Grandma didn’t want to be hospitalized, so Zhuang Xiaodong took herself back. Zhuang Xiaodong couldn’t help her, so she had to go out and ask for a car. But at this time, there was no car when calling a car, so Zhuang Xiaodong found a courier to send them back.

Grandma was sitting in the co-pilot. Zhuang Xiaodong was sitting behind and was stunned by the courier. When he got home, Zhuang Xiaodong vomited and turned upside down. Grandma realized that he hadn’t come back by car, so she asked him if he had encountered something in the city. Zhuang Xiaodong didn’t dare to tell the truth, so he found a reason to prevaricate grandma.

Villager Tang Jinshan lost money playing mahjong. His wife quarreled with him. Huang Siqi settled the family conflicts for them and prepared to go back. She saw the light on Zhuang Xiaodong’s house and walked in. At that time Xiaodong was talking bad things about Huang Siqi with his grandmother, and Huang Siqi heard it clearly.

Huang Siqi was not angry, but Xiaodong, who turned around, couldn’t help but feel guilty when he saw her.

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