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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 32 Recap

Yang Huini sat next to watch people play chess, Haiyang and Shi Lan looked at her from a distance, and didn’t think she was any different from ordinary people. Before, Shi Lan always made plans, planning what to do in three or five years. Now she knows that life is an accident outside of the plan. The best plan is to live the present. The underforest economy in Haiyang has already started. On the day of harvest, Gaoyao Village held a bonfire party and harvest celebrations. Director Shi and the villagers are very grateful that Haiyang has brought great changes to Gaoyao Village. Haiyang said the same Yang Huini and Shi Lan are also to be thanked.

Shi Lan wears traditional Miao costumes and dances Miao dances with the villagers. Haiyang has been here as a secretary for a long time and has long been integrated into the villagers. Yang Huini sat aside with a smile on her face, looking at her daughter’s face. The next day, Haiyang went to the health clinic to find Shi Lan and asked her to pour herself a glass of water to drink. Although Shi Lan spit on her mouth, she moved to pour him water. In the evening, the two of them sat on the square to watch the night sky. She said that Yang Huini’s condition was good and bad, but it was also good. She was carefree every day, like a big child. Haiyang thought that even if Yang Huini didn’t remember anything in the end, everything that happened was warm enough.

Shi Lan let go of the grievances in her heart, and Haiyang took herself to the batik shop to see her mother, but she only took a look and asked Haiyang to drive away. Later, Haiyang bought some office supplies with his own money. He was about to leave, so he wanted to do something practical for Gaoyao Village. Shi Lan was surprised, but she didn’t expect three years to pass so quickly. Haiyang invited Shi Lan to accompany him to count the street lamps. He said that the street lamp construction was decided when he sent Uncle Yao to the hospital. Early the next morning, Yang Huini woke up and forgot to brush her teeth. Shi Lan simply brushed with her mother. She took her mother patiently like a child.

In the health clinic, the original Yang Huini brand was replaced with Shi Lan’s brand. In fact, Shi Lan is quite emotional, but this is another kind of inheritance. When Wang Juan came to Gaoyao Village and saw Yang Huini sitting in a wheelchair, she took out the clothes Yang Huini had sewn for Shi Lan. At that time, Yang Huini hadn’t finished sewing, so Wang Juan helped Yang Huini finish sewing stitch by stitch. Wang Juan saw Shi Lan’s busy figure in the health clinic. She didn’t step up to say hello to Shi Lan, and left without crying. Shi Lan put on the traditional Miao costumes sewn by her two mothers, and celebrated Yang Huini’s birthday with Haiyang.

The weather was very good the next day. Haiyang took pictures of their mother and daughter, and he leaned over, and the three took a group photo together. The time to leave was getting closer, Shi Lan went to take a look at him and asked if he really didn’t plan to talk to the villagers. Haiyang didn’t want everyone to give him away, so as not to increase sentimentality. In the last time, Shi Lan accompanied him. But when he was leaving the car, Haiyang saw that almost all the villagers came to see him off. Their eyes were full of resentment, which made Haiyang feel sad and moved. Shi Lan looked at her mother’s sleeping face and smiled, then opened her mother’s notebook.

In the notebook, there is a letter written by Yang Huini to Shi Lan when she was awake. Shi Lan read it word by word, as if she saw her sober mother saying these words in front of her own eyes. When Shi Lan was with his mother, Haiyang completed his inspection work in Beijing and returned to work in Gaoyao Village. He planned to build a nursing home in Gaoyao Village this time, which coincided with Shi Lan’s previous ideas. Later, the hearts of the two young people got closer and closer, and they were naturally together. Perhaps for everyone, the prescription for happiness is different, but the beginning and end of happiness are the people.

The happy prescription unit is over.

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