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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 27 Recap

Li Ruosheng asked whether Mu Qing was really with Ou Kexin when the Tieguanyin accident happened. Mu Qing said aggrievedly that Li Ruosheng even doubted himself. Li Ruosheng said that all this was too strange, and he asked Mu Qing if there were any mistakes. Mu Qing firmly stated that he was not an undercover agent. As a result, both of them pointed the object of suspicion at Onion.

After Mu Qing walked out of the bathroom, Li Ruosheng also chased out aggressively. Li Ruosheng deliberately said that he was not upset that Mu Qing had abandoned Ou Kexin for Linda. The two began to quarrel with each other again, and Onion also persuaded them to stop for a while. Mr. Ou and the glasses who are looking at the monitor have yet to figure out who the undercover is, but Mr. Ou said that Tie Guanyin has always been very cautious, and his arrest might not be easy.

At this time, Ou Kexin came. She had been defending Mu Qing and prevented Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing from doing anything. Ou Kexin asked Mu Qing why everyone gathered at her house. Mu Qing said that Mr. Ou would ask them to discuss some business matters and stay here for a few days. Mr. Ou told the glasses that Ke Xin could not know about the investigation of the rape. Later, the glasses came to invite the big guy to eat in the restaurant.

At the dinner, Ou Kexin said that she had a date with Huang Boyuan today, but Huang Boyuan actually let her pigeons go. In the end, Mu Qing came to pick her up. Mr. Ou asked Kexin if Mu Qing had been with her all morning, Kexin expressed affirmation and said that Mu Qing would go to Tieguanyin with her afterwards, but he could not find it.

At this time, Mu Qing deliberately had an argument with Li Ruosheng, but it was stopped by Mr. Ou. Ou Kexin asked Mu Qing to contact her at night, but Mu Qing said that his mobile phone had also been taken away. Ou Kexin wanted to continue to ask questions, but was interrupted by Mu Qing, who asked Kexin to return to the studio to rest.

Ou Kexin remembered in the car that Mu Qing said to herself that she needed to live more at Mr. Ou’s house today, and her mobile phone was also confiscated. She realized that everything was wrong. But Ou Kexin feels that at least Mr. Ou’s home can still guarantee personal safety, but it is hard to say when he is out of Mr. Ou’s house.

Here, Huang Baiyuan saw the news that the Tieguanyin factory was endorsed. After that, his subordinates persuaded him to leave Yungang as soon as possible and sent him information about the 84 team members. Huang Boyuan was shocked when he saw the picture of Glory, because the person in the picture was the man standing next to Ou Kexin in the bookstore. Later, Huang Boyuan came to Ou Kexin, he wanted to say a few words with Ou Kexin before leaving, but Ou Kexin did not let Huang Boyuan into the house, but sent him away.

Ou Kexin called Honor and said that Mu Qing had been detained at Mr. Ou’s house, and she prepared Honor for rescue at any time. Glory said that the police station had taken control of Huang Boyuan’s parents and was now applying for an arrest warrant for Huang Boyuan. Glory made Ou Kexin be careful. After Liu Ju knew that Huang Boyuan had just visited Ou Kexin’s studio, he instructed Honor not to wait for the arrest warrant, and immediately arrest Huang Boyuan.

At Mr. Ou’s house, Onion had been fidgeting, he wanted to call his friend but was stopped. Onion said that there must be an inner ghost between them, and he also insinuated that Mu Qing was taking a seat. Mu Qing also deliberately angered Onion, and the scene was once chaotic. Behind the monitor, Mr. Ou told the glasses that the inner ghost was most afraid of being exposed. He asked the glasses to tell Mu Qing that their eyeliner in the police station was investigating the inner ghost. Mr. Ou planned to put pressure on Mu Qing and the others in this way. The inner ghost shows itself.

Later, the glasses came to inform Mu Qing, Li Ruosheng, and Onion Tou. The glasses said that Mr. Ou had asked the people inside the Municipal Bureau to help investigate Neigui. The glasses said that the news from the municipal bureau said that the ghosts within the group had been identified. The onion said that if Mr. Ou wronged someone, it would chill the brothers’ hearts, and Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng had nothing to say. Mr. Ou asked the glasses to send someone to the hospital to get Zheng Ke’s child.

The subordinates of the glasses deceived Zheng Yixiao into saying that he was Zheng Ke’s colleague, and took Zheng Yixiao away. When Zheng Ke came to the hospital, he found that his daughter was missing, and he was very anxious. At this time, he received a call from the glasses. The glasses threatened Zheng Ke to find an undercover for them with Zheng Yixiao’s life safety, and gave Zheng Ke an undercover code: Camel. The glasses indicated that there were people of their own in the police station who would stare at them. Zheng Ke’s every move, he advised Zheng Ke not to be slippery.

Afterwards, Zheng Ke immediately told Glory and Bureau Liu that his daughter was kidnapped. Bureau Liu said that before the ghost in the police station was found, all the meetings of the 84 group would be held outside the bureau, and they would give K The group played a big show. Under the advice of Team 84, Zheng Ke called the glasses and said that he agreed to exchange undercover information for Zheng Yixiao three days later.

In Mr. Ou’s house, Onion has been targeting Mu Qing. He said that since Mu Qing came to the group, people in the group have had accidents one after another. At this time, Mr. Ou came, and Mu Qing said that Dakun’s accident was because he had already turned back; Tie Guanyin’s accident was because she was too greedy, and the onion head was always cautious, but this time it happened to Tieguanyin. The cargo truck was spotted by the police, which had to make people suspect. Mu Qing directed the undercover spearhead to Onion, and Onion was very angry. At this time, Mr. Ou called Mu Qing away alone. Mr. Ou said that he wanted to know more about Mu Qing. He read Mu Qing’s resume and wanted to play chess with Mu Qing.

Glory came to join Ou Kexin, and he asked Ou Kexin to tell Mu Qing that Mr. Ou’s rebellion against the police was not successful.

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