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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 26 Recap

The police are fighting fiercely with Tie Guanyin’s men. After the rush, the police caught everyone including Linda. But one of the younger brothers escaped. He hurried to inform Tieguanyin that the factory was taken and Linda was arrested. The frustrated Tie Guanyin pointed the gun at Mu Qing, she suspected that Mu Qing was an undercover agent.

Mu Qing explained that if he were undercover, the police would have rushed in and arrested Tie Guanyin. Tie Guanyin wanted to take Mu Qing to see Mr. Ou, but Mu Qing said that if he was considered an undercover agent, then Tie Guanyin would walk so close to him, and the undercover incident could not get rid of Tie Guanyin’s involvement. Mu Qing said that he had another way to help Tie Guanyin.

At the police station, the police are interrogating Linda’s behind-the-scenes agent, but Linda never said a word. At this time, Li Yimeng said that she wanted to persuade Linda. Li Yimeng expressed affection and reason for Linda. Linda finally let go. She said that Tie Guanyin forced her to do all this. Tie Guanyin forced her to take drugs and threatened her with her family. .

Linda remembered Mu Qing’s advice to her, and she was willing to cooperate with the police. Linda confessed to the police all the hiding spots of Tie Guanyin, and the police immediately arrested Tie Guanyin. However, the police did not find Tieguanyin.

It turned out that Tie Guanyin got into Mu Qing’s car. Mu Qing handed Tie Guanyin a bottle of water. Tie Guanyin took a sip of water in panic. And that bottle of water had long been drugged by Mu Qing. Mu Qing gave Tie Guanyin a ticket, and he was going to send Tie Guanyin to the airport. At this time, a police officer came to routinely inspect the vehicle, and Mu Qing advised Tie Guanyin to stay calm, so Tie Guanyin and Mu Qing escaped the police for the time being.

In the police station, Bureau Liu said that the drug manufacturing plant was smashed, but the main criminal Tie Guanyin was still at large. The members of the 84 team conducted self-examinations, but Bureau Liu said that it was caused by the lack of intelligence work. At this time, Liu Bureau received a courier and a parcel, but the parcel was still downstairs and the police had to pick it up in person. Glory They found Tie Guanyin who had fainted downstairs.

Ou Kexin asked how Mu Qing caught Tieguanyin. Mu Qing said that he suggested Tieguanyin to run away because the police must have been eyeing Tieguanyin. Tie Guanyin said that even if he was caught by the police, he would not reveal a word, but Mu Qing said that the nature of Tie Guanyin’s disclosure and Linda’s disclosure was the same. Tie Guanyin was ready to run away under Mu Qing’s persuasion. She asked Mu Qing to take herself to the airport, but halfway through the car, Tie Guanyin found that she had been drugged by Mu Qing, and she wanted to struggle to get out of the car.

But Mu Qing stunned Tie Guanyin and sent him to the police station. Ou Kexin praised Mu Qing for being very witty. She asked Mu Qing if he would still be an undercover agent if he chooses again. Mu Qing said he would, because he was alone. Ou Kexin said that he would also choose to be an undercover agent, also for the sake of one person. At this time, Mu Qing received a call from the glasses, and the glasses informed him to go to Mr. Ou’s house. Ou Kexin assured Mu Qing because she was behind.

Mr. Ou called Mu Qing, Li Ruosheng, and Onion Tou. Mr. Ou asked why the group had accidents one after another. Onion said that it was a coincidence that so many things happened in one day. There must be a ghost within the group. Mr. Ou said that he also felt there was an inner ghost, but Onion Tou, Mu Qing, and Li Ruosheng all stated that they were not inner ghosts. Mr. Ou let the glasses seal Mu Qing and the others, and they were not allowed to leave without finding out the truth.

In the police station, Tie Guanyin firmly refused to admit that he was trafficking in drugs. At this time, Glory and Zhao Ran came, and Tie Guanyin suddenly understood that the younger brother Mu Qing rescued before was Glory, and Mu Qing was the police undercover. Glory asked Tie Guanyin to confess, but Tie Guanyin said that if the police were capable, they would investigate it themselves. Glory inferred from the conversation with Tie Guanyin that Tie Guanyin only knew the existence of the ghost, but she did not know other relevant information about the ghost. Therefore, if the police station wants to catch the ghost, it must start with other people in the K group.

Mu Qing, Li Ruosheng, and Onion Tou were sealed together. Li Ruosheng still pretended to be at odds with Mu Qing, but Onion was fidgeting. Mu Qing went to the toilet, and Li Ruosheng also went to the toilet in the name of staring at Mu Qing. Mu Qing found the monitor in the toilet. He deliberately angered Li Ruosheng and pulled him to the corner to talk. Mu Qing reminded Li Ruosheng that there was a monitor in the toilet. Li Ruosheng asked Tie Guanyin what happened, and he asked whether Mu Qing was really with Ou Kexin at the time. Mu Qing said aggrievedly that Li Ruosheng even doubted himself.

On the other hand, Mr. Ou was monitoring the actions of the three of them. He asked the glasses to express his views. The glasses said that Onion either understood Mr. Ou’s thinking or was guilty. However, Mr. Ou said that a guilty conscience is not necessarily a traitor, but he thinks that Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing don’t care about the traitor. The glasses indicate that Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng are indeed making a fuss because of Linda.

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