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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 1 Recap

The big Shanghai in the mouths of all living beings is now full of thousands of merchants, all kinds of characters appear on the stage, whether celebrity politicians or literati priests, in addition to the upper third class, there are naturally lower ranks, just like Ma Tianming, who is busy with his livelihood every day, never forgets. Looking for an opportunity to worship the city community, in an vain attempt to get a place in the Shiliyangchang, he will take his brothers to eat and drink for the rest of his life.

It just so happened that Ding Siye had been coveting the famous paintings of the Zhang family for a long time. His subordinate Liu Jiang took the initiative to find Ma Tianming and asked him to find this painting by any means, and then he could enter the city club after the event was completed. Because of Ma Tianming’s habit of breaking the white party, he gradually captured the heart of the daughter of the eldest daughter through a period of chatting.

At this moment, Ma Tianming was sitting in the coffee shop, wearing a gray-black suit with a lot of fabric, combed with a shiny big back, and showing a weak look throughout his body. He often hung the three generations of Hanlin to his mouth, telling him misery. The unfortunate life experience also expresses the envy of Zhang’s environment.

Zhang Yingying was convinced of this, and did not pay attention to the small movements of the man behind him. Instead, the ruffian Niu Er witnessed the whole process outside the window. Seeing Ali and Ma Tianming cooperate tacitly, the brothers successfully stole the key from Zhang Yingying’s handbag. The other party didn’t pay attention to carve the mold.

Ma Tianming took the money to send Niu Er away, said goodbye to Zhang Yingying, and immediately exchanged news with Liu Jiang. Although Liu Jiang refused to reveal the identity of the person who wanted to paint, Ma Tianming had guessed the outline early on and determined the time of the pirate painting tonight. At the same time, the younger brother Ma Tianliang was admitted to Guanghua University and simply prepared a table of wine and food at home. The three brothers drank and celebrated until midnight.

After Ma Tianliang fell asleep, Ma Tianming rushed to Zhang’s family with Ali. Unexpectedly, Zhang’s family had been destroyed. Looking around, dozens of corpses died in a terrible state. This was the most terrifying experience in his life. Ali realized that something was wrong, so he proposed to go home. Ma Tianming was worried about Zhang Yingying’s safety. As a result, Zhang Yingying died in the study as soon as he went upstairs. Things were far beyond his control.

With the sound of the police siren from far to near, Ma Tianming, regardless of Ma Tianliang’s objection, immediately decided to leave Shanghai by boat to avoid the limelight, but he did not know that Liu Jiang was also brutally attacked. On the same night, the Kuomintang agents disguised as an underground party and personally went to the Dade Foreign Company to meet them, but they were found out by the general manager Zhu Tiande.

The two sides fought fiercely, and the secret agents were killed one after another, and Zhu Tiande was shot in a coma. Because Zhu Tiande is the manager of the CCP’s guerrilla funds, Tao Chengkai, the Party Affairs Investigation Department, was specifically responsible for taking over the case, and using the preparation of an orphanage as a bargaining chip, he arranged for Zhu Tiande to be transferred to Hengshan Hospital for treatment. At first Dean Su did not want to be involved in politics, but because Tao Chengkai knew too much about her, and the orphanage was in urgent need of funds, he finally had no choice but to agree.

The underground party organization learned of this and formulated the Beidou plan in time, and prepared to send Hancheng to escort Dr. Cai Likun back to China and enter the hospital. Then Zhang Baoshan would act as the driver to pick up Cai Likun through the relationship. The two should work together inside and outside, waiting for the opportunity to rescue Zhu Tiande and obtain red. The password of the funds.

Two months later, Cai Likun took a cruise through Hong Kong, and it didn’t take long to arrive in Shanghai. With the help of the crew, Han Cheng and others finally met Cai Likun smoothly, and at the same time informed about the content of the Beidou plan, including Zhang Baoshan will come forward to connect with him after landing.

When the cruise ship docked, the Lixing Agency spies heard the wind and surrounded the room where Hancheng was located extremely quickly. There was a gun battle between the two sides, causing heavy casualties. In the chaos, Ma Tianming separated from Ali and Ma Tianliang, because of various chances and coincidences, they met Cai Likun, and even pushed him to the corner of the table by accident, fainting on the spot.

When Ma Tianming saw this, he ran away in panic, embezzled Cai Likun’s identity and got off the ship. He was anxiously looking for the other two people, but Zhang Baoshan mistakenly identified him as Cai Likun and couldn’t get out for a while. On the way to the hospital, Ma Tianming failed to answer Zhang Baoshan’s secret signal. Even the patrol room detective Xue Ning found that Ma Tianming was abnormal, so he ordered his subordinates to monitor him secretly.

On the other hand, Ma Tianliang was framed by the noble lady for stealing something on the boat, but he was about to escape, but he was shot by the police and fell directly into the sea. Dean Su led the crowd to warmly welcome Ma Tianming’s arrival. However, Ma Tianming unintentionally continued to play the role of a doctor of medicine, but was eager to escape. Before he walked out of the hospital gate, he was intercepted by the security guard and Zhang Baoshan.

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