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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 19 Recap

On the 4th day of the Tashan Blocking War, seeing more and more people sent by the Jiang Bandit Army, Qiao Sanben persuaded Wang Cuiyun to abandon the delivery of supplies. But Wang Cuiyun disagreed, and was determined to send supplies to the soldiers on the front line. Gao Yubao became a messenger of the regiment, and when he saw Li Dajiang, a liberation fighter, he interviewed him several questions. People’s Liberation Army soldier Ma Qing looked down on them, liberation fighters, and quarreled with him. The two quarreled fiercely, even to the point of using guns. The company commander evacuated Ma Qing to the cooking squad because he did not regard the liberation fighter as a soldier because he broke the unity. The company commander and Gao Yubao stepped aside to talk. Gao Yubao did not expect their conflict to be so great.

Roach used his binoculars to see that the Communists were still building fortifications. After the previous two days of storming, the Communists did not see any fatigue. Que Hanqian and Lin Weijian thought that the day of the armistice gave the Communists a chance to breathe. Roach asked why they held their positions so firmly. Lin Weijian summed up two points. One is the determination of the officers and soldiers, and the other is that their tactics are remarkable. Roach believed that the capture of Tashan was inevitable, so he decided to let the 95th Division alone make a head-on assault. Que Hanqian felt that this was inappropriate, but Roche said it was Chiang Kai-shek’s order. Both Lin Weilian and Que Hanqian knew that Roach wanted to grab the credit for taking down Tashan.

Que Hanqian and Lin Weilian had a deep understanding of the power of the Communist soldiers during the time they were fighting in Tashan, but for the newcomer Roach, obviously he still underestimated the strength of Tashan’s defenders. The 54th Army, 62nd Army and 95th Division jointly attacked Tashan on this day. It was the most tragic day in the Battle of Tashan. All the naval and air forces of the Kuomintang Army cooperated and the Tashan position was crushed. The 95th Division onslaught and the Tashan position suffered. Greater test. Zhou Enlai told you about the battle in Tashan, where the casualties were huge. Mao Zedong telegraphed Lin Biao that Jinzhou’s offensive needs to be hurry up, and the thunder must be attacked, so that no time is left for the enemy to resist.

Roche reported the Tashan battle to Chiang Kai-shek. He distorted the facts and said that the responsibility lies with Lin Weiliang and Que Hanqian. They pushed the 95th Division into a frontal attack with the intention of taking advantage of the fishermen’s profit. Chiang Kai-shek allowed Luo Qi to use Shenyang’s military reserves and ordered him to take down Tashan on the 14th. The next day, Roach took out the golden coupons and used the money to encourage the soldiers to fight the enemy bravely. After the three-game winning streak, Gao Yubao ran to inform the eighth company to go up. Some of these companies didn’t have enough food, so they just served one by one. Gao Yubao looked at the bowls, feeling shocked in his heart. At this moment, he felt that this might be the last meal of his comrades.

Mao Zedong learned that Chiang Kai-shek had used almost all the power he could use. He even used most of Jinzhou’s gold dollar coupon reserves. He wanted to make a desperate bet and use money and all his strength to win the victory. There was news from the correspondent that the position on the eastern side of the tower had been breached. Lin Biao called Wu Kehua at the Jinzhou front-line command post of the Northeast Field Army, and he issued a death order to make him fill the gap in the Eastern Front. Wu Kehua pledged to defend his position to the death. 4 Zong is the old bottom of Dongye. In this way, it is difficult to guarantee that 4 Zong will not be completely empty. Lin Biao firmly stated that the reserve team cannot be sent.

Li Dajiang tried his last breath and killed dozens of Jiang bandit troops. The enemy army shot at him. At this moment, the brother company rushed up and the Jiang bandit army was repulsed. Only Ma Qing and Li Dajiang were left in their company. Even though they had been shot several times, Ma Qing and Li Dajiang still held their positions. Li Dajiang even held a machine gun with one hand to shoot at the enemy, and Ma Qing filled the ammunition with ammunition. Pass it to him. When the two died, they still kept the posture of handing in their magazines, Gao Yubao looked back and cried. Dongye didn’t use the reserve team, all the injured comrades countercharged, and once again regained the position.

The Liao Yaoxiang Corps has occupied Zhangwu, and the situation is even more serious. The Jinzhou general offensive was launched. Han Xianchu ordered Pao Zong to carry out a fierce artillery attack on Jinzhou. The artillery fire hit Fan Hanjie’s head. The eastward and westward corps did not see a trace for a long time, and listening to the sound of fighting in Jinzhou, Que Hanqian understood that Jinzhou might be Can’t wait for them. Fan Hanjie angrily called Que Hanqian and asked why they hadn’t come yet. Que Hanqian thought that Tashan could not be hit at this time, and they should find another way to Jinzhou. At this time, the Eastern Army broke through the enemy’s outer line of defense and entered the urban street fighting. The Tashan position was not lost, and the enemy’s force for attacking Tashan was reduced to three battalions.

The purpose of Liao Yaoxiang’s fight against Zhangwu was very clear. He was to cut off Dongye’s food supply line. Another news came that Liao Yaoxiang’s men looted food and other materials, competing to use cars and other transportation goods to sell them at high prices in Xinmin, Shenyang and other places where food was short of food. They were just like a group of burning, looting and looting corps that would only make huge profits.

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