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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 38

Meng Xixi was about to go out to find a job. Yang Chenguang tried his best to stop him after seeing it. He said that Meng Xixi had never been to work and couldn’t cope with it. He and Meng Xixi married, hoping that Mengxixi could take care of the housework after returning home and said that he could make money. Raising her, Meng Xixi became angry, saying that since he married Yang Chenguang, Yang Chenguang had not given himself a penny for the household.

The money used at home was his own dowry. Yang Chenguang was unable to refute, so he had to say that Mengxixi could not find it. work. Meng Xixi took Yang Chenguang’s cell phone while Yang Chenguang went to the bathroom. Mr. Liu just called Yang Chenguang, and when he saw Yang Chenguang did not answer, he made a voice. Meng Xixi unlocked the password of the phone and listened to the voice and broke it again. The adultery of President Liu and Yang Chenguang.

Yao Jiaren praised Yao Jiaren in the interview video because of her dedication to her work. Many people liked Yao Jiaren because of this interview video. Yao Jiaren’s popularity has also improved, but Yao Jiaren didn’t know that Cheng Jianye was behind her to help her clean up.

Father Zheng misunderstood Zheng Gan because of the draft sent by Tengda. He called Zheng Gan and said that he had lost his face. Zheng Gan was very frustrated. Jiang Jie heard Zheng’s father reluctantly, and took the phone and hung up the phone. Father Zheng doesn’t care about Zheng Gan, saying that the most important thing for Zheng Gan now is that Zheng Father trusts him. When Zheng Qian was sad, the customer Mr. Chen suddenly called to ask about the leak. Mr. Chen refused to listen to Zheng Qian’s explanation, and said that he would terminate the cooperation, and gave Zheng Qian a week to ask him to pay compensation.

Cheng Xin was angry because Chu Yunfei held a press conference to slander Daydream Studio, saying that both Chu Yunfei and Daydream Studio were victims. Why did Chu Yunfei rush to shake the pot instead of joining forces? To find out the truth by hand, Chu Yunfei felt that shopping malls are like war. If you don’t do this, you will be at a disadvantage for Tengda. Since Zheng Qian is in the market, he must abide by this rule. Cheng Xin said that Zheng Qian is also a businessman, but He would never do such a thing, and the two broke up unhappy.

Zheng Qian had trouble sleeping all night. He wanted to take sleeping pills but found that there were only two sleeping pills left. Zheng Gan barely fell asleep after eating. Mo Xiaobao and Kong Hao were a little worried if they didn’t see Zheng Gan get up in the morning, Mo Xiao Bao went upstairs and found that the sleeping pill bottle was empty. He thought that Zheng Gan could not commit suicide. The two hurriedly called an ambulance.

Just before Zheng Gan was about to get on the ambulance, Zheng Gan woke up. The two accompany Zheng Gan for breakfast. Zheng Gan said that he would go to bed, but the two of them were still worried that Zheng Gan would not be able to think about it. They planned to put away the sharp things in the room. These days Zheng Gan stayed in the room, either sleeping or eating or playing games. , Mo Xiaobao and Kong Hao were very worried about Zheng Gan’s state, but Zheng Gan was just like a broken tank, and they couldn’t help Zheng Gan.

Kong Hao turned on the TV and saw that Chu Yunfei’s company was not affected, but there was a new cooperation. Kong Hao was not convinced. He felt that Chu Yunfei was using Daydream Studio as a stepping stone and rushed to beat him impulsively. Chu Yunfei didn’t beat him, and he got himself to the police station. Fortunately, Chu Yunfei didn’t hold Kong Hao accountable. Zheng Gan angered Kong Hao and told Kong Hao not to mess with himself. The two had a big quarrel. Kong Hao said indiscriminately that Zheng Qian would be better than others. No wonder Cheng Xin would leave him. Zheng Qian was stabbed in the painful spot and told Kong Hao that they would not care about themselves in the future.

Yao Jiaren privately called Mo Xiaobao out to help him watch the car. Mo Xiaobao was absent-minded. He was a little surprised to see that Yao Jiaren suddenly had money to buy a car. Yao Jiaren said that she had picked up a new movie and the pay was pretty good, so she bought this car by herself. It was for Kong Hao. Although it was impossible for her and Kong Hao, she still remembered that Kong Hao was kind to herself before. This car was the last intersection between her and Kong Hao.

Kong Hao couldn’t control Zheng Qian, so he could only go to Cheng Xin for help. He deliberately scared Cheng Xin that Zheng Qian almost committed suicide. He told Cheng Xin that Zheng Qian had been sluggish recently, either sleeping or playing games. Cheng Xin was very nervous. Shocked, with a soft heart, Cheng Xin agreed to help. Cheng Xin went home to find Father Zheng, and wanted Father Zheng to come forward and persuade Zheng Qian.

After Kong Hao returned to the studio and learned that Yao Jiaren had bought a car for him, Kong Hao resolutely refused to accept it and asked Mo Xiaobao to return the car to Yao Jiaren. When Mo Xiaobao was thinking about the words, Kong Hao decided to take the car, sell it again, and return the money to Yao Jiaren, so that Yao Jiaren would not be able to let it go.

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