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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 27 Recap

Seeing He Yizhi’s desperate expression, Xiao Wanzi knew what was going on. She couldn’t bear the old father wandering alone, Xiao Wanzi decided to leave with his father. On the other hand, Lu Yingyao and Xiaobao decided to leave Qingzhou together, but before leaving, they still had to say goodbye to Xiaowanzi and others. Lu Yingyao saw Xiaowanzi and He Yizhi who were crying, and her heart was full of doubts, but after understanding, she felt a pity. Why can’t my beloved be reunited?

Xiaobao came to Mei Mansion to accompany Mei Shiqing for a drink. Hearing Mei Shiqing’s explanation, the murderer had a crutch studded with gems, and Xiaobao realized that Mei Shiqing’s enemy was his righteous husband Nanba. day. Mei Shiqing regretted it. He should have thought that in order to help Mei Shiqing get revenge, Xiaobao decided to help Mei Shiqing.

Situ came to Qinglongzhai to inform the news. It turned out that Situ also knew about what happened ten years ago. Nan Batian is now exhausted. Situ suggested that Nan Batian recruit troops and buy horses as soon as possible, and he is responsible for dragging the Mei family army. Nan Batian didn’t expect Situ to have such a skill, so he begged Situ to introduce an expert in the future. With Situ’s affirmation, Nan Batian began to prepare for this hard fight.

Lu Yingyao was very happy that Xiaobao had finally taken the right path and cut off contact with everything in the past. The old fifth happened to see the figure of the two on the street, so he followed. Little Treasure saw that there was danger, so he guarded Lu Yingyao.

Mei Shiqing and A Rou discussed how to deal with Qinglongzhai. Now they can only use the Mei family army. Mei Shiqing decided to persuade his father himself. Xiaobao walked in. It turned out that Xiaobao was outnumbered and Lu Yingyao was taken into captivity. Mei Shiqing sent Si Heng and Xiaobao to explore the way, and first mobilized the Mei family army.

Wu Ye brought Lu Yingyao back to Qinglongzhai. Situ glanced at the jade pendant on Lu Yingyao’s body. He was suspicious. Recalling Xiaowanzi’s hesitation when he inscribed at that time, Situ realized that this was the real princess in front of him. On the other side, Mei Shiqing asked Mei Changyun to send troops, and said that Nanba genius was the murderer of his mother. However, Mei Changyun received a request from the imperial court to use the Mei family army to support the war. Mei Shiqing felt that things were strange, but now he has to resist Nan Batian by himself.

After receiving the news, Arou decided to take Xiaowanzi and others to hide in a hidden place. When Xiaowanzi heard that Mei Shiqing was going to fight alone, she was worried and asked Arou to take herself with him. Arou hesitated, but still agreed. . Nan Batian drank with all the brothers, and he angered Nan Xiang by speaking under the drunkenness. Nan Xiang didn’t expect that he was also a tool for Nan Batian to check and balance the brothers.

The two are at a stalemate, and Mei Sanshao and Xiaobao lead people into Qinglongzhai. Nanba Tian brought a kidnapper to fight, Xiaobao and Mei Shiqing joined forces to attack. The martial arts high-powered Nan Batian caught the two by surprise. Xiaobao fainted. Mei Shiqing was kicked away and couldn’t help vomiting blood. Nan Batian was about to commit a murderous attack. He Yizhi rushed out and hugged Nan Batian, Xiao Wanzi took Mei Shiqing away. Nan Batian chased after him. Only then did Mei Changyun arrived with his troops.

Xiaowanzi took Mei Shiqing to the outskirts, but Nan Batian overtook him. Xiaowanzi took a shot for Mei Shiqing and was thrown off the cliff by Nan Batian. And Nan Batian stepped on Mei Shiqing’s chest and was about to send Mei Shiqing to her mother…

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