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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 26 Recap

Mei Shiqing and Xiao Wanzi were walking in the garden. Recalling that they first met, Mei Shiqing was a bit regretful that she never saw Xiao Wanzi’s cute face again, and Xiao Wanzi also made up his mind to heal Mei Shiqing. Mei Shiqing took Xiaowanzi to her secret place, which turned out to be the small house where Mei Shiqing and her mother hid.

Mei Shiqing thought that when the accident happened that year, a mysterious person hid himself and protected himself. Until now, Mei Shiqing wanted to know who that person was. When the two left, Si Heng really reported that someone was following them, and Mei Shiqing ordered Si Heng to continue to set the long line to catch the big fish.

The relationship between Mei Changyun and her son became cold again because of the previous quarrel. Walking on the street and seeing the toys in the stall, Mei Changyun thought that she had always been harsh on her son. Maybe she did something wrong? On the other hand, Si Heng had found out that Situ was uncomfortable and began to sell private salt. Mei Shiqing was waiting for this opportunity to appear before he was able to defeat the salt gang again with a net of heaven and earth.

Mei Changyun found Mei Shiqing with the toy she bought. When she talked about the prescription for the blind doctor, Mei Changyun talked about Xiaowanzi fooling around. Mei Shiqing was eager to protect his wife. Mei Changyun felt that his kindness was ignored and waved his sleeves. Leave, leave the toy. Xiao Wanzi happened to walk into the room to see the toy, and Mei Shiqing realized that his father was not so unkind.

The private salt’s carriage was robbed, and Situ became angry when he learned the truth. Mei Shiqing’s hidden piles all worked, and the salt helper was wiped out. Xiao Wanzi was worried that Situ would retaliate against Mei Shiqing, and Mei Shiqing and Si Heng went to interrogate the salt helpers. Si Heng told Chen Laodian to run away, but Mei Shiqing was so happy that he asked Si Heng to interrogate the salt helpers, and went to Chen Laodian alone.

Mei Shiqing came to Chen Laodian’s residence, and Situ, who was hiding by the side, jumped out. Seeing the sword, he went to Mei Shiqing, but Mei Shiqing quickly avoided and opened the blindfold. It turned out that he was even pretending to be blind. Within Mei Shiqing’s deployment. Situ was defeated by Mei Shiqing. In order to block the news, Situ killed Chen Laodian and fled. In order to decipher the truth, Mei Shiqing asked the dying Chen Laodian, but Chen Laodian said it was a cat with a cat face and chest painted. The guy with the gravel shows the way…

Mei Shiqing returned to the room with a solemn expression. Xiao Maruko was very happy to see Mei Shiqing’s eyes recovered. Who knew Mei Shiqing just asked if He Yizhi and Xiao Maruko were the only people with cat faces. Sure, Mei Shiqing told Xiao Maruko everything he heard. Xiao Wanzi couldn’t believe it, and ran to He Yizhi’s room to ask for more information.

When pressed by Xiao Wanzi, He Yizhi said that he didn’t even know that the group of people he met was going to kill Mei Shiqing mother and son. He didn’t intend to make a mistake. At that time, in order to support the father and daughter, He Yizhi only agreed. Now in this situation, He Yizhi wanted to escape, but after being stopped by Xiaowanzi, He Yizhi rushed to Mei Shiqing’s room to apologize. But at this time, Mei Shiqing was also desperate, unable to hear anything He Yizhi said. He Yizhi even knelt down, and Mei Shiqing couldn’t bear it and drove He Yizhi out of the room.

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