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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 25 Recap

Xiao Wanzi complained to Lu Yingyao about his boring pretending to be the princess. When she mentioned Mei Shiqing, Xiao Wanzi couldn’t help but mention Mei Shiqing’s character, but Lu Yingyao still saw the love that could not be hidden in Xiaowanzi’s tone. A little girl couldn’t help smiling at the thought of her sweetheart.

When he returned to Mei Mansion, Xiao Wanzi thought of Lu Yingyao’s advice. As the princess, he had to be picky. The sudden change made Mei Shiqing a little confused. Xiao Wanzi revealed that he wanted to be more like the princess.

Mei Shiqing emphasized that just let Xiaowanzi be himself. Mei Shiqing took Xiaowanzi to Ruyilou to follow up the truth about the victimization of his mother. Li Tianlong, the former leader of the salt gang, disappeared in Mei Changyun’s action to destroy the salt gang. On the other hand, the eyes and ears of the salt gang revealed that part of the funds of the salt gang was transferred to the Fulong gang, which specializes in pastries.

This chamber of commerce is far away in the capital, and it seems that there is another person behind the scenes. In order to find out the truth, Mei Shiqing had to go to Mei Changyun in person. Seeing her son kneeling down and begging, Mei Changyun told her what she was worried about. The leader of the salt gang killed her wife. Mei Shiqing found that his father didn’t know who the murderer was, so he could only leave.

When Nan Batian and Situ met, Situ eagerly asked about Mei Shiqing’s life and death. Nan Batian had to agree again that he would definitely hand over Mei Sanshao. And Mei Shiqing and others are eating hot pot with Xiaobao in Ruyilou. Xiaobao and Mei Shiqing noticed that there was someone outside the door. It was Nan Batian’s men who rushed in. With a few people fighting, Mei Shiqing killed the gangster leader with a single knife.

Before he died, the leader waved his hand and spilled poisonous powder on Mei. In Shi Qing’s eyes, after the culprits were resolved, Si Heng hurriedly took Mei Shiqing back to the mansion for medical treatment, but the injuries were so serious that Mei Shiqing could only lie on the bed blindfolded. Mei Changyun was angry at Mei Shiqing’s impulse and insisted that he had eliminated the gangsters of the year, but Mei Shiqing had long ago investigated the remnants of the salt gang, and the two fathers and sons became knotted.

Xiaobao and Lu Yingyao are very worried about Mei Shiqing’s injury. Seeing Xiaowanzi walking up with a sad face, Mei Shiqing’s eyes were diagnosed by many doctors and said that they could not be cured. Lu Yingyao mentioned that he knows a blind doctor who has abandoned his medicine and is specializing in eye diseases. So Xiao Maruko took the initiative to ask to visit.

Xiao Wanzi came to the blind doctor’s residence, saw the blind doctor, and asked the blind doctor to heal Mei Shiqing’s eyes. But the blind doctor insisted on his principle of seclusion, even the king of heaven and Lao Tzu could not intercede. Xiao Wanzi insisted on kneeling down in front of the blind doctor’s door and begging him to change his mind.

Even though the heavy rain fell, he did not leave. In the scorching sun, Xiao Wanzi almost fainted. Just as the blind doctor walked out of the room, Xiao Wanzi hugged his thigh. Seeing Xiaowanzi’s obsession, the blind doctor took out a bottle of poison to test Xiaowanzi’s true heart. Xiaowanzi drank the whole bottle of poison without hesitation.

The blind doctor found it interesting. It turned out that the blind doctor was giving tonics. The two came to the Mei Mansion. The second wife and Mei Shiyuan were very disdainful, but Mei Shiqing chose to trust him. When the blind doctor walked out of the room, he understated and gave a prescription. Mei Shiyuan had seen that it was just ordinary medicinal materials. Can’t help but blame, the blind doctor said that Mei Shiyuan was blind and blind. Xiaowanzi would only rely on this last hope to heal Mei Shiqing.

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