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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 31 Recap

Haiyang took Yang Huini to go shopping in the city with the excuse of going to a meeting. Shi Lan was a little worried, looking at her mother’s location on the map, a little worried. Haiyang took Yang Huini to see Shi Lan’s birth mother, Wang Juan. She was a batik artist. Although she was old, her temperament was still there. It could be vaguely seen that the charm still existed. Juan made a face-to-face meeting and said that a younger sister at home wanted to learn batik. On that day, Yang Huini came back very late. She came in and took a look at Shi Lan, and then went out to talk to Haiyang. Shi Lan did not doubt at this time.

The next day, Yang Huini and Haiyang once again used the excuse of a meeting to meet with Wang Juan in the city. Yang Huini was very nervous, she was worried that Wang Juan would not recognize Shi Lan, and even more worried that she would take Shi Lan away. Haiyang comforted her not to worry, Shi Lan is an adult, and she has her own choice.

Haiyang took Yang Huini to the batik shop, and Wang Juan took her into the batik shop. Yang Huini slowly said her intentions. She wanted Wang Juan to love Shilan for herself, and her time was running out. Wang Juan also cried. She said in tears that she was not worthy to be Shi Lan’s mother, after all, she had never participated in any stage of Shi Lan’s growth process.

Shi Lan used the map and saw that her mother was not moving in the batik shop. Knowing that something was wrong, she called Haiyang. Haiyang lied that they were in a meeting. Shi Lan asked him to call her mother or take a photo of the scene, Hai Yang Jun looked for reasons for prevarication. Shi Lan went to Haiyang’s office to question him that night.

Haiyang was not good at lying, so he had to tell the truth and tell him the truth. He said that he and Yang Huini went to see someone today. When Shi Lan returned home, she asked her mother if she didn’t plan to want her anymore. Yang Huini cried and said that she was worried that she would forget Shi Lan one day, so she wanted to find her biological mother and let her continue to accompany Shi Lan.

Shi Lan indicated that she only recognizes her as a mother. If Yang Huini doesn’t want her, she will die at home. Yang Huini wanted Shi Lan to agree to see Wang Juan, but Shi Lan refused. Dean Li came to the village to do an activity to send light to the village. After Shi Lan told Yang Huini a few words, she was busy to see Dean Li. Shi Lan and Dean Li put forward their own ideas. She would like to apply for a designated cooperative elderly care service organization with the Medical University. The air and scenery of Gaoyao Village are suitable for the elderly. Now it needs the resources of the University of Medical Sciences. Dean Li promised to go back and discuss the matter with the hospital leaders.

The villagers prepared a sumptuous meal for Dean Li and them. They were all honest and grateful to the Medical University for this light-sending activity. Everyone couldn’t help but praise Shi Lan, saying that her medical skills are better than Yang Huini. When Yang Huini was unhappy, she said Shi Lan was still in high school.

Everyone knew that Yang Huini was confused again, so she didn’t care about her. Haiyang knew Zhang Zhenning’s thoughts about Shi Lan, so he dressed up and went to Yang Huini’s house. Yang Huini didn’t recognize Zhang Zhenning and thought he was Shi Lan’s high school classmate Zhang Ting. In the evening, Shi Lan gave her mother a bedside bell, and said that if something happened, she would ring the bell.

Yang Huini awoke suddenly after she slept for a while, thinking about picking up Shilan, she took a little bear to the kindergarten. Shi Lan didn’t see her mother when she woke up, so she called Haiyang anxiously. Haiyang mobilized the whole village to look for Yang Huini, and finally found her in the kindergarten. Shi Lan hugged her mother, tears streaming down her cheeks. Since then, Shilan is in charge of medical care and Haiyang is in charge of economy. The prosperity of Gaoyao Village is getting better day by day, and the villagers have received their own dividends.

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