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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 30 Recap

Haiyang accidentally learned from Yang Huini that Liu Shilan had been adopted by her, and was surprised. Haiyang stood by when she saw Liu Shilan, and she didn’t know if she had heard these words from Yang Huini. After that, Yang Huini always regarded Nuo as Shilan when she was a child, and said a lot to her. Liu Shilan learned from what she said that her mother felt guilty for failing to take good care of her daughter when she was a child. Shi Lan couldn’t bear to see her mother blame herself so much, so she walked out of the health center. Haiyang said that she would cry if she wanted to. But Shi Lan said that as early as in junior high school, she knew she was not her mother’s biological daughter.

When she was in junior high school, she heard her mother and father quarrel, and unexpectedly learned that her mother could no longer get pregnant and that she was adopted, so she ran out of the house in sadness. Father ran out to find her, trying to enlighten Shi Lan. Her father said that Yang Huini was so strict with her because he hoped that one day Shi Lan could get out of the mountain.

Having said this, Shi Lan told Haiyang that since then, she secretly made up her mind to stand out and become the pride of her parents. After that, Shi Lan walked into the health center. Yang Huini looked at her face and remembered that she was her daughter Shi Lan. The mother and daughter cried in each other’s arms. Although they are not related by blood, they are closer than their mother and daughter.

Shi Lan and Yang Huini went to Yuan Fei’s house to see her mother-in-law Huang Lizhen. Yuan Fei took the medical records from the hospital and showed Liu Shilan. Liu Shilan discovered that Huang Lizhen had stage III breast. She must be hospitalized for chemotherapy, otherwise her life would be in danger. Yuan Fei seemed very embarrassed.

The doctor said before that he would do chemotherapy, but Huang Lizhen was afraid of spending money, so she said she was unwilling to treat it. Afterwards, Shi Lan took photos of Huang Lizhen’s medical records and sent them to Zhang Zhenning. Zhang Zhenning’s advice was to receive treatment as soon as possible. Yang Huini said that she has a way. She has treated many people like Huang Lizhen before. As long as they are in a good mood, their condition will gradually get better.

Yuan Fei brought Huang Lizhen to the health clinic for some drips, and Yang Huini slowed down to persuade her to keep a good mood. Shi Lan pulled her mother out to confirm that she was awake now. Under Shi Lan’s persuasion, Yang Huini promised to persuade Huang Lizhen again.

Haiyang kept its promise and sent a convenient B-ultrasound machine to Shi Lan, and then called Yang Huini to say that Huang Lizhen’s treatment cost was covered. Yang Huini cooks, but she puts salt many times, Shi Lan doesn’t care, Yang Huini makes another one. Yang Huini was very guilty. She cried and apologized to Shi Lan at night. Shi Lan was very distressed and comforted her softly and told her not to care about this little thing.

After thinking about it all night, Yang Huini went to Haiyang to help with something the next day, and he couldn’t tell Shi Lan. Haiyang checked relevant information over the weekend and called a friend to help check someone. He asked Shi Lan to help him with iodophor and cotton swabs, and by the way asked her what she thought of her biological mother, and whether she had ever thought about going to her biological mother. Shi Lan’s reaction was indifferent. She never felt that her relationship with Yang Huini was different from that of other mothers and daughters, and she never wanted to go to her biological mother. For her, Yang Huini was her biological mother.

Haiyang helped Shilan to do publicity work on tuberculosis registration in the village. Yang Huini asked Haiyang about the progress of finding Shilan’s biological mother by the way. After that, Haiyang and Director Shi searched together and finally found Wang Juan’s information. Haiyang told Yang Huini the news that night, and the next day Yang Huini used the excuse to help Teacher Li buy things to go to the city with Haiyang to meet with Wang Juan.

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