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Hengshan Hospital (2021) 衡山医院

Hengshan Hospital (2021)
Other Title:  衡山医院, Heng Shan Yi Yuan , 衡山醫院

Genres: Action, Military, Historical, Drama, Political
Dong Zhiqiang
Cui Siwei, Li Qingdan, Maxwell
CCTV, Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku, iQiyi
Release Date:
 July 8, 2021 – Jul 19, 2021
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  • Qin Jun Jie as Ma Tian Ming
  • Sun Yi as Bai Mo Li
  • Tu Song Yan as Cai Li Kun
  • Liu Zi He
  • Xi Mei Juan
  • Jerry Tang as Da Mao

The drama takes place in republican era China in Hengshan Hospital, centered primarily on the conflict between the Communist Party and the KMT in 1930s Shanghai.

Ma Tian Ming is a faithless, greedy, and selfish man who makes his living by cheating and lying. A coincidental accident drags Ma Tian Ming into a case in which he becomes the suspect. Trying to escape, he impersonated the chief doctor of Hengshan Hospital, Cai Li Kun. However, Ma Tian Ming soon found out that Cai Li Kun is a member of the underground Communist Party.

The TV series “Hengshan Hospital” is a spy war drama directed by Dong Zhiqiang and starring Qin Junjie, Sun Yi, Tu Songyan, Sun Shuang, Liu Zihe, and Xi Meijuan. The play takes the Hengshan Hospital in the Republic of China as the background, tells the contest between the Communist Party and the Kuomintang led by various forces, and staged a story of the great Shanghai in the 1930s. Ma Tianming, who was born in poverty, wandered around in Shanghai and was framed and involved in a massacre.

During his escape, he accidentally replaced Cai Likun, a overseas doctor, and hid in Hengshan Hospital. The red businessman Zhu Tiande had a large amount of secret red funds in his hands, but he suddenly fell ill while avoiding the enemy’s pursuit, and stayed in Hengshan Hospital. The Kuomintang spies, the Japanese military, the Shanghai Youth Gang and other forces are all eyeing this huge sum of money.

Cai Likun, who was also admitted to Hengshan Hospital due to his injury, was the special commissioner sent by the Soviet area to respond to Zhu Tiande. He asked Ma Tianming to maintain a false identity, and the two formed an alliance to deal with evil forces from all sides. In the dangerous battle of wits and bravery, Ma Tianming, who was originally devoted to wealth, was moved by the revolutionary Cai Likun’s high morale, and he truly grew into a revolutionary fighter who knew the righteousness of the nation. He finally defeated the villains and completed the tasks assigned by the organization. , And at the same time cleared up the grievances for myself.

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