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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 18 Recap

It was very difficult to defend the front line of the Tashan position. The soldier Xu Zhongzhi lost an arm and was still fighting. There were only a few people left in the four consecutive five squads. Xu Zhongzhi asked the remaining people to copy the guys and wait for the Kuomintang army to come up. fight. The Kuomintang army searched it inch by inch, and they killed several enemy troops with one last breath, and finally died heroically. The Central Military Commission and the Northeast Field Army Headquarters prepared to defend Tashan at all costs from the beginning. This was an extremely tragic battle. Soldiers who have fought for many years in the army have never seen such a difficult scene.

In the Tashan defensive battle, many soldiers were beaten with broken waists, blind, deaf and mute, and wounded all over, and they still insisted on staying on the ground. Tashan was stained red with blood, and countless martyrs sprinkled their blood here to shed the last drop of blood for the liberation of the Northeast. The real situation at Tashan came. Gu Zhutong told Chiang Kai-shek that Que Hanqian and Lin Weiyan had exaggerated their record. At present, they only won the front position of the Communist army. The main force of the Communist army is still standing at Tashan, but Que Lin’s troops are no longer able to do so. Move forward again. The news that Tashan was still there reached Xibaipo, and everyone was relieved.

The enemy’s 62nd Army has also come up, but the cooperation with the 54th Army is not tacit. Que Hanqian and Lin Weitao refuse to accept each other. The real KMT is actually a mess. Han Xianchu and Luo Shunchu discovered that the artillery fire at Tashan had stopped, for some reason. Chiang Kai-shek gave Que Hanqian an order, today the whole army truce for one day, waiting for Roche and his 95th Division. Lin Weiran knew that Tashan was not easy to fight. He apologized for yesterday’s recklessness to Que Hanqian. He heard that they had to wait for Luo Qi and the 95th Division to come up and fight again. Lin Weiyan was puzzled. It is said that Roach suggested to spare a day to survey the terrain of the Communist Army.

Lin Biao, Luo Ronghuan, Liu Yalou and others were very happy to learn that the Kuomintang army had ceased fighting for one day. Lin Biao ordered the Tashan soldiers to build good fortifications, eat their food, and continue to fight with vigorous energy. Hu Qicai has been commanding operations on the front line, and he ordered people to lay mines in front, and then counterattack according to the enemy’s situation. On this day of dressing, the comrades shared their experiences with everyone. Hu Qicai praised Kong Shoufa and praised him for taking two recruits to kill dozens of enemy soldiers, destroying the enemy’s artillery fire, and even being alive. Bringing two recruits back to the position, Hu Qicai asked him to talk about his experience in the past two years.

Kong Shoufa’s words are very simple, he believes that as long as everyone is one mind, there is no position that cannot be held. Zhao Xingyuan took the initiative to ask the group leader to win the distribution pool. The distribution pool north of Jinzhou City was the gateway to Jinzhou. Zhao Xingyuan was confident and determined to win the distribution pool. Fan Hanjie learned that Tashan had stopped the attack, he begged Gu Zhutong not to stop the attack, but Gu Zhutong always said that everything went according to plan. After the first battalion built the fortifications, it began to attack the distribution pool with guns, but the fortifications of the distribution pools were very strong, and the gunfire was completely white. Time was running out, and Zhao Xingyuan ordered an attack.

There are many hidden forts in the distribution pool, and the fortifications are very adequate. A battalion rushed forward to blow up the bunkers, and then hid in the trenches. The trenches here were also bombed by the enemy, and there was no time to retreat, almost All sacrifices here. Zhao Xingyuan was heartbroken when he saw it, and rushed forward with the remaining company to avenge his comrades. In the end, they finally won the red house on the front of Tashan, and they are stepping up the construction of fortifications to deal with the enemy’s counterattacks and counterattacks at any time. After this battle, the first battalion lost nearly half of its troops, but Han Xianchu knew that it was not the time to send the reserve team.

At this time, the enemy sent a plane, Zhao Xingyuan’s first battalion was very difficult to fight, Liu Yongxiu was injured and unable to move, Zhao Xingyuan continued to charge with the remaining comrades. Han Xianchu found that the defense of the pool has not weakened, but strengthened. He thinks there must be a problem here.

So he took a few people to touch them, found the distribution pool and the dark tunnel before the big lump, and confirmed that the enemy army sent reinforcements to these two positions through this dark tunnel. There were only sixty-two soldiers left in the first battalion. The head of the battalion asked Zhao Xingyuan to remove, but Zhao Xingyuan was determined not to withdraw. The battalion was full of comrades, and they must attack the distribution pool.

The third battalion brought troops to support, and under the offensive of the two battalions, the distribution pool was finally captured. The squad leader of the cooking squad placed a bowl of meat next to the corpse of a battalion soldier and couldn’t help crying in pain. They once said that they would come back to eat a bowl of meat when the pool was laid, but now they can’t eat it anymore.

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