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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 17 Recap

On the first day of the Tashan block, Que Hanqian launched an attack on Tashan in advance. Many unprepared soldiers were wounded and killed. Kong Shoufa realized that this was not a simple test, but a general attack. The Central Committee of Xibaipo learned that the Kuomintang had launched an attack in advance, and they all believed that Tashan must be guarded. Gu Zhutong was very angry when he learned that Que Hanqian had launched an offensive in advance. Jiang Jieshi explained that only by taking down Tashan as soon as possible can Fan Hanjie’s troubles be resolved. The front-line artillery fire was so great that there were many casualties. Lin Biao ordered Wu Kehua to swear to defend Yushan Island to prevent the enemy from using Yushan as a fulcrum to bypass Tashan and head straight for Jinzhou from Huludao.

The enemy launched a general offensive in advance, and Zhao Xingyuan ordered the comrades to quickly return to the fighting position. After Wei Lihuang learned that he had attacked Tashan in advance, he was very surprised. Fan Hanjie said it was much better than some generals who were holding back. Wei Lihuang’s people also thought that Tashan would definitely be taken down, and he began to waver, thinking about whether or not to leave for a piece of the pie. Fan Hanjie is not afraid that Wei Lihuang will come to grab the merit, he believes that the first merit must be Jinzhou. His subordinates reported that Yushan Island could not be beaten for a long time. When Fan Hanjie saw the map, he immediately understood the purpose of the Communist army’s construction of fortifications in Tashan Village. This time Que Hanqian had eaten hard bones.

Kong Shoufa saw the old soldier dead, and plunged into the fierce battle before he had time to grieve. The enemy rushed up, Kong Shoufa ordered bombs to be thrown, and the charge horn sounded. They mounted bayonets to fight the enemy. The Kuomintang was repelled for the first time, but the enemy’s dense artillery attack followed. Kong Shoufa had to order to retreat. , He and the other two recruits were blocked in a large pit full of corpses behind the enemy, full of enemy troops on it, Kong Shoufa knew that they would not be able to go back, and told the two soldiers the story of Kong Xiaodan. At that time, he was still a recruit, and was scared to pee his pants by the blood of the war.

Afterwards, always fighting, he slowly overcome his psychological fear. But staying here is not a problem, Kong Shoufa decided to take them out. They put on the clothes of the Kuomintang and the hats of the enemy, and they got mixed into the Kuomintang army. They took out their command of the artillery fire. They shouted that there was a communist army, which caused panic within the Kuomintang. After all the Kuomintang troops came back. While withdrawing, they were walking backwards and were quickly discovered by the Kuomintang army. Deputy Commander Hu Qicai saw that they were his own soldiers and immediately ordered to stop shooting. When the three of them withdrew to their positions, many bullets were hit in their bodies.

But the three of them were also fateful. They supported each other and returned to our position. The comrades hurried down to pick them up. After a day of fighting against Tashan, Que Hanqian ordered to continue fighting at night. Lin Weiyan said sarcastically that he couldn’t fight down during the day and what he could do at night. Lin Weijian thinks that everyone is the commander of the army, and he does not want to listen to Que Hanqian’s command. They will fight each other tomorrow. His words made Que Hanqian very angry. The defense of Tashan was very difficult, and the East Field Army Command also decided to launch an attack on Jinzhou in advance, with the main attacking direction set to the north.

Liu Yalou said that if Han Xianchu is here, Jinzhou will definitely be able to beat him down. Hearing this, Han Xianchu also understood. They all felt that Tashan could not be defended, so they did not choose to attack from the south, for fear that the enemy would be attacked when they rushed over from Tashan. Han Xianchu promised to take down the north as soon as possible, to sacrifice one soldier for Tashan, and to build a strong strategic rear.

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