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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 16 Recap

The war was imminent, Chiang Kai-shek asked Du Yuming to challenge issues in East China, with the intention of affecting the decisive battle in the Northeast. Zhou Enlai proposed that the forces invested by both sides in the decisive battle in the Northeast will exceed one million. Since the establishment of the Self-Party, such a large-scale campaign has been the most severe test for every communist and every commander.

Liu Shaoqi believes that Lin Biao’s concerns are not unreasonable, and the situation in East China and North China may change due to the situation in the Northeast. Mao Zedong didn’t think so much. He believed that when a war is fought, the party will have more and more troops, and the war will become more and more courageous. This is the unchanging iron law.

Mao Zedong telegraphed Lin Biao, asking him to boldly transfer part of his troops to the south while guaranteeing the siege of Changchun to reduce the pressure on our troops on the Beining line. As for the battle of Jinzhou, it will be a historic battle, concerning the survival of the Northeast and the national revolutionary situation. development of.

Lin Biao and the soldiers of Dongye will experience a test of blood and fire, and they can only succeed, not fail. Zheng Dongguo’s battle with the trapped beasts in Changchun was not enough for Lin Biao to send part of the troops that attacked Jinzhou to Changchun. He has now decided to fight back. Luo Ronghuan pointed out that the key to their last fight is Tashan.

Tashan is the only place for the Eastern Jinzhou Corps to support Jinzhou, which also explains why the Communist Army sent so many people to guard Tashan. The Kuomintang is very confident that Tashan in the land of bullets can be smashed with cannonballs. Many generals promised to Chiang Kai-shek that they would take Tashan in half a day.

At the same time, Lin Biao also understands the importance of Tashan’s strategic position. He has repeatedly hesitated to fight Jinzhou because of Tashan. There has never been a precedent in the history of defending against a powerful attack by the enemy in a zone like Tashan. This is also one of his concerns, so they must make preparations and plans for the enemy troops to attack and destroy Tashan.

According to the central analysis, the Tashan battle must be tragic. Lin Biao’s plan came. He planned to use Wu Kehua and Hu Qicai’s 4 verticals to guard Tashan. Mao Zedong and others felt that this battle plan was very good. At this time, the 4th Zong had been fortified in Tashan, digging trenches and building fortifications.

The squad leader of the 2nd Battalion, 6th Company, 1st Squadron, the 10th Division, 28th Regiment, Kong Shoufa, had been scared by the blood on the battlefield before urinating his pants. Making fun of them, Kong Shoufa scolded them and continued to order Class 1 to build fortifications, but when he thought of the bloody storm on the battlefield that day, he still felt a chill on his back.

After inspecting the terrain, the deputy commander Hu Qicai decided to fortify Tashan Village and abandon the defense on the high ground. Wang Cuiyun brought logistic troops into the village and collected planks from the villagers for the frontline soldiers to build fortifications. The wandering Qiao Sanben remembered that when he was a Kuomintang soldier, he shot Wang Cuiyun’s man Wuxiongguan.

He felt regret and regret in his heart. Guilt, so that he has been unable to care. Hu Qicai’s strategy has caused a lot of internal discussions in the 4th column. After thinking about it, Lin Biao realized the purpose of Hu Qicai’s doing this. Although this would expose the soldiers to the enemy’s war, Hu Qicai had to do so in order to prevent the enemy from advancing.

The fortifications built by squad 1 couldn’t even stand up to the small sixty guns. Hu Qicai scolded them and strictly demanded the construction of the strongest fortifications, bunkers, and bunkers. This time they were fighting a battle of positions, and they had to be preserved when the enemy’s artillery fell. There is strength, and then counterattack.

After making the strategic deployment, Hu Qicai sat aside. The soldier Gao Yubao could not write the Li and Hazard characters. Seeing that Hu Qicai had a pen, he asked him how to write these two characters. When Hu Qicai learned that he only recognized two hundred words, he dared to write novels. After the accident, he listened to Gao Yubao’s words to be inspired and strengthened their confidence and determination to win this battle.

Lin Biao and Luo Ronghuan saw the people spontaneously donate the door panels to Tashan for fortifications, and they were full of emotion. With the support of the people, the Northeast Field Army will surely win. The guilty Qiao Sanben never left. Seeing that Wang Cuiyun was having difficulty in moving the plank, he took the initiative to help. Before Jinzhou conquered Tashan, Tashan must not be lost.

Lin Biao gave Wu Kehua and Hu Qicai a death order. Even if there was only one person left, he would die on Tashan. As the night cools down, Kong Shoufa tells everyone about his previous wars. At that time, the conditions were much harder than here. People sat there motionless for ten minutes, and their lives were gone.

Hearing what he said, everyone suddenly felt that it was not so difficult now. In Nanjing, Chiang Ching-kuo’s actions put the old people in the party-state at risk. Chiang Kai-shek was very angry when he came back from the meeting. Soong Meiling pointed out that Chiang Ching-kuo’s actions would make their horse-changing plan fail, and the rear could not move, and a big victory was needed in the front.

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