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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 18 Recap

There was a live broadcast at the award ceremony. Xue Ning watched it in front of the TV. Yan Changjun came to the stage to give a speech, saying that he had no good ideas, but his junior, Xu Chengyi, wanted to bring Xu Chengyi to the stage to compete with him. Xue Ning knew at a glance that Yan Changjun was in the general Xu Chengyi, so he asked his subordinate Ma Shang to write an announcement to prepare for Xu Chengyi’s loss and come to public relations. If he wins, it would be best. Ask Amy to follow the evening’s discussion and copy all the main comments.

Yan Changjun asked Xu Chengyi to compete with himself. If Xu Chengyi won, he would follow his plan. If Xu Chengyi won, he would ask Xia Yan to go to their company. Now is a society that grabs talents. As soon as Xia Yan heard it, she stood up and said that she opposed. Yan Changjun told Xia Yan not to be impulsive. She went to Xinkey Technology and was still in charge of the girlfriend planet project. Xu Chengyi told Yan Changjun that he would not agree, because his company is also thirsty for talents and would not bet on employees. When Xue Ning stood in front of the TV and heard Xu Chengyi’s words, his heart was cold. Everyone looked at Xue Ning’s desperate state and knew what was going on.

On the way back, Xu Chengyi and Xia Yan talked about what happened just now. Xia Yan felt that Xu Chengyi shouldn’t say that. She could object, but Xu Chengyi shouldn’t be impulsive. Xinyao Technology is the most suitable company for Girlfriend Planet, but Xu Chengyi feels that Yan Changjun will cooperate with SG as the result of today is what the market needs.

Today’s results will also give SG more conditions to discuss. But the words just said on stage are also true. Xu Chengyi’s words are called Xia Yan, which is very surprising. Xu Chengyi really treats her like a baby. After returning home, Xia Yan was still thinking about what Xu Chengyi said, and her attitude towards Xu Chengyi was a step closer.

Xue Ning approached Ms. Cai and said that she had to terminate the contract by taking private jobs in violation of the rules, but Ms. Cai said that she could return the money to the company, and Xue Ning said that Ms. Cai had falsely reported the consumption amount. Ms. Cai said that they were all small money. I went back, and I wouldn’t be attracted to those small money, Xia Yan can prove it. But Xue Ning told Miss Cai that it was Xia Yan who reported her.

After Xia Yan went to work, she saw that everyone went to work very early. Amy told Xia Yan that it was because of her. Last night, she saw Xu Chengyi’s treatment of Xia Yan and Xue Ning’s face all green, so everyone was afraid of hitting the gun early. Just go to work. At this time, Xue Ning went to a meeting to tell everyone that Xia Yan was promoted to the first place internally, and that he would soon be promoted to supervisor, asking everyone to learn from Xia Yan.

Majestic felt very disappointed and felt that she had gone earlier than Xia Yan, but her grades were behind Xia Yan. Xia Yan told Majesty not to think too much, and she was only one point higher than Majesty. At this time, people from the company’s internal audit department went to Xia Yan to investigate Ms. Cai’s affairs. Ms. Cai’s accounts were approved by Xia Yan, but the funds Ms. Cai purchased were not used for shopping.

This time it is Xia Yan who Miss Cai reported. However, Xia Yan told those people that the fraudulent accounts had nothing to do with her, so the people from the Review Section had to go through legal procedures to investigate Xia Yan. Later, Xia Yan called Ms. Cai, but no one answered him. At this time, she saw Xue Ning standing in the office looking at her. Xia Yan remembered what Xue Ning had been aiming at her before. Many signs indicated that Xue Ning was The person most likely to frame Xia Yan.

Xue Ning asked Xia Yan to go to the office and opened the door to ask her why she was censored. Xia Yan was very rude and told Xue Ning that she was from the censorship department not to tell her. But Xue Ning told Xia Yan that she didn’t take her seriously. Xia Yan was her subordinate, and she had to report anything to her as soon as possible. That incident would cause a lot of trouble for Xue Ning and Xu Chengyi, and asked Xia Yan to resign immediately to keep the matter down.

Xia Yan told Xue Ning what she hadn’t done, and Xue Ning rudely told Xia Yanguang that it was impossible to rely on her mouth. If Xia Yan was framed by someone, he would have to show evidence, and if he couldn’t find out, their entire operation department would be implicated. But Xia Yan told Xue Ning not to gamble her career in order to drive her out of SG. Those bills were handled by Xia Yan and Xue Ning. Xue Ning told Xia Yan that there would be results soon, and asked Xia Yan to wait.

After Xia Yan went out, Amy sent a message to her that Miss Cai could not be contacted anyway, but when she heard that she had signed a contract with Xinyao Technology, Xia Yan hurried out to find Miss Cai. After that, he sent a message to Xu Chengyi, telling him that Xia Yan was in trouble. Xu Chengyi called Xue Ning to ask about what happened. Xue Ning told Xu Chengyi that Miss Cai reported Xia Yan and instigated her to report false accounts. Xu Chengyi denied that statement. Xia Yan would not do that kind of thing. Xue Ning asked Xu Chengyi to do his forum well, and soon the investigators would have the results.

Xu Chengyi asked his assistant to book a ticket to go back, but the assistant told Chairman Xu Chengyi that he wanted to meet important guests, so Xu Chengyi asked his assistant to invite them to meet tonight and advance the time.

Xu Chengyi called Xia Yan to say that he believed in Xia Yan and told Xia Yan not to put too much pressure on him. After that, I called Yan Changjun and wanted to ask him for a favor. Yan Changjun was surprised when he heard that Xu Chengyi asked him for help. If Xu Chengyi really wanted to ask him for help, he would issue a statement saying that it was the software Xu Chengyi had sold at the beginning, and just apologize to Yan Changjun. .

Xu Chengyi told Yan Changjun that it was impossible. After hanging up, Xia Yan met Yan Changjun, and Yan Changjun asked Xia Yan to sign their company, but Xia Yan asked Yan Changjun to help find Miss Cai. Yan Changjun felt that since she wanted to frame Xia Yan, there would be no results, but Xia Yan still had to try. Yan Changjun was very interested in Xia Yan’s solution and gave Miss Cai a new address.

Xia Yan found Miss Cai and asked her to go back to the company to clarify the matter, but Miss Cai’s boyfriend told Xia Yan not to bother Miss Cai, and she said rudely to Xia Yan. At this time, Lin Hao rushed to ask the man to apologize to Xia Yan, and then the two started fighting. Xia Yan told Lin Hao not to do that, and not to use beatings to solve the problem. It was just Lin Hao’s own belief that he was good to her, and asked Lin Hao not to look for her in the future.

But Lin Hao told Xia Yan that everything he did was to be good to Xia Yan, and the reason he wanted to go to Beijing was to be stronger than Xia Yan, and wanted to prove that Lin Hao was no worse than Xia Yan. After hearing this, Xia Yan felt that they really didn’t understand Lin Hao’s thoughts when they were together for seven years. It seemed that she had really misunderstood the person.

Xu Chengyi and the guests on the forum talked about the algorithm of the software they developed, but it is not convenient to display it at the confidential stage. And those people heard that Xu Chengyi was going to sell those things, which is completely different from the previous news.

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