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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 17 Recap

Mark sent pictures to Han Shuang and went back to Xingshi to inquire about the crime, but he told Han Shuang that he was the boss. He felt that the customer went to the shop bar but no one greeted him, which would damage the image of the shop, so he had to remove it. But Han Shuang told Mark that she was going to hang a poster of clothes at the entrance of the store.

The picture above was the picture of Mark holding the split character just now, so that it would restore the influence of the store. As soon as Mark heard it, he hurriedly admitted and asked Han Shuang to keep the bar. Han Shuang didn’t need to go to the store to check in on time. He could ask someone to sit at the bar. Han Shuang asked Mark to follow him out for a drink to make up for it, but after Han Shuang took Mark to the drinking place, he locked the door and left, leaving Mark alone with the air conditioning.

Huo Kai organized a band to start a charity performance in the nursing home, and Ma Xiangnan also became a drummer, but she still couldn’t get past her mother’s hurdle, but her mother was also sitting in the audience and told Ma Xiangnan to perform as much as she wanted. She encouraged and supported Ma Xiangnan, and Ma Xiangnan saw that her mother was very happy.

With a supportive attitude, he began to perform with confidence. Everyone was very happy. After the show, when my mother was going home with an old man, Ma Xiangnan asked her mother to go back with her, but her mother told Ma Xiangnan not to be with her, and asked Ma Xiangnan and Huo Kai to pack things together.

Fortunately, I had a meal outside and went back, which made Ma Xiangnan think that his mother had no ulterior motives. After everything was over, Huo Kai drove Ma Xiangnan home. On the way, Huo Kai told Ma Xiangnan that he would do whatever he likes to do. In Ma Xiangnan’s view, Huo Kai just doesn’t like being tied up and doesn’t like any fetters. Huo Kai thinks in Ma Xiangnan’s eyes. He is transparency, everything can be seen through Ma Xiangnan. When the two walked halfway, Ma Xiangnan remembered that Uncle Zhang suddenly fainted during the performance and felt wrong.

If he might have a stroke, he asked Huo Kai to turn around and ask Uncle Zhang to go to the hospital for a check. But when they arrived at the nursing home, they were stopped by the security guard and they were not called in. They had to climb the wall and enter. Unexpectedly, in the nursing home, he really saw Uncle Zhang fell to the ground alone. Ma Xiangnan and Huo Kai hurriedly took his squirrel to the hospital for treatment.

Ma Xiangnan found her mother after returning home. She felt that she was sad today and shouldn’t be playing drums. But her mother told Ma Xiangnan that the reason she opposed Ma Xiangnan’s drumming was because she was afraid of thinking of her father, and she was afraid that Ma Xiangnan would think of her father’s sadness. However, Ma Xiangnan has walked out of the knot of losing his father, and told his mother to rest assured that his father will always live in their hearts.

Huo Kai gave Ma Xiangnan a hand cream to protect the skin. The doctor has been using disinfectant to cause damage to his hands. But Huo Kai told Ma Xiangnan that he was leaving too, and that he couldn’t stay in one place forever. Two people have each other in their hearts, but their lifestyles are different. One likes to wander, the other likes to stay behind, and they hurriedly bid farewell after each gave each other a blessing.

Han Shuang’s mother told her not to play outside all the time, at least not to work in a furniture store, but Han Shuang told her mother that she just likes to buy furniture and that she has her own way of selling goods. Mom felt that in the live broadcast of the past, she was selling her hue. Han Shuang became anxious when she heard it, telling her not to be so narrow-minded. The two fell apart, and Han Shuang told his mother not to investigate her in the future. Han Shuang would show her results to her mother.

After Han Shuang went back to the shop, Mark apologized to her. He felt that Han Shuang was caring for him so that he would treat him like that, so he should take all the sincere thanks to Han Shuang. I prepared drinks and music for Han Shuang, and wanted to have a carnival and dance with Han Shuang. After some manipulation, Mark drank too much, but Han Shuang was fine. Han Shuang saw that it was Mark who wanted to retaliate against her and moved his hands and feet in the wine.

Mark told Han Shuang that he really wanted to get Han Shuang drunk and blow the air conditioner, but afterwards he felt softer and could fight with Han Shuang. There is no need to use insidious tricks. But I didn’t expect that Han Shuang’s wine was so poor, and he got Mark drunk, but Han Shuang was fine. I blame Mark for being too kind, but Han Shuang told Mark that she still had to drink, and asked Mark to know what kindness is. This time Mark was terrified. He couldn’t drink Han Shuang.

Amy asked Xia Yan to sing after get off work, but Xia Yan asked them to play, and she was going to Yan Changjun’s award ceremony. And Xue Ning also knew that Xu Chengyi was going to attend Yan Changjun’s awards ceremony and told him not to go, but Xu Chengyi told Xue Ning that it was his cooperation with Yan Changjun, and he couldn’t give him an excuse. Xue Ning wanted to accompany Xu Chengyi, but Xu Chengyi asked Xia Yan to go together, because Xia Yan had dealt with Yan Changjun, which made Xue Ning very angry, but he could only vent to his subordinates to ask them to work overtime.

Xu Chengyi took Xia Yan to the school and many reporters interviewed him. Yan Changjun told the reporters not to worry, and they will be given the opportunity to ask questions at the awards ceremony later.

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