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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 37 Recap

Cheng Xin waited in Chu Yunfei’s office until he got off work. Chu Yunfei wanted to pull Cheng Xin’s hand, but Cheng Xin avoided it subconsciously. Chu Yunfei looked at Cheng Xin seriously and said that she hoped that Cheng Xin would be with herself. Happy in the heart, Cheng Xin paused a few words, saying that she was used to calling Chu Yunfei brothers and sisters before, but now she suddenly changed her identity and she was a little uncomfortable.

Kong Hao and Mo Xiaobao worried about Zheng Gan’s emotions, but Zheng Gan looked okay. They didn’t believe that Zheng Gan was not uncomfortable at all. They persuaded Zheng Gan to face up to the pain in his heart, speak out, and say something. They had all walked out of their broken love. Zheng Gan heard this and asked if they really wanted to leave. He also deliberately said about their sadness, which made the two of them feel sad.

Yang Chenguang did not return home the next morning. Mengxixi was still uncomfortable with a cold. Yang Chenguang had already forgotten all about buying medicine. Mengxi looked at Yang Chenguang disappointedly. At this time, Mr. Liu called again. Yang Chenguang hung up the phone quickly, and Meng Xixi realized that Yang Chenguang had never answered the call from the leader in front of him. Yang Chenguang quickly changed the subject and said that Meng Xixi was preparing for pregnancy, so he should not take medicine.

Mengxixi is too hypocritical, anyway, she doesn’t go to work, and she doesn’t delay things when she is sick. Mengxixi looked at Yang Chenguang in surprise. She didn’t want to argue with Yang Chenguang and wanted to go out to buy medicine by herself, but Yang Chenguang didn’t allow it, and pushed 2 He was stunned, and he was shocked. Yang Chenguang like this was like a devil. He would ignore himself before, but unlike now, he only has money in his eyes. Yang Chenguang can’t control himself and no longer pretends. You have to be gentle and considerate, and get angry with Meng.

Yao Jiaren was targeted by the female lead actor Yoyo in the crew, and Yoyo specially arranged for Yao Jiaren to fall into the water. Yao Jiaren could not refute in front of the director and could only agree to it. Yao Jiaren endured the cold and filmed underwater, and the director was very satisfied with Yao Jiaren’s dedicated attitude.

Zheng Gan went out to have a meal with the producer to discuss cooperation, but Chu Yunfei’s subordinate Feng secretly took photos of Zheng Qian and the producer, and the photo was passed to Chu Yunfei. Chu Yunfei took the photo and questioned Zheng Qian, Zheng Only after doing this did I know that the so-called producer was the paparazzi who broke the news about Yao Jiaren and Cheng Jianye. Lin Man asked everyone to calm down and felt that things were a bit strange. Chu Yunfei asked him to call the producer to ask the producer. People’s phone was turned off. Chu Yunfei said that he had sent someone to find a paparazzi for a week.

Only Zheng Qian and the paparazzi had contacted him this week. Out of the interests of Tengda, he decided to suspend the cooperation with Zheng Gan. Lin Man also Said to terminate cooperation with Tenda. Lin Man and Zheng Qian analyzed that the person who planned this event might be the Cheng Group. Seeing that Zheng Qian had lost Tengda, Lin Man wanted to introduce a new customer to Zheng Qian. Zheng Qian declined, Lin Man Can’t help but ask him if he is deliberately keeping a distance from himself, Zheng Gan said that Lin Man thinks too much.

Chu Yunfei asked Lao Feng to continue investigating Zheng Gan and the paparazzi. Lao Feng felt that Zheng Gan was doing the trick, but Chu Yunfei also knew about Zheng Gan. He asked Lao Feng to send another person to stare at Zheng Gan, and Cheng Xin was there. Hearing these words outside the office, he asked Chu Yunfei what happened. Chu Yunfei didn’t hide it. He said it once, but Cheng Xin didn’t have much reaction.

Having lost the big customer of Tengda, Zheng Qian concentrated on making a list of small and micro people, but the cost of communicating with the small and micro people was too great, and there was more and less money. At this time, Yang Chenguang sent a message to Zheng Qian, saying that there was a project that he wanted to find Zheng. Seeing that the studio was almost unable to open the pot, Zheng Gan went to Yang Chenguang, but Yang Chenguang wanted to use the cooperation to inquire about Tengda’s new project.

Zheng Gan left Hongshuo immediately, but it didn’t take long. Something went wrong, and the program Zheng Qian wrote to Tengda was aired by Hongshuo first. When Chu Yunfei was struggling, Lao Feng came to Chu Yunfei again and said that he had photographed Zheng Qian and Yang Chenguang discussing cooperation. Zheng Gan was definitely a ghost. Cheng Xin came out to defend Zheng Gan after hearing the conversation between them. Chu Yun Fei was very disappointed, saying that Cheng Xin was still defending Zheng Qian, not for her own sake.

In order to give customers an explanation, Chu Yunfei held a press conference and condemned Daydream Studio for leaking ideas. Daydream’s original customers also lost trust in Daydream Studio. Daydream Studio suddenly moved from the cloud. At the bottom. There was a problem with Daydream Studio. The seafood business of Mo Xiaobao’s family also deteriorated greatly because other companies entered the Huahai Market.

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